On this page, I would like to show my appreciation, to all the generous people who supported me by a donation.

When I started this whole project, I've never expected to get something in return.
Creating CFW's and Mod's is very time consuming and it is great to see, that my work is so well appreciated by you.

Everyone who drops a donation to my Paypal account, will be eternalized here on my blog ;)

Of course everything I share on my blog is (and will always be), available for free!

Hall of Fame

I don't take it for granted, that you guys are supporting my project with your hard earned money.
I wish you all the best and thanks again for your donation! ;)

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  1. Why don't you add a paypal "Donate Now" button to make it easier?

    1. what exactly is a "donate now" button?
      isn't it the button on the bottom (right corner) of my blog...
      should i place it somewhere else, or are you talking about a different button?

  2. No, that's it. I'm blind ;)

  3. donating now..

  4. I'd Love to donate but I dont know how to use paypal :P let me learn how to use it then I might buy you beer if I manage to learn :)

  5. Hello,
    I know my english is not very good and this is not the right page - but I can´t find a possibility to contact you and I need your custom firmware for my Nokia 808 113.010.1507. Please help. Thanks.

    1. You can find all my CFW's in the download tab.

      v4 is based on .1508
      v3 is based on .1507

      i highly recommend to use the v4 ;)
      if you need help, you can contact me directly via email theone1893 @

    2. Hello,

      I still have 2 questions:

      First I can´t start the RSCEditor from your DownloadLink. That´s the message:
      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "", line 4065, in
      File "wx\_core.pyo", line 7974, in __init__
      File "wx\_misc.pyo", line 6216, in SetInstallPrefix
      UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xf6 in position 18: invalid start Byte

      Then I changed Private/10202be9/101F8763 to get back the original boot Sequenz. The "shaking Hands" starts, but not wakeup tone. But file is where it has to be.

    3. I just downloaded and tested the RSCEditor 1.7 and it works fine.
      Re-download it, extract all files into the same folder and start the "RSCEditor.exe"... if it still doesn't work, please tell me what OS your PC is running.

      To hear the "wakeup tone" you need to enable warning tones in your active profile. Go to Settings -> Profiles and adjust yours.

      Btw. there is no need change anything in "private\10202be9\" you could have simply dropped your mp3 and gif into "C:\_tools\startup\" on your phone ;)

    4. I dont´t know why, but both did not work.

      My OS is Windows 7, 64bit.
      When I want to start there are is this message: See the logfile [...] for Details. The log file is a new created fild named RSCEditor.exe.log. In these logfile there is the message i wrote first.

      Startup Boot:
      I don´t know why. If I did not change the 10202be9 and put the tone into c:\_tools\startup it did not work also. Startup.mbm would start if I change .gif to .mbm and put a copy of these file into c:\_tools\startup.
      But the wakeup tone.also did not work if I enable warning tones. It did not work while booting - not at c:\_tools\startup and not with a change on z:\system\sounds\digital

    5. Sorry, you are right. I had to enable the warning tones - but there was still another mistake (make by my one).
      Could you please tell me the name and the way of the file, where the profile settings are saved in?

      RSCEditor still dosn´t work.

      Thanks a lot.

    6. If I remember it correctly, the file name is "101f8798.txt"
      my default file is in z:\private\10202be9\

      if you modified the profile settings a new cre file (based on mine) will be created in c:\private\10202be9\persist.

      but why do you want to edit that file anyway?

      I am using Windows 8.1 (x64) and it works fine. Before that I used Win7 x64 aswell and no issues there either... some of the tools require the .NET frameworks to be installed, not sure if RSCEditor is one of them.

  6. Now, I tried this:
    I make my own settings on the mobile, copied the file 101f8798.cre with the FileBrowser to the PC and put it with the NokiaCooker to rofs2:\private\10202be9. So I hoped, I would have my own settings when I flashed the mobile. But that way does not work.
    Could you help?

    And what is the way to create the own homescreens for flashing?

    For ResEditor, I found another download - I do not remember where. But not it works (Version 1.72).


    1. did you flash via refurbish?
      flashing via update does not overwrite the previous cen rep settings in c:\, keep that in mind.

      this is how you edit the homescreens.

      set the number of homescreens in this file
      (I don't remember the 8 digit number exactly, but there is only one folder named "root_*" so you should find it ;))

      and the widget/shortcut arrangement for individual homescreens in here
      (the "xxxxxxxx" is different for each homescreen, you can see which is which in the "rootconfiguration.xml" mentioned above)

  7. Hey the one,

    I have a nokia 600 that I am not using. If you want I can send it to you by mail. I would be interested in seeing a delight on this device. Contact me at