Saturday, 24 December 2011

v3.1.1 for full translations

Nekeule updated two language packages, according to him the rest will come after christmas.

To have the widgets translated, nekeule is now offering rofs2 AND uda... both files are provided by him, the rest of the files is available in my "the_one_belle_v3.1.1_for_full-translations.rar" package.

As you can see its v3.1.1 and not v3.1.0.
This update is just for full translations. I had to do it, because nekeule needed more space in rofs2 for all languages.
I just rearanged files from rofs2/core, it is exactly the same version as v3.1.0.

full translations - by nekeule (N8 v3.1.1)

Merry Christmas

Since I started modding for the N8, I learned alot about mobile operating system and I had alot of fun experimenting with them.

But what I liked most about it, is the community.

So I would like to thank all of you...
The other modders who are sharing their work and knowledge with all of us and people who are willing to help each other, in case something goes wrong or if somebody needs help understanding how this stuff work.

And of course all of you who are supporting me directly!
All the users of my cfw, people who are helping me testing my mods and cfw's, giving me feedback and new ideas to improve my work, sending me bugreports or supporting me by a donation.

And last, but not least a special thanks goes to Nekeule, who became a very important team mate with the work on his translations.

I hope all of you can enjoy this special time of the year. Share some time with your family and friends and take some time to relax;)
Merry christmas and happy new year to all of you!

Best wishes

Friday, 23 December 2011

v3.1.0 (final)

Hi everyone

i wasn't very active via comments lately, thats because i invested the time i had in my latest release.
v3.1.0 is based on the latest belle version 111.030.0609 and comes with all the new widgets.

thanks to taylor for this new leak and il.socio for the new nokia cooker, which makes modding much more comfortable!

v3.1.0 has ~236MB free space on C:\ and ~135MB Ram at startup.

detailed informations about this version are in the changelogs (as always), download for english only version is ready!

give me some more time for the full translations, they will be available soon;)

let me know how this version works for you...
see this release as my little christmas gift for you, merry christmas!!

Friday, 16 December 2011

v2.4.0 (final) / full translations

This is the first final version that comes without the Store preinstalled.
I started a vote and you had two and a half days for voting what store you would like to have preinstalled.

70% of all people who voted agreed with me, so my cfw will come without nokia store preinstalled (for now and for future updates).

All Store prerequisites are installed, you can install the latest version of the store by only one file (e.g. "storeinstaller_tb92_QTbundle_prd_PROD_3.20.049.sisx"), it is as easy as updating!

The changelogs (internal and summarized) are already updated, you will find all informations about the latest version in there.

The firmware itself is uploading, it will be available soon for downloading.

Edit: downloads are available now!
(fully translated rofs2 will come soon, wait for the updated files by nekeule! do not use rofs2 from older versions)

Edit II:
nekeule updated the translations, you can get all the languages by him (link is in download section).
Thanks again nekeule!

Edit III:
full translations - by nekeule (N8 v2.4.0)

Thursday, 15 December 2011


This version is supposed to be really close to the next final version.
If we don't find any bugs, I will prepare this version for final release and full translations and it will become v2.4.0 final.

This version will come without the store (like v2.3.4). Looking at the current state of the poll, the next final also comes without it...
(btw. since i started the poll, nokia store got another update to v3.20.050:))

download and changelog pages are updated, get all infos in there...

Edit: I only packed the changed files CORE/ROFS2/UDA, as always you also need those files:
(you could also take the files from older packages)

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


This is the first internal version with the new UDA file.

This Version has 240MB free space on C:\, but it comes without the preinstalled Nokia Store.
(with nokia store installed by yourself you will have around 234MB free space left)

Depending on the result of the vote, the store may comes back in the next final version.
You can install the store by only one sis file, it is as easy as updating (all store prerequisites are preinstalled).

All changes for this version are shown in the internal changelog.

Please help me test this version. Tell me if you are able to install all your apps, if qt is working or if there are any missing components!

Edit: v2.3.5 will be released this evening, it will come with "Ovi Notification Support Package" preinstalled

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

About Versioning

Since I started modding and released my first CFW, there were many different versions.
You may got confused by that many numbers and ask yourself how the versioning for my CFW works.

So I try to explain how my CFW's get their version numbers and names.

Upcoming Versions

I need your help and opinion guys!

i am currently on v2.3.x.
for that version i created a new (empty) uda!

so i need your help testing that new uda, i am trying to bring any important components back. i will release an internal version, so you can help me testing...
that version will be for testing, not for everyday usage!


Another thing i need help with, is a decision.

At the moment we have ovi store preinstalled (which is outdated), there is nokia store v3.18 (final) and v3.20 (beta).
It won't take long till nokia updates the store again (v3.20 final?)...

if you update ovi store, there are many left over files and that will be the case for every update...

so because nokia is updating their store regulary, in my opinion it would be better to release my next version without nokia store!

I would install all prerequisites for the store, so installing the latest version would be as easy as updating your current version.
only one sis-file installation (e.g. "storeinstaller_tb92_QTbundle_prd_PROD_3.20.049.sisx")

i know preinstalled nokia store v3.20 would be nice at the moment, but in long terms, that versions will be outdated soon...

tell me what you think and vote for your opinion via poll!
(or tell me via comment if your answer is not in there)

Monday, 12 December 2011

Text to Speech languages

You can download and install "Text to Speech" languages from Nokia:

E.g.: for german I downloaded and installed "TTS_German.sis" and "TTS_Nicole-German.sis"
I left the language in "settings -> phone -> speech" untouched (english), because its my main phone language.

The "Msg. Reader" detects the language for text messages automatically and reads my german sms with Nicole's voice.

v2.2.1 for full translations

I updated CORE/UDA for full translations

The maps installation issue is fixed...
This update is for full translations only.

You will have to wait for the translated rofs2 by nekeule to use it, I am sure it will come soon.

Edit: nekeule already updated the translations for rofs2!
get them from download section

Whats next?

Something went wrong for v2.2.0 full translations!
That version won't let you install the latest version of nokia maps.
According to users on daily mobile, "nokia_maps_installer_3.08_11wk27_b01_TB9.2_NOCS_BETA" can be installed.

I am working on a fixed version to let you install the latest version. 'till then, you can use v2.2.0 english (which is bug free) or v2.1.0 for full translations.

Sorry about that...

After if fixed v2.2 (full translations), I will start working on the next version.
Biggest change will be, the update of the Ovi Store to the latest version of Nokia Store.

To integrate the latest Store I have to create a new, clean UDA. It will take some time to built and test the new UDA, so don't expect it to be ready in just a few days...

Sunday, 11 December 2011

v2.2.0 (final) full translations

fully translated versions of the one v2.2.0 are now available for download.
big thanks goes to nekeule for his help!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Europes Finest!

I know you guys are waiting for the translations of v2.2.0, but I was waiting for something else...

9 years ago, FC Basel was the last swiss team who managed to survive the first groupe stage of the Champions League, with a 3:3 draw against Liverpool.

Too many years passed since this great moment, this season it was again, my favorite club, FC Basel who had the chance to be part of europes top 16!

Basel played in a strong group (CL Groupe C) agains Benfica Lissabon, Manchester United and the newcomer Otelul Galati.

Yesterday was the final round of the group stage and Basel had to defeat ManU to get into the next round!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

v2.2.0 (final)

Because of the release of a few new mods, I updated my CFW to version 2.2.0.
All informations you need (also about how to flash) are in Decriptions and Changelogs.

English version is ready for download, translations will come in the next few days...
(do not mix up translations for v2.1.0 with v2.2.0, wait for new translations!)

Sunday, 4 December 2011

How to flash

*** a new version of this "how to" for my latest cfw is available here ***

As a reaction of many requests and comments about the flashing process, I will try to explain what you need to do, to successfully flash your phone with my cfw...

I will explain the way to flash I recommend, there are other Settings you can use, if you know how it works!
You should already have phoenix installed (download is available in "Tools" section of my Blog).