Friday, 30 November 2012

Screenshots: The One Reloaded v3.3.1

I finally took some new screenshots for my 808 CFW.
You can see them here...

The One Reloaded v3.3, a set on Flickr.

The One Reloaded v3.3.1

Ok guys, sorry about that... very small update shortly after the release of v3.3.0.

Everything I said in the release notes of The One Reloaded v3.3.0 is also important for this release!

Only thing that changed, is a slighly updated UDA.
I removed some language files from the Maps Apps (only a few KB) and added the domainsrv.exe.

If you already flashed v3.3.0, there is no need to update. If you need the domainsrv.exe you can add it yourself without flashing ;)

It is mainly for new users and future updates of my CFW.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

just got 808's 3.3.0 and trying first translation

we'll see how it goes...

and if everything works out as I hope / think then "we" will get a perfect translation this time ;)

just flashed my first set / translation to german

with new german sysap
with english log mod --> not german = want to see if I must translate it at all
with translations for the new widgets from Lovelas

I hope I didn't miss out on anything ;) we'll see

of course I screwed up the first flash.... BIG surprise  :P

of course I screwed up the ecom-2-0.spi again... like always *rolleyes*

The One Reloaded v3.3.0

Another update for my 808 Custom Firmware, exactly one week after my phone came back from repair ;)
Edit: wrote parts of the release notes earlier this week, was planning on a friday release.
It is actually 6 days after I got my 808 back :)

Here are a few information about my latest release...

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Herbstmesse Basel 2012

You probably already know those pictures from my profile...

Just want to post them here again, because I think they demonstrate the impressive low light capabilities of the Nokia 808 :)

Friday, 23 November 2012

Daily Diary Update

Sorry for the delays on the translations and the fixes and all

But I have been very VERY busy

My Nokia 808 is back!!

Feels good to be back on the Nokia 808!

My repaired 808 was delivered today :)

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

808 and E7 repair status

Called the Care Center to check for the current status.

The repair of my Nokia 808 was finished today. I should get my phone back by the end of this week.
All I know so far is they replaced a circuit board... maybe the delivery note contains more details about what was fixed, I will keep you posted about it ;)

I didn't mention last time, that I sent my E7 in together with my 808.
(There was a problem with my warranty at first, so I had to send it in again)
Maybe the E7 users of my CFW remember, that the USB connector was broken and therefore the phone could not be charged anymore.

It is still in repair, but should be back fully repaired by the end of next week.

Let's see if Nokia really is able to fix the 3G bug, I am looking forward to get it back :)

23.11.2012/Friday, no post package today... I guess I have to wait for Monday :(
Edit II:
I was wrong, did not see the pickup note the mailman left in my post... my 808 is back!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Lauterbrunnen is a valley in Switzerland next to the well known mountains "Jungfrau" & "Eiger".
For more touristic information, visit ;)

All pictures were shot using my Nokia 808.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Working on translations to the sysap's and the phoneui's

Been working on the translations of those files...

it completes:

- modded / deleted popups and strings

- extra symbols in Power Button Menu

...i was waiting on a easier way to do it, but since it is lasting so long I decided to start doing it by hand

the sysap needs: 40 strings x  40 languages = 1600x Click, copy, click, paste, confirm = 8000 steps

so if anybody wants to help out with his language, that would be great...
I would referr to you as the translator on the release pages

(one set has only 40strings...)

...Of course I will provide a tutorial or show you per Teamviewer if you want to help out

just found a tutorial... maybe I can do it an easier way...
I will translate the sysap by hand..., since I am almost finished

Sunday, 18 November 2012

ScrollControl 1.0

Probably sounds cooler than it is :p

I created a small installer, that lets you change the scrolling speed in the Symbian menu and (non-Qt) applications.

Download the installer "ScrollCrontrol 1.0.sis" from my tools section.

During the installtion you can choose between default scrolling speed or the improved and significantly faster settings by Ancelad.
Full credit for the "improved KS" goes to him ;)

To change the settings, you do not have to uninstall the mod. Just reinstall and restart your device.

FYI, the improved KS is already part of my CFW, this is mainly for users who prefer the slower default Belle values.
But it can also be used by people who are using different CFW's or hacked OFW.

Thanks to Shapal00 from Daily Mobile Forum for testing.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Fireworks Basel 2012

Here are some low light pictures...

I took them at the swiss national day in Basel this year.
Of course I used my Nokia 808 to take those shots ;)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Animal Park Arth-Goldau

If you follow me on, you probably already know those pictures.

I though I start sharing some "other" content on my Blog, in this case pictures...
Don't want you to get bored, 'till my 808 comes back ;)

Monday, 12 November 2012

The One Reloaded v3.2.2 (808)

A small bug fix update for my 808 CFW.

If you are on v3.2.1, you can use "update" instead of "refurbish".

It will fix the bluetooth problems, caused by akncapserver mod.
If you get errors like "sending failed" or similar, update to this version.
That mod is now removed...

Thanks to 808User from Daily Mobile Forum for reporting this bug to me!

In my own experience, this bug especially affects people using translations... Since my 808 is in repair, I can not test it myself.
I will test this Mod properly when my phone comes back, but for now I think it is better to remove it.

If you want to test the mod yourself, you can get it from here:
Akncapserver.exe modded by iExtraX7


The translations for v3.2.1 are fully compatible to v3.2.2.
Only important changes are in CORE, so the ROFS2 by freaxs_r_us will still work!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

I already miss my 808 :(

Deleted all personal Data, flashed back to OFW, package is ready for delivery... my 808 will be sent away tomorrow morning.

Today I was screwing around with the iPhone 4 and the 808 and made those two pictures...

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Working on a "all writing languages thread" for FP2 + Info on postponed hebrew

as some of you know, I already had this done on Generation^1 phones

now I wanna make it for Fp2 & Fp1

I'm hoping that it will be functional on generation^1 phones, too...
not sure about it yet, but we will see

p.s. I am not working on hebrew at the moment, because it seems my work is being stolen without asking me if it is allowed to mirror my work
I work hard on this kind of stuff, and that is why I want to register how many downloads were done
until the situation is cleared up

I was going to make a compatible hebrew setup for all generation^1 phones... but for now I am NOT

Monday, 5 November 2012

The One 808 v3.2.1 Translations

All Languages for "The One Reloaded v3.2.1" by freaxs_r_us!

Finishing the 808 v3.2.1 translations & Other Infos here

Hi everybody,

like I said, I just finishing the translation files for 808:
- added screensaverplugins in all languages
- fixed message reader bug
- updated ecom.spi
 - added other language files

I'll start uploading soon...
this time I will upload the language sets that had downloads the last time
those without downloads are not that important, but they will be on their way soon, too

Other Projects: 

- trying to get hebrew to perfection on N8 and other Gen1 phones
- started to see if I can port hebrew to Gen2 phones
- corresponding with a korean user to make korean the same way as hebrew

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Working on the new mods in v3.2.1

have to configure a lot of stuff

thought I would get it finished by today.... + some other stuff

I was wrong

I didn't even get one done yet... which is my own...

maybe if I am real lucky I can still flash it and test it tonight
if not... .then no work till Monday or maybe Sunday evening

Edit by Daniel (the one):
for those of you who don't read the "author" tag, at the bottom of the post.
this message is from freaxs_r_us and he is talking about the translations ;)