Monday, 27 February 2012

Information about v4.x

I know you guys were used to almost daily updates and news on my blog, which is why you may are dissapointet to see nothing new for two months.

I was offline since christmas, because I needed some distance to the digital world.

Since there wasn't much new stuff for Symbian until Belle was officially released two or three weeks ago, it was the right time for a break.

My phone is still running my own CFW v3.1.0 without any issues, so there is no need to rush anything.

Nevertheless I will start working on "The One v4.x" based on the offical Nokia Belle, which was released this month.

In the next few days I will start answering the pending questions I recieved via comment and email. After I am done with that, the work for v4.x will start.

Don't expect a new release in the next few days, it needs time to create a fast, fully functional and of course bug free CFW.

I hope you guys are still interesseted in my release;)