Wednesday, 31 October 2012

First set of Hebrew with only minor bugs

I worked on this about 5 hours and converted and made dummy translations and flashed and flashed and flashed

here are the "bugs" (only minor):

- browser still in english
- external photoeditor not working --> only the internal one directly out of the gallery
- one of the email apps is not working, the one directly on-screen after flash of TheOne N8 v5.5.0 --> but the mini email widget and the big email are working fine
- notifier is not hebrew in standard ...not sure what it does when a notification comes up... for now: NO EVENT is still english
- favorite contacts has a bug ... it can only be configured in english, but after configuring and going back to hebrew it works fine -->  also the comm launcher works fine
- the big email widget has wrong spelled word, but it works
- videoeditor has no icon...but it works
- when adding a widget, adding a shortcut or changing the background, the little pop up is still english
- photoeditor in english

the rest I don't know yet.... got to go to bed...
anyway, almost everything is working fine

I need some testers to help me out,
and maybe later on I can start translating the UI inside the apps to hebrew also...

N8 - TheOne Cfw v5.5.0 hebrew - NOT PERFECT - BUT ALMOST

Working hard on hebrew compatibilty files for Belle refresh

I already released a writing files and font TheOne N8 v5.5.0

now I am working on a full set of files...

up to now, this is not working: Internet, email, video & photo (gallery) stuff, and synchronisations
half of the stuff working are still shown in english, but I already have a fix for that, that I used on Delight Belle firmwares

I'll try to convert and mod some files and see how it goes... maybe I can get up to 80% hebrew / 20% english or something like that....

we'll see

BUT REMEMBER ... NO promises that I will get the job done....
for example: lets say everything works out, except the Internet... who wants a phone without Internet?, so if something major like that fails completly, then I won't release

but then I will still try to make a UI Interface in hebrew, but after the Interface, then the rest will be english again

...we'll see how it goes

Anyway, if this works out, then I will have the first Belle refresh in hebrew

The One Reloaded v3.2.1 (808)

v3.2.0 contained the AnnaScreensaver I got on Daily Mobile.
What I did not know was, that this a not a free application... I removed it in v3.2.1.

My apologies to the creator of the AnnaScreensaver plugin.
If you are looking for that screensaver, buy it in the Nokia Store.

Other than that, v3.2.1 is identical with v3.2.0. So please read the release notes here:
The One Reloaded v3.2.0 (808)

The One Reloaded v3.2.0 (808)

Another update for my Nokia 808 Custom Firmware!
This feels like one of my best CFW's so far, I am really happy with the result.

For details about this version, take a look at the internal changelog, to see what's new.

There are a few things I would like to say about this version, to make sure you all get the full potential out of v3.2.0 ;)

Saturday, 27 October 2012

One Year Anniversary!

This Blog was started exactly one year ago.

It started as a small platform for some test versions of my CFW and to make communication easier. The Blog has grown ever since then, all thanks to your support!

I recently started to work on the design and organisation, that work is now mostly done (a little bit fiddling with the categories and that's it).
I hope you guys like the result, feedback and new ideas are welcome ;)

Thanks to everyone who helped me on this project!!
Whether it was by creating mods and tools, sharing knowledge, testing for me, sharing feedback or even supporting me by a donation.
Symbian still has a great community!

A special thanks goes to nekeule who translated my N8 firmwares in the beginning and helped a lot to make them so popular.

Last but not least, thanks to freaxs_r_us who is doing the translations now and also joined me on this Blog as an author.

Have a nice weekend guys ;)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The One 808 v3.1.1 Translations

All Languages for "The One Reloaded v3.1.1" by freaxs_r_us!

Restart App/Shortcut for Symbian

I am sharing a handy little application here, that doesn't do anything more than restarting your device.

The modded sysap.exe (which gave you the "restart" option on power button menu on my previous custom firmwares), is a little bit more complicated to apply on the latest firmwares. Which is the reason why it is not integrated by me anymore.

I think this application is a nice replacement, if you are only looking for that feature.
Apply it as a shortcut on your home screen and you can restart your device with one button ;)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Blog in progress

Just a small heads up, I am working to make the categories easier to use.
At the moment, they are not reliable/not showing up.

Should only take a few hours to get them sorted again...

I let you know when I am done.

Already updated the categories. I slimmed it down a little bit and renamed some ones.
It is probably not final, I still want to discuss it with freaxs_r_us.

freaxs_r_us's Daily Nokia Diary

Hi, this is just a Diary
for what I am up to at the moment, so you guys know what I am doing

Sunday, 14 October 2012

v3.1.1 (Nokia 808)

v3.1.1 is a minor bug fix for my 808 CFW.

The "Contacts, Communications" widget was not working. It is fixed now...

If you are already running v3.1.0, you can use "update" in Phoenix.

Sorry about that ;)

Saturday, 13 October 2012

How to create your own "full translation"

Since freaxs_r_us is creating full translations for my most popular CFW's (Nokia N8 and Nokia 808), I can slim down the download section on my blog.

Instead of linking to all of his Daily Mobile Tutorials there, I collect all the links in this single post.

Here is everything you need to know about creating translations.

Friday, 12 October 2012

v3.1.0 (Nokia 808)

The One Reloaded v3.1.0 is ready for download!
v3.1.0 is based on Belle FP2 v113.010.1507 and comes with ~570MB free space on C:\

It is not that different from v2.x... pretty much the same Mods are included.
Although there are some things I would like to mention this time.

TheOne N8 CFW - translation releases

Thursday, 11 October 2012

I joined....great to be a part of something again

freaxs_r_us joins the team!

"freaxs_r_us" is a well known name in the Daily Mobile Forum.

His (always up to date) language libraries for all Symbian/Belle versions show his dedication to the community.
He also did a great job as translator of the famous "Delight Belle" custom firmwares by nicesoni_ash.

I am happy to announce that we will work together to make "The One CFW's" even better!!

Since nekeule retired from my project, many people were missing the full translations by him.
freaxs_r_us will fill this gap and offer the translations for my N8 and 808 CFW's.

He will also become an Author on this Blog, so you can look forward to (hopefully many) posts by himself ;)

Welcome freaxs_r_us!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Apps & Games in Tools folder updated!

I finally extracted and created the installers for all the applications and games I removed in my CFW's.

You can download them in my tools section, here on my blog (tools -> symbian applications).

v5.5.0 (N8)

I planned to announce v5.5.0 this evening with all the details and a big surprise.

Looks like many of you already found the new version in the download folder... so I think I should give you some details ahead.

v5.5.0 is the same version as v5.4.0!
The difference is, v5.5.0 is English only.
As you can see in the change log, there are upcoming translations by freaxs_r_us.

More details about that and an appropriate "Welcome" to freaxs_r_us will follow soon.

If you are running v5.4.0 and you are happy with English only, you can skip v5.5.0.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

The One Symbian Blog is now on Twitter!

Twitter seems to be quite popular, so I decided to figure out what it is all about.
I have no idea how it works or what I am going to use it for... (support, news, off-topic?).

My username on Twitter is "theone1893" (the_one.89 was already taken)... you can follow me by hitting this button:

The account was created about an hour ago... there are no followers yet and only one "tweet".
If you have a Twitter account, make sure to follow me!
(or else I look stupid without any followers :p)

Friday, 5 October 2012

v5.4.0 (N8)

Today is my 23rd birthday.
Since you guys are spread all over the world, we can't have a couple of drinks together...
So instead of buying a round, I give you an update for the most popular device on my blog... the N8 ;)
(what a geeky way to celebrate, somebody please hit me with a shovel!)

"The One N8 v5.4.0" is ready for download.
Details about this version are in the changelogs, as always...

Two things I would like to say about this version:
I removed the "more ram for apps" mod by satiro. I am using it without any problems on my 808, but it doesn't seem to work very stable on the N8.
The mod is not entirely gone, I replaced it with my own settings for ram management (same as in my v4 CFW). I am hoping to get more performance and stability by that.

I also removed the Dolby Headphone effects, they were ported from Belle FP1 but seem to cause a lot of problems.
Some of you complained about the audio quality (especially clarity and bass) in v5.1.
I changed some parameters in v5.2 which made it better, but not good enough for you...
v5.3 seemed to be satisfying for most, but some still reported issues with ring tones, headphones, accessories (like bt headsets and speakers), etc. not being loud enough.

I hope its now fixed by removing the Dolby headphone effects. And by applying the full anna parameters, I hope we are back on the high quality we had on "The One v4.x".

Enjoy my CFW and let me know what you think via comment ;)