Monday, 30 July 2012

Rapidshare-mirrors are going offline...

If you own a premium account on a file hoster, you probably know that (for personal usage), is not the preferred one in the Internet anymore.

That's why I am not planning to renew my account.
My account expired today, so I am now a free user.

That means all my files uploaded on rapidshare will be deleted automatically after 30 days of inactivity!

From now on, I will upload my files on mediafire only. I hope that's fine for you guys.

If anybody has some leftover rapids for me, I could keep my files online for some more time :)
As an alternative, if you want my files to stay online on rapidshare, download them once every 30 days :p

I misunderstood the email by rapidshare. My files are not going offline in 30 days from today, it also affects files that were inactive for the previous 30 days. Some files will be offline by tomorrow!!

Make sure you download what you need as soon as possible, I don't have all files on my local disk and won't be able to re-upload them!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

The One X7 v1.1.0

This CFW is based on the latest original Belle version for the Nokia X7.
It was created for my brother, thats why English & German is already integrated.
I am not planning to offer more languages. You will find a link to translations files by freaxs_are_us, that will help you to add additional languages.

You will find changelogs and downloads for this new version on my blog.

Maps & Store are not preinstalled, get the installers from my "tools" section.

This version comes with ~412MB free space on C:\ and ~140MB Ram at startup.


The One Reloaded got updated to v1.3.0 Take a look at the internal changelog for details ;) free ram and disk space are about the same as previous versions...

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bug fix: unlock 808 by camera button

As you may know, on the original firmwares for the Nokia 808 you are able to unlock the phone and start the camera by pressing the camera-button.

On my CFW this feature is not working, because of the modded sysap.exe (by chris_marsh). We will probably see a fixed version for the 808, but 'till then I offer you a different solution.

enable/disable Theme Effects in Belle FP1 & FP2

If you ever used a pre-FP1 Symbian Belle device, you probably know that you can get a really nice speed boost by disabling theme effects.

For whatever reason, the option to turn them on/off is missing since Belle FP1.

That's why I created this installer. This mod lets you easily enable/disable the theme effects on FP1 and FP2 devices.


The One Reloaded v1.2.0 is now available for download.

~560MB free space on C:\ (maps preinstalled) and ~300MB free RAM after startup.

Check the internal changelog for changes since v1.1.2.

There is a bug, caused by modded sysap.exe.
You can't start the camera by pressing the camera button when the phone is locked!
(Camera button still starts when phone is unlocked)

That "bug" still exists in v1.2.0, because for me the modded sysap is worth more than the unlock by camera button feature...

If you think differntly and want to solve this issue, you have to remove the modded sysap.exe and replace it with the original one.
A short tutorial about this will be online soon (I will also provide the files you need to do this)...

Btw. Arabic and Turkish keyboards were requested, I'll try to offer them soon too.

Monday, 23 July 2012

back in action :)

I took a short vacation for the last couple of days, now I am back home.

I didn't expect so much feedback about my latest project (808 CFW)... I got many questions and reports for v1.1.2.

Your questions will be answered soon, you will get your replies in the next two days ;)

As a side note,I took a lot of pictures in my holidays... not all of them are meant to be for public sharing, but I will find some samples to show you what the 808 camera is worth.
(A small step in the direction of a short 808-Review :))

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Thanks for your help (spare parts)!

I received many replies via email regarding the spare parts I was asking for here:
I am looking for spare parts (N8)

Thanks for everyone who was trying to help me!!
I did not expect so many replies (and especially not that fast).

A special thanks goes to Joseph, who sent me the spare parts I was looking for!


v1.1.2 is another small update...

by adding hacked installserver to rofs, there is no need to use installserver-patch in rompatcher anymore. this is fixing the "component built-in" error for some installers!

the hacked installserver also offers log functionality, create a folder "installserver" on your mass memory to extract sis installers.

rompatcher is staying for now, still useful, thanks to open4all... (and the possibility to add more patches ;))

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The One Reloaded v1.1.1

Sorry about the java bug in v1.1.0.

v1.1.1 is fixed and ready for download!
no other changes...

btw. for the few people who already downloaded v1.1.0, you can use update instead of refurbish.

The One Reloaded v1.1.0

Here is my first final version for the Nokia 808.

You can find all informations about this release in the changelogs.
Like v1.0.6 this one has ~560MB free space on C:\ (maps preinstalled) and ~300MB free RAM.

I uploaded some screen shots here:
v1.1.0 screen shots

Looking forward to hear some feedback.

Edit: do not download!
v1.1.0 has broken java. v1.1.1 is uploading!!

Monday, 16 July 2012

The One Reloaded v1.0.6 (internal)

Just a minor update for my 808 CFW...
Differences as always listed in the internal changelog.

If you prefer a version without preinstalled maps, take the seperate UDA from v1.0.5 (no changes in UDA from v1.0.5 to v1.0.6).

I am looking for spare parts (N8)

*** Update ***
Problem solved

Three days after I gave away me Nokia N8, the new owner broke the main speaker...
So I am looking for some spare parts now.

Without that N8, this whole project and the blog itself would not exist.
So that device deserves a repair for sure :p

I already called the next Nokia Care Center, they told me I have to send it in to get a cost estimate.
They would charge me 55.- CHF, only to tell me what I already know... that my speaker is broken.
Additional 30.- CHF to get it back unrepaired... or from my experience 40-90.- CHF for the work, plus the cost of the spare parts.
For that kind of money I can get a new (second hand) N8!

So I though, if I already have a blog about Symbian (/Nokia N8), I ask you guys for help.

I only need a new speaker (the one on the back, not the small one for calls). So if anybody has a broken N8, some spare parts or doesn't need his N8 anymore, please send me an email.
Of course I would take care of the shipping price (and a fair amount for the parts (or N8) itself)!

Alternatively if you know where to buy single parts for the N8, please send me a link (via comment or email). My main problem is, that Switzerland is not part of the EU, so shipping costs are very high or the shops do not deliver to my address at all...

If anybody has a solution for my problem, please let me know.
You will find my email address at the bottom of my blog...

Sunday, 15 July 2012

The One Reloaded v1.0.5 (internal)

So here is the first public version of my CFW for the Nokia 808.
I didn't had too much time to see what mods from pre-FP1 are still compatible, so I only added the modifications already confirmed working.

About Nokia Maps
On the N8 I always split up the maps package to rofs and uda (z:\ & c:\). The 808 has enough free space to keep the full package in uda (c:\), so it will stay there.

If you prefer the CFW without preinstalled maps, download the seperate UDA (without maps).

You will find detailed information about this release in the internal changelog.

v1.0.5 comes with ~560MB free space on C:\ (maps included!) and ~300MB free ram.

It is pre-hacked via RomPatcher. Activate "Installserver 1.7" patch to install unsigned packages...

Like all previous internal versions this one is only available in english, but you can install your prefered keyboard language via rofs3.
(currently I only extracted german, request your prefered language via comment)

Let me know about any bugs you find in this version and I will try to fix them soon ;)

Edit: download link was broken, its now fixed and ready for download!

The One Reloaded in progress

If you read my previous post, you know that I got the Nokia 808 last Friday.

The 808 was running fast and smooth on Friday without any network connection.
On Saturday, I got my micro SIM card... and the phone crashed a lot since its online.

I was planning to use the stock firmware for a while to see how the 808 is working out for me, before I start a new custom firmware project.

Because of my problems, I decided to reflash my device... since the original firmware for my product code is not available yet, I have to take another firmware.

I though if I have to flash another firmware anyway, I am going to do it my way and create a new CFW for the 808 to solve my problems.

My N8 is gone, I already gave it away... the 808 is now my primary phone and I need it to be working correctly.
That means I am working hard on a 808 CFW, you can expect a first internal version very soon.

It will be based on the latest Belle FP1 for the 808 (v112.020.0311).

The blog was already updated to prepare the first release of "The One Reloaded" CFW for the Nokia 808.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Donation Status

Let's skip the part where I come up with some silly excuses, why it took me so long give you another donation status update and go ahead with the important part of this post :)

I would like to thank the following people for their generous donations!

Michael K.
Michael B.

I really appreciate your support!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

How to fix symbols for power menu button (after changing fonts)

My CFW has custom icons for power button menu included.
Not all fonts do support those icons and since the release of the official PixiEnablers (including Nokia Fonts), I get many requests about the "broken" icons.

In this tutorial I am going to show you different ways to fix them.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Microsoft Apps 2.0 & PixiEnablers slim Installers

MS Apps & PixiEnablers are now officially released for the Nokia N8.
Since those packages contain a lot of unnecessary features, I offer you some slimmer installers for the most important parts.

Special thanks to Michael, who sent me the latest original installers.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

How to decrease volume for 3.5mm output

Some people like it, some don't...
As you may noticed while using my CFW, there is a mod by iExtraX7 to increase the volume output for the 3.5mm.

If you are one of the persons who do not like this mod, I am going to tell you here, how to remove it from my CFW. Of course I will also provide all the files you need to do this ;)

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

a few fixes for my blog

I updated some of the apps and mods in the tools section.
Some old link were not working anymore, they are now fixed!

I added a new category "How to", nothing new in there, just re-organized some posts...
(at least one more post is coming soon to that section)

There are also some html changes on my blog, some things were improved (not that there really was a problem :p).

You may also noted the new "star rating" option under all my posts... I was just messing around with that, I may remove it again later :)