Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Donation Status

Once again I would like to thank the people who supported me by a donation!
Since the last "Donation Status" I got a generous donation by:


Also thanks again to previous donators, I appreciate your support!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

N8 User Agent

This mods was created by me a long time ago, I am posting it now to explain it to people who don't know it yet...

If you want to enjoy full webbrowsing like on your desktop, or you want the same internet expirience as on the iphone, you can achieve that with an easy sis-files installation.

v2.1.0 (final)

I am finally done with v2.1.0!

First of all, I release the english only version, translations will come in the next few days.

Summarized Changelog, for simple overview about all mods, will be updated tomorrow, 'till then you will find the changes in the changelog (internal).

I hope you enjoy this version, feedback or requests for future versions are always welcome ;)

Thursday, 24 November 2011


internal version is updated...
check the changelog (internal) for differences since v2.0.7

This version is almost final, a few details, some tests and v2.1.0 will be ready soon.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

N8 The One Camera Mod

Download the sis-installer from the tools sections on my blog.

N8 The One Camera Mod 3.0.1
I created this mod, to give you the possibility to choose between different camera settings and to provide my camera mod also to people who are using original firmware or a different custom firmware.

Make sure the camera app is closed and then install the file to c:\.
The installer will ask you which settings you want, those settings are available:

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


internal version is updated...
check the changelog (internal) for differences since v2.0.5

How to flash:
The latest leaked Belle doesn't need any Anna files anymore.
Just copy "those files" and "core/rofs2/uda" from my v2.x-package to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596" and Phoenix will find the new Version...

Hit "options" in Phoenix before flashing to remove or replace all red marked files from the list.
If you remove the rofs3 you will have english only, if you replace the rofs3 (like you did in earlier releases), you can add the keyboard in your language.
(get the rofs3 for your language in the download section)

Final versions will have all files you need in one package, sorry for any inconvenience...

Monday, 21 November 2011


So here is the announced version!
The internal changelog is updated, so you can see where we are at the moment. The Tools section is also updated to give you the latest versions of all apps that comes with original belle, if you want to bring them back;)

This version is much better than the untouched latest leaked version, but not as powerfull as v1.10.0 (not yet)... there should be no bugs, but of course it needs to be tested more intensive (this is where you can help me now!). You will have ~220MB free space on C:\.

Also let me know if the extracted  apps (downloadable in tools section on my blog) are working for you!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Progress Status (v111.030.0607)

I know you are waiting for my next release based on the latest Belle version.
So I want to tell you guys something about the progress.

I decided that the next final version will become "The One v2.1.0", it will be available in all languages and also will contain all mods "The One v1.10.0" had!

I don't want to just copy/paste some mods in the latest Belle version, I wan't to give you guys the same great experience as v1.10.0 was... so it needs alot of time (especially based on the fact, that this is just a hobby for me).

Within the next two days, I will publish v2.0.x. An internal versions, to show you where I am at the moment and to give you the opportunity to help me testing.

v2.0.x will be a first step in the direction my next final version (v2.1.0) is going. It won't contain alot of mods, its basically a cleaned up and fixed original version.

That means v1.10.0 is not obsolete, it will still be the better choice for people who are looking for a fast and fully modded phone!

I forgott something important!
I don't want to give you details about the release date for v2.1.0 (final). It will be released when I decide its ready to replace v1.10.0.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Belle v111.030.0607 (RC)

Taylor (at the Daily Mobile Forum) published a new Belle version!

He gave us the original (untouched) files for v111.030.0607.
I will start modding that version this week...

As you know, there are many mods i want to integrate and alot of stuff needs to be cleaned up from the original files. So it may take a while 'till you get your hands on my next release (v2.x.x).

So this is just to inform you, that I am working on it ;)

Donation Status

I like to thank everyone who supportet me by a little donation!
You guys are very generous and I really appreciate your support.


I am surprised how many people donated something to me, I hope I can give you guys something back in form of new releases and support for my cfw.

Thank you very much my friends!!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

v1.10.0 (final)

So again an updated version by me!
I know there were alot of updates in the last few days, but hey you don't need to update if you are happy with your current version:p

The changes can be found in the Changelog (internal)... but the most important difference is announced in my post here: Translations for Nokia Maps

So if you want english only (maybe in addition with writing languages via rofs3), get the usual package ("the_one_belle_v1.10.0")...
If you want to use a fully translated rofs2 by nekeule, you only need his rofs2 and the second package ("the_one_belle_v1.10.0_for_full-translations").

You will find all files in the "Downloads" section and the latest maps installer in "Tools"!

A big thanks goes to nekeule not only for translating the files, but also for helping me testing the idea of the second version (without maps preinstalled)!

full translations - by nekeule (N8 v1.10.0)

Translations for Nokia Maps

First of all a word about how the maps installer works...
The installer checks what language your phone is using and then only downloads the necessary language files.
That means to extract languages from the latest maps verison i would have to:

flash my phone with "english" -> install maps -> extract the "english" files ->integrate it into my cfw

that process needs to be done for every language... so you see 'till I am done with all languages Nokia maybe already released the next version:)

So to provide you the maps in your nativ language, I am going the easy way.
For my next version, there will be two packages available...

The full english package with maps integrated to rofs2, as you know it from previous versions.
The second package will contain only "core & uda", the translated "rofs2" will be provided by nekeule.

The rofs2 and uda (from the second package) are especially modded by me and won't contain any maps. So you will be able to install it yourself. That means the maps will have the same language as your phone!

The only downside of this solution is, that maps installed by yourself, will go to your c:\ drive... means depending on your language you will have around ~190MB free space left (which is still alot). So the english only version will have a few MB more free space on c:\.

I hope you all agree with me that this is the best solution to have a fully translated phone!

The mistery of Belle v111.030.0308

I got some mails about the dubious Belle version 111.030.0308, asking me why I am not using that newer release for my CFW.

The answer is simple... ther is no Belle 111.030.0308, at least not an untouched, confirmed version for everyone!

I am sure that we will hear about it, when a new version leakes!
And when that happens, I am going to update my CFW...

Just for your information, the version text can be changed very easy... so if I want to, I can tell you guys I am using Belle "111.999.9999" or I can insert a text string like "newer than everyone elses Belle" ;)

So as long as there is no confirmed new leak, I guess its save to say, that I am using the latest (leaked) base-version.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Maps Widget Fix

Sorry guys, there is a little bug in v1.9.0!

the new Maps Widget is not loading... i will provide a fixed CFW soon.
but if you are already on v1.9.0, there is no need to reflash to fix it!

download the attached file and install it to c:\
the widget is fully working after the installation (maybe you need to restart your phone)

Maps Widget Fix

if the installation aborts for some reason, you can apply the patch manually...
Maps Widget Fix Extracted
just copy those files to the root of your C:\ drive
(you will need rompatcher (active open4all patch) and a filebrowser like xplore)

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

v1.9.0 (final)

So the next public release (will be released on Daily Mobile too) is ready!

I made some significant changes since the last final version 1.8.5. which includes the new maps and a performance boost as well.
(My recommendation is to turn off the theme effects "settings->themes->general->(options)theme effects->off" and the phone becomes lightning fast!!)

So here is the download for rapidshare:

Mediafire-mirror, and changelogs will be updated soon...

Edit: page is fully updated, also full translations are available for download now (thx to nekeule)

Monday, 7 November 2011


new internal release is ready...

it contains the newest maps 3.08 (wk41) and some other smaller improvements, check the changelog (internal) for details.

Friday, 4 November 2011

One Week Anniversary

So my blog started about one week ago.
There are some positive and negative news about this little anniversary...

So lets concentrate on the positive aspects first.
I only shared the link in the Daily Mobile Forum, but looking at the sources, I see that people from different forums/pages are visiting my Blog. So you guys must have spread the word about it, thanks for that!
In this first week, I had a little bit more than 2000 visits (which is alot, for posting the link on only one place, I guess)...

So here are some stats about the pageviews by country (top 4):

Germany 225
Switzerland 222
Israel 209
Argentina 161

So now a few words about the downside...
I was hoping for much more feedback, there are almost no comments and also nobody voted on the poll. The idea of this blog is to work with you guys, to make the cfw better!
So I have to ask, is the firmware perfect, so it doesn't need any feedback or is nobody interessted?

I try to concentrate on the positive and continue with my project!

So thanks for everybody who supported me by visiting my blog, giving me some feedback, new ideas, testing and bugreports or even a small donation.
A special thanks goes to "nekeule" for his work with the language packs!!

Donation Status

I announced, that I will publish the amount of my donations.
I will do that every 2-4 weeks, the blog is now one week old... so I share the first stats:

I got one generous donations by:

As I said, I am not asking for money, but every amount will be appreciated!

So David, thanks alot mate!
Your the first (and only) donator, feel free to ask me if you need anything for you mobile;)
(help, special mod request or something like that)