About my blog

Welcome to "The One Mobile Blog"!
If you are here, you probably already know what this Blog is about.
It is mainly about my custom firmwares and modifications for current Symbian devices.

Other than that, you can also find reviews, how to's, news, tips and tricks of all kind, to improve your experience with your phone ;)

This Blog is hosted by Daniel aka "theOne1893", Eric aka "freaxs_r_us" and Fabian aka "huellif".

What are CFW's & Mod's?
A "custom firmware" is a modified version of the original firmware, your phones operating system.
All kind of changes are possible. To see what is changed in my CFW's, take a look at the change logs.

A"Mod" is a single modification for your device.
There are many Mod's for Symbian devices, I offer some of my own here on my Blog.

Feel free to share my CFW wherever you want. You do not have to ask for my permission to post it somewhere in the Internet.
Please share the original download links and if possible a link to my Blog, so new users can get all important information's and support from here.

Navigation on my blog

Here is a short description of the tabs that contain important information's about my project.
(I think the others are clear and don't need a description)

There are two kinds of Changelogs in this tab.

The summarized Changelog shows detailed information about my latest final release.
In here, you can see the difference compared to Nokia's original firmware.

The internal Changelog shows the progress of my CFW.
All changes between my own custom firmware versions are listed in here.

Besides the downloads for my CFW's and Mod's, you can also find all kind of tools and applications for you Symbian phone and Windows PC) in there.

Find what you are looking for
Use the "Search" at the bottom of this Blog or filter the content by "Categories" to find what you are looking for.

Important Information's

About Versioning
Shows you how the version numbers are used in my CFW project.

How to flash your phone
A detailed tutorial, to show you how to install my Custom Firmware (for all supported devices).

If you have further questions or problems, you can check the Support tab for help.