Friday, 30 March 2012

next version upcoming...

v4.3.0 should have been the last update for a while, but as you know there is a bug with the msg. reader...

I already fixed the msg. reader bug for me, but  there are also some issues with the translations.
Thats why I tooked the files for "v4.3.0 full translation" down...

Me and Nekeule are working on the next update, which will have full translations and msg. reader fixed!

Monday, 26 March 2012


v4.3.0 is online

this version comes with ~230MB free space on C:\ (224MB free space on c:\ with maps preinstalled).
notable changes in this release are the updated email client and that we finaly have a version with maps preinstalled again;)

all packages are available for download, detailed infos in the internal changelog.

again for full translations:
wait for nekeules updated files, DO NOT use translated rofs2 from v4.2.0/v4.1.0.

mediafire link for "v4.3.0 (no maps)" is broken. reupload soon...

Edit II:
mediafilre link is fixed

v4.2.0 for full translation

Nekeule updated the translations for v4.2.0 and put them online yesterday.

I added the link in the download section.

In case you did not noticed it yet, I put a new donation button up last week.
You can now make donations for Nekeule.

He is doing a great and fast job with the full translations of my CFW.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

v4.2.0 no maps (final)

v4.2.0 is available for download!

Until now, I only uploaded the verison without maps. v4.2.0 with latest maps suite preinstalled will come within the next days...

Remember to read the information about maps suite 2.0 installation, linked in the changlog bug-list.
(Its not a cfw bug, but still important to know)

I also uploaded the package for full translation, DO NOT use rofs2 from v4.1.0!
Wait for nekeule's updated files, I will tell you when they are ready.

Enjoy my latest firmware, looking forward to hear some feedback;)

Bug: Nokia Maps Suite 2.0

The latest Maps version from Nokia Beta Labs, comes with a bug.
Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 (3.00_12wk9_b05) needs Nokia Maps 3.08 preinstalled!

If you are using my CFW without maps preinstalled (or you did a hard reset (also on ofws')) you need to install Maps v3.08 first.

If you install Maps Suite right away, you will have a strange bug, that closes every Qt-App when pulling down the topbar.

Remember, that Maps Suite is still beta... I reported this bug to Nokia, hopefully they fix it for future versions.

I will link this post to the bug list of my CFW. Even if its not really a CFW problem, its an important information

Monday, 19 March 2012

Donation Information

I made changes to the already published post, labeled by "Donations".

In earlier post, I published the first names and their donated amouts.
That was because I wanted to be open and honest about this.

But while preparing the next "thank you post" I though about this and decided that I don't want to publish the amount anymore.

I appreciate every amount, every donation is worth the same to me!

I don't take if for granted that you are willing to give me some of your hard earned money, for something I offer for free.
So out of respect, I don't want to show the exact amount someone gave me, it is not a competition.

I hope you understand and agree with me in this matter...

Thanks again to everyone who supported me and also thanks to those who are still not published yet;)

The next post about donations will contain the names of my donors from the last few weeks, I will publish it, as soon as I am done with my next CFW.

By the way, I used my previous donations to renew my Rapidshare Pro account, so my files can stay online:)

download traffic

I just figured out, that I can see some detailed stats about my hosted files on mediafire...
(last time I checked, that was only available for "Mediafire Pro" accounts)

I am currently hosting "3.7 GB" on the mediafire servers.

My currently hosted files were downloaded around ~15'000 times and caused a traffic of "870,5 GB"!

This statistic is only for "currently hosted files" on mediafire.
I usually get more downloads via Rapidshare and many people are creating mirrors and complete packages in their languages for their prefered forums... so I don't have a total number of downloads/traffic.

Also remember that internal versions are only hosted on Rapidshare (I have around 12GB files hosted on Rapidshare)...
But Rapidshare doesn't give me such detailed informations about downloads...

I get asked sometimes how many downloads my CFW has, so I though I share this information with you...
(I don't want to go into more detail about this, those are the only numbers I can get without calculating manually)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Alienware M11xR2 Issues Part I

This post has nothing to do with Symbian or the Nokia N8.
But I believe, most people who care about CFW's, also have an interest on technology in general, so this may be something you want to read after all...

Its a long and depressing story about the Alienware/Dell Support and how they treat their customers.

Saturday, 17 March 2012


my plans for the upcoming week...

next version will be a small update...
it will contain: fixed qt-bug (store and other qt-apps crash when using dropdown bar, after you install the latest beta maps), gallery widget (maybe more widgets if i find some usefull ones), some small system updates integrated

donation status
I received new donations in the last two weeks, I will publish a "thank you" note here, as soon as I am done with the next version
(so the "thanks post" can stay a little bit longer on top;))

A short story about the Alienware/Dell Support.
I had an issue with my Alienware M11xR2 Notebook and now I am really pissed off at their support!
It has nothing to do about the Nokia N8 or Symbian, but I feel like writing about their cruel policy...
Maybe someone finds it interessting, how they treat their customers.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

v4.1.0 bug report (preinstalled maps edition only)

Version "4.1.0 with preinstalled maps" had a bug, that lets qt apps crash when using the pull down bar...

I removed the download for that version.

The versions without maps and for full translation are not affected!

This issue is caused by files in rofs (z:\) and can only be fixed by reflashing your phone. I will upload a fixed version (with preinstalled maps) soon.

Sorry about that

Edit: Thanks to Saurav for reporting that bug!

Edit 2:
This bug seems to be caused by qt components from latest beta maps (it also happens if you install them on my cfw without maps!), maps 3.08 doesn't cause this problem!

I even found some bug reports about this on beta labs webpage, from users of different phones and probably original firmwares...

So I will test this behaviour on a official firmware to check if its related to my cfw or a bug that exists on all belle devices/maps suite 2.0 installations.

Thank you for your patience!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

FC Bayern München vs FC Basel 1893

... damn it!

v4.1.0 for full translations

nekeule updated the full translations!

you can find the links for the first available languages in the download section...

Thank you nekeule, I really appreciate  your help!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

v4.1.0 (final)

v4.1.0 is available for download!

This version comes with ~230MB (no maps)/~222MB (maps preinstalled) free space on c:\.

I updated the "Description", "How to flash" & "Tools" section on my blog, so everything you need should be there.

I hope you enjoy my latest CFW, I am looking forward to hear some feedback from you;)

I will send Nekeule the files for the full translations today, so translated version will come later... please be patient, I let you know when they are ready.

How to flash (updated)

This is a tutorial to flash your phone via Phoenix, a full guide to install my CFW.

The following "how to" will explain the way to flash I recommend.
If you know what you are doing, you can use different settings and flash the way you prefer.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Poll Results (Maps)

Thanks for voting everyone!

~50% of you voted for the latest Map Suite from Nokia Beta Labs. So I will create v4.1.0 with that version preinstalled!

Since the other half decided they prefer "no maps" of the latest final "3.08" I will try to make them happy too...

There will also be a english version without maps preinstalled.

(remember full tranlsations always comes without maps, so you can install maps in your language)

v4.1.0 is almost ready!
I finished my tests and everything looks fine. Battery life is also very good, according to Battery Monitor I still have ~60% after 2 days and 20 hours (mostly 2G, but wlan on)).

Now I have to update/write the description, changelogs, and the new "how to flash", repack some of the removed apps into sis-installers and of course prepare the files for nekeule...

I think I can release v4.1.0 (at least the english version) this weekend.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Poll: what Nokia Maps version do you want?

I am starting a poll on my blog, so you can vote for your prefered Nokia Maps version for my next final CFW.

The version for full translations will come without maps, so you can install them in your language.
This vote is for the english version!

Remember that I can put most parts of the maps apps into rofs (z:\), so it doesn't consume any space on c:\!

If you install/update them on your own, they will be put into c:\

Btw. the poll will end at the evening of this Thursday.

Edit 2:
sorry guys, the first few votes got deleted!
i was updating the blog, had some connection errors and the poll was gone... :(

i created a new one... to the 10 people who voted so far, please vote again:)

Monday, 5 March 2012


v4.0.6 is now available for download.

this version is still comming with the same (almost original) uda we had in v4.0.5.

so the preinstalled stuff is still there...

but core and rofs2 are now final (except for a few apps that will be moved from uda)...
so let me know if you find any bugs in this version!
according to my own test, v4.0.6 is stable, fast and bugfree...

please report about the battery life in this version!
since we had more than 4 days in standby for version 3.1.0, i would like to know how this version behaves

some good news...

About translations
Nekeule is still onboard, so he will do the full translations for my next final version!
He always did a great (and fast) job in the past, so its good that we still have him working on this project.

Making flashing easier
Since we have the final version now, I can provide all files we need for easier flashing.
I will write a new "how to flash" for version 4.x.x. You will only have to exchange/delete files in phoenix when you want different languages or keyboards.

Next internal version
I will release a new internal version today.
v4.0.6 will come with a few new mods, lots of fixes and new widgets!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

The One Camera Mod 3.0

I updated my camera mod to version 3.0.

It is basically the same mod, but it now has one new mode...

Enable Text under Homescreen Icons

*** Updated: Text under HS-Icons 2.0 ***

I updated this mod to give you the option to add and remove text. That way, the mod makes more sense for other (custom) firmwares and phones.

When you install this mod, you can choose between "add text" and "remove text". Select only one option and install the mod.

Should work on any Symbian Belle phone...

Everything else stays as it was in v1.0


I removed the text under homescreen icons, since this was default for earlier official firmwares and many people like how it looks.

If you prefer your icons with a text label, you can bring it back with an easy sis file installation.

Text under HS-Icons 2.0.sis
(also found in the tools section of my blog)

You can install this file and the text under homescreen icons will be back immediately, if you uninstall this mod the text will be removed again.

Your homescreen settings won't be touched by this, the layout will stay as you set it before.
Restart is not needed, the mod will take effect without it.

This mod will work on my future CFW's as well as on previous ones (also most of the other cfw's and official firmware (if your phone is hacked)).


I just released my first (internal) version, based on the latest final version of Nokia Belle.

You will find all informations about this version in the internal changelog...

I will create an own UDA for my next final version, since this is not ready yet, v4.0.5 comes with the almost original UDA (C:\ drive). I just removed the wallpapers and some language files to get a little bit more free space on c:\.

So many preinstalled apps are still there and there are no mods or new widgets included in the UDA yet.
Free space on c:\ is only about 165 MB.

Give it a try if you want to help me testing;)

I also updated the Downloads and Tools section of my blog...

Edit 2:
the integrated camera mod is not working properly (wrong default resolution settings)
will be fixed in next version

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Progress v4.x

A few informations about the progress of my current project "The One v4.x" CFW...

I replied to most of the emails and comments I got, so all questions should be answered.
A few pm's on daily mobile are still pending...
If you don't get a reply from me in the next 24h, feel free to ask me again (probably missed some older mails). Contact informations are on the bottom of my blog.

The next version will be based on the latest UK firmware (Belle v7) from NaviFirm.
I don't know if this v7 number means anything since it's still 111.30.609... but  the files on navifirm are labeled from belle v1 to belle v7. So I wanted to be sure to be on the latest release.

I am currently running "The One v4.0.1" on my device, but it is still really close to the original firmware (no mods, but a few preinstalled things and languages are removed).
This final version seems to be already quite fast and responsive, Nokia did a good job with that!
So it looks really promising for my future CFW release;)

I hope I can release a first inernal version this weekend, a final version (which will most likely be v4.1.0)  is still far away...

Just wanted to keep you guys up to date:)

(btw. for those of you, who are interessted in the next "worlds best camera-phone", check out Nokia's whitepaper about the new Nokia 808 PureView)