The One Custom Firmwares

MediaFire Project Folder (CFW's)
all Versions for all devices are available from here (seperate downloads).


MediaFire Project Folder (Tools)
you will find all kind of tools in this folder.
  -symbian applications, mods, windows tools and misc.


by freaxs_r_us
freaxs_r_us is offereing full translations for my custom firmwares.
you can find the link to his files for the latest version below

RM-807 "The One Reloaded v4.2.0" by freaxs_r_us
RM-596 "The One N8 v6.x" by freaxs_r_us

If you are looking for previous versions, use the blog search or catergory filter to find it.

create your own translations
in case there is no translation by freaxs_r_us for your device, you can create your own.

How to create your own "full translation"