Sunday, 19 August 2012


A small bug fix for my Nokia 808 CFW.

After listening music the past week, I decided that I prefer the default sound values from Belle FP1 over the "sound improvement mod" by iExtraX7.
It was a great mod on pre-FP1, but if think its not needed anymore...

Also Gallery and Qt-Apps are opening faster now, there was a small issue in v1.4.0 and v1.5.0, its now fixed in v1.5.1!

Downloads and Changelog is where it always is ;)

new premuim hoster

I don't have the patience to upload all my CFW's to free hosters like Mediafire.

Since my Rapidshare account expired, I was looking for a new premium hoster for my personal usage (and also for my CFW project). It looks like is now one of the favourites in the Internet...
I don't know why, but many people are using it.

So I decided to go with that one.

My CFW's will be available on from now on. Tools and other small files will stay on Mediafire.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Nokia 808 Picture Collection

I will be offline for a while.
Due to my yearly military service, I won't be able to answer your emails and comments for the next three weeks.

I can probably reply to a few simple questions via comments or emails at weekends, but no promises... you are on your own for a few days ;)

To give you guys something to do in the meantime, I created a group folder on
I started a little 808 picture collection and I hope you guys support me and upload some of your shots.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Sysap Mod for Nokia 808

In my latest Nokia 808 CFW I removed the modded sysap.exe by coderus (fp1 fix by chris_marsh), because of two minor bugs.

I still prefer the benefits of the modded sysap over those bugs, that's why I am offering you two simple solutions to bring it back.


Here is my latest CFW.
You will find all changes in the internal changelog...

Worth mentioning here is that I removed the modded sysap.exe.
As you may already know, there is a bug that causes the "unlock by camera button" feature not to work anymore.

"mbleyot" from Daily Mobile Forum reported a second bug. The 3.5mm headphone icon to disappears because of the modded sysap.exe.
Now with two bugs I decided to remove sysap from my CFW.
I still use it personally and I will offer an easy solution to bring it back for those who can live with those bugs and prefer the benefits of this mod.
(The sysap package will be uploaded soon, in a separate post)

New is this version is also the "sound improvement v3.3" by iExtraX7.
It made a big difference on pre-FP1 devices and I think it also improves the sound quality a little bit on FP1.
Help me properly test this mod and tell me what you think about it!

A special thanks for this version goes to "shahspik" who created the icons for the new splash screen in my CFW (BTW. splash screen is the boot animation, by default the small dots at start up).

He created more than one and told me how to do it myself. I will share some more of his splash screens soon...

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Review: Nokia 808 Introduction

This is the first part of my Nokia 808 Review.
I am going to introduce the phone in a short way and try to tell you whats coming in future parts of this review-series.

After almost one month with the Nokia 808 (as my main phone), I finally found some time to write a few words about it.

Monday, 6 August 2012

The One X7 v1.1.1

This small update is only to fix the camera button bug!

If you are already running v1.1.0, there is no need to reflash, just apply the patch below:

Details about the bug and download for the patch can be found here.
Bug CamButtonFix for The One X7

So this update is just for new users or people who reflash their phone for other reasons, so they don't have to apply the patch everytime...

The frimware should be bugfree now, if you find any bugs let me know about it!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Bug: CamButtonFix for "The One X7"

There is a bug in my X7 CFW, the Camera Button is not taking pictures.
(Just looks like its trying to focus... good luck with that on a EDOF Camera :p)
The onscreen button is still working to take pictures.

To fix this issue, install this patch and restart your device:
CamButtonFixX7 for The One X7 v1.1.0

I will reupload a fixed CFW for new users, but basically to fix this bug only, no reflashing is required!

The One E7 v1.1.0

Another device got "The One CFW" support :)

The E7-Variant of my CFW comes with ~440MB free space on C:\ and ~150MB free RAM.
Read more about this version in the Changelogs.

"The One E7" was created for my sister, thats why English/German is already included.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


The 1. August is the swiss national day. In the year 1291 Switzerland was founded here:
Nokia 808 5MP PureView Mode
That picture is from last week when I took my holidays and visited the "Rütli" for the first time.

Patriotism is not one of my stongest feelings, but who really needs a reason to party.
I am going to enjoy the day and I hope with a small update for my CFW you can do that too ;)