Monday, 24 December 2012

The One v6.1.0

Meryy Christmas everyone!!

Here is a little present for all the N8 users out there.
The main idea of this update was to bring the N8 to the same level my recently released Belle Refresh CFW's for the E7/X7 are.

v6.1.0 is now ready for download, take a look at the change logs and read on for the release notes.

The One X7 v3.1.1

I am working very hard lately to support all devices, so I hope you guys can forgive small mistakes...
Here is a bug fix for the Nokia X7 custom firmware v3.1.0.

v3.1.1 fixes the commslauncher widget (Contacts, Communications) and adds a nicer Anna style icon for the RomPatcher.

If you are running The One X7 v3.1.0 already, you can use "update" instead of "refurbish".

For full release notes of v3.x for the X7 read on here:
The One X7 v3.1.0

Sunday, 23 December 2012

The One E7 v2.1.2

Sorry guys, I seem to have some bad luck with the camera mods lately...
Here is v2.1.2 for the Nokia E7.

The only difference is the camera mod is now in there for real!
I forgot to change the compression values in previous E7 versions (v2.x).

Friday, 21 December 2012

The One X7 v3.1.0

The idea of this update was to bring my Nokia X7 custom firmware up to date.
It is now on the same level as my latest Belle Refresh CFW for the E7...

My brother was asking me for an update for his X7 a while ago.
I wanted to get this task done, before the world ends ;)

Read on for the release notes

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Partition Manager: C Drive Extension Tutorial

Thanks to the latest version of the NokiaCooker by Marco Bellino aka Il.Socio, changing partition size of Symbian devices became very easy.

The new partition manager feature, will give you the possibility to assign unused space from Z:\ to your C:\ drive.
This can dramatically increase the free space on C:\!

I am going to show you how to do it in the following tutorial.

Make sure you read the whole post!
There are many important information's and should also know about the risks and limitation.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The One E7 v2.1.1

Very small update for the recently released E7 CFW.

The option to use the front camera in the camera interface is missing in v2.1.0 (my sister reported this issue to me).

So here is the update that fixes this problem.

This update is only for new users, if you are already running "The One E7 v2.1.0" there is no need to reflash!

Just download and install this package (restart your phone after the installation):
E7 Front Cam Fix (TOv2.1.0)

Need a tester for first v3.4 translation = german

like the title says....

I had to upload somewhere else, because mediafire is causing problems
we'll see if I can go back to mediafire

for now here is the file:

tests needed for
- widget list = new widgets
- new widgets on screen
- anna notifications
- Details of song in music player + metadata mod
- text clock widget = 1. german text? 2. does it fit both widgets?

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The One 808 Reloaded v3.4.0 Translations

All Languages for "The One Reloaded v3.4.0" by freaxs_r_us!

 Merry Christmas to all

 Hope you like your present...








How about donating TheOne & Me a couple beer's for all our work ?




The One Reloaded v3.4.0

Simultaneously to the E7 variant of my CFW, I was working on a update for the 808.
So here it is!

Read on for the release notes and take a look at the updated change logs...

Monday, 17 December 2012

Bloggers Diary - looking for a Battery Replacement for 808

Hi guys,

I was looking for a battery replacement for my 808... a better one, since this is the procedure I do with all my phones, because after modding the ******* to smithereens I always have issues with the power consumption...

I found something: Battery issues? Not anymore ;) Read here

The One E7 v2.1.0

Ok, it's finally done!
Here is my Belle Refresh based CFW for the Nokia E7.

I hope the E7 users are still interessted, took me a long time to release/build this version :)

Read on for the release notes...

Sunday, 16 December 2012

heads up, E7 users!

Short information for the E7 users out there, who are waiting for a Belle Refresh based CFW of mine...

As mentioned last Wednesday, I was hoping to release "The One E7 v2.1.0" this week.
Unfortunately my free time was very short and I didn't had time to work on it the last couple of days.

But today, I finally managed to continue this project and I am almost done!
First tests went fine, a couple of small things to fix but should be done in less than one hour.

So I will do my best to finish v2.1 for the E7 this evening and if everything goes fine, I'll release it tomorrow.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

News from freaxs_r_us / Windows Live & Skype 6 / New Email Account

Hi guys, read here for the following topics:

Update on stuff I'm doing

Changing from Windows Live to Skype 6

I'm leaving as my email client and I'm going to 

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Donation Status

I am using a dedicated tab to show my appreciation to the users who like my work and supported me by a donation, since I updated my blogs design about three months ago...

But I still want to say thanks in form of a blog post once in a while :)
(fyi: contributors will be added as soon as possible to the "Hall of Fame" in the donations tab. But I never know when I get a donation, so there is no specific time frame for posts like this.)

Thanks a lot to the following people for their generous donations, I really appreciate your support!

(and a user who prefered to stay anonymous)

I wish you guys all the best! ;)

snowy weather

A couple of Pictures I took yesterday morning on my Nokia 808, all that snow came down in only 24h!

I don't live somewhere on a mountain, actually my Location is very low (for Switzerland)...

Maybe I get a white Christmas this year :)


snowy weather, a set on Flickr.

Monday, 3 December 2012

The One 808 v3.3.1 Translations

All Languages for "The One Reloaded v3.3.1" by freaxs_r_us!


Friday, 30 November 2012

Screenshots: The One Reloaded v3.3.1

I finally took some new screenshots for my 808 CFW.
You can see them here...

The One Reloaded v3.3, a set on Flickr.

The One Reloaded v3.3.1

Ok guys, sorry about that... very small update shortly after the release of v3.3.0.

Everything I said in the release notes of The One Reloaded v3.3.0 is also important for this release!

Only thing that changed, is a slighly updated UDA.
I removed some language files from the Maps Apps (only a few KB) and added the domainsrv.exe.

If you already flashed v3.3.0, there is no need to update. If you need the domainsrv.exe you can add it yourself without flashing ;)

It is mainly for new users and future updates of my CFW.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

just got 808's 3.3.0 and trying first translation

we'll see how it goes...

and if everything works out as I hope / think then "we" will get a perfect translation this time ;)

just flashed my first set / translation to german

with new german sysap
with english log mod --> not german = want to see if I must translate it at all
with translations for the new widgets from Lovelas

I hope I didn't miss out on anything ;) we'll see

of course I screwed up the first flash.... BIG surprise  :P

of course I screwed up the ecom-2-0.spi again... like always *rolleyes*

The One Reloaded v3.3.0

Another update for my 808 Custom Firmware, exactly one week after my phone came back from repair ;)
Edit: wrote parts of the release notes earlier this week, was planning on a friday release.
It is actually 6 days after I got my 808 back :)

Here are a few information about my latest release...

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Herbstmesse Basel 2012

You probably already know those pictures from my profile...

Just want to post them here again, because I think they demonstrate the impressive low light capabilities of the Nokia 808 :)

Friday, 23 November 2012

Daily Diary Update

Sorry for the delays on the translations and the fixes and all

But I have been very VERY busy

My Nokia 808 is back!!

Feels good to be back on the Nokia 808!

My repaired 808 was delivered today :)

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

808 and E7 repair status

Called the Care Center to check for the current status.

The repair of my Nokia 808 was finished today. I should get my phone back by the end of this week.
All I know so far is they replaced a circuit board... maybe the delivery note contains more details about what was fixed, I will keep you posted about it ;)

I didn't mention last time, that I sent my E7 in together with my 808.
(There was a problem with my warranty at first, so I had to send it in again)
Maybe the E7 users of my CFW remember, that the USB connector was broken and therefore the phone could not be charged anymore.

It is still in repair, but should be back fully repaired by the end of next week.

Let's see if Nokia really is able to fix the 3G bug, I am looking forward to get it back :)

23.11.2012/Friday, no post package today... I guess I have to wait for Monday :(
Edit II:
I was wrong, did not see the pickup note the mailman left in my post... my 808 is back!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Lauterbrunnen is a valley in Switzerland next to the well known mountains "Jungfrau" & "Eiger".
For more touristic information, visit ;)

All pictures were shot using my Nokia 808.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Working on translations to the sysap's and the phoneui's

Been working on the translations of those files...

it completes:

- modded / deleted popups and strings

- extra symbols in Power Button Menu

...i was waiting on a easier way to do it, but since it is lasting so long I decided to start doing it by hand

the sysap needs: 40 strings x  40 languages = 1600x Click, copy, click, paste, confirm = 8000 steps

so if anybody wants to help out with his language, that would be great...
I would referr to you as the translator on the release pages

(one set has only 40strings...)

...Of course I will provide a tutorial or show you per Teamviewer if you want to help out

just found a tutorial... maybe I can do it an easier way...
I will translate the sysap by hand..., since I am almost finished

Sunday, 18 November 2012

ScrollControl 1.0

Probably sounds cooler than it is :p

I created a small installer, that lets you change the scrolling speed in the Symbian menu and (non-Qt) applications.

Download the installer "ScrollCrontrol 1.0.sis" from my tools section.

During the installtion you can choose between default scrolling speed or the improved and significantly faster settings by Ancelad.
Full credit for the "improved KS" goes to him ;)

To change the settings, you do not have to uninstall the mod. Just reinstall and restart your device.

FYI, the improved KS is already part of my CFW, this is mainly for users who prefer the slower default Belle values.
But it can also be used by people who are using different CFW's or hacked OFW.

Thanks to Shapal00 from Daily Mobile Forum for testing.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Fireworks Basel 2012

Here are some low light pictures...

I took them at the swiss national day in Basel this year.
Of course I used my Nokia 808 to take those shots ;)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Animal Park Arth-Goldau

If you follow me on, you probably already know those pictures.

I though I start sharing some "other" content on my Blog, in this case pictures...
Don't want you to get bored, 'till my 808 comes back ;)

Monday, 12 November 2012

The One Reloaded v3.2.2 (808)

A small bug fix update for my 808 CFW.

If you are on v3.2.1, you can use "update" instead of "refurbish".

It will fix the bluetooth problems, caused by akncapserver mod.
If you get errors like "sending failed" or similar, update to this version.
That mod is now removed...

Thanks to 808User from Daily Mobile Forum for reporting this bug to me!

In my own experience, this bug especially affects people using translations... Since my 808 is in repair, I can not test it myself.
I will test this Mod properly when my phone comes back, but for now I think it is better to remove it.

If you want to test the mod yourself, you can get it from here:
Akncapserver.exe modded by iExtraX7


The translations for v3.2.1 are fully compatible to v3.2.2.
Only important changes are in CORE, so the ROFS2 by freaxs_r_us will still work!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

I already miss my 808 :(

Deleted all personal Data, flashed back to OFW, package is ready for delivery... my 808 will be sent away tomorrow morning.

Today I was screwing around with the iPhone 4 and the 808 and made those two pictures...

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Working on a "all writing languages thread" for FP2 + Info on postponed hebrew

as some of you know, I already had this done on Generation^1 phones

now I wanna make it for Fp2 & Fp1

I'm hoping that it will be functional on generation^1 phones, too...
not sure about it yet, but we will see

p.s. I am not working on hebrew at the moment, because it seems my work is being stolen without asking me if it is allowed to mirror my work
I work hard on this kind of stuff, and that is why I want to register how many downloads were done
until the situation is cleared up

I was going to make a compatible hebrew setup for all generation^1 phones... but for now I am NOT

Monday, 5 November 2012

The One 808 v3.2.1 Translations

All Languages for "The One Reloaded v3.2.1" by freaxs_r_us!

Finishing the 808 v3.2.1 translations & Other Infos here

Hi everybody,

like I said, I just finishing the translation files for 808:
- added screensaverplugins in all languages
- fixed message reader bug
- updated ecom.spi
 - added other language files

I'll start uploading soon...
this time I will upload the language sets that had downloads the last time
those without downloads are not that important, but they will be on their way soon, too

Other Projects: 

- trying to get hebrew to perfection on N8 and other Gen1 phones
- started to see if I can port hebrew to Gen2 phones
- corresponding with a korean user to make korean the same way as hebrew

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Working on the new mods in v3.2.1

have to configure a lot of stuff

thought I would get it finished by today.... + some other stuff

I was wrong

I didn't even get one done yet... which is my own...

maybe if I am real lucky I can still flash it and test it tonight
if not... .then no work till Monday or maybe Sunday evening

Edit by Daniel (the one):
for those of you who don't read the "author" tag, at the bottom of the post.
this message is from freaxs_r_us and he is talking about the translations ;)

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

First set of Hebrew with only minor bugs

I worked on this about 5 hours and converted and made dummy translations and flashed and flashed and flashed

here are the "bugs" (only minor):

- browser still in english
- external photoeditor not working --> only the internal one directly out of the gallery
- one of the email apps is not working, the one directly on-screen after flash of TheOne N8 v5.5.0 --> but the mini email widget and the big email are working fine
- notifier is not hebrew in standard ...not sure what it does when a notification comes up... for now: NO EVENT is still english
- favorite contacts has a bug ... it can only be configured in english, but after configuring and going back to hebrew it works fine -->  also the comm launcher works fine
- the big email widget has wrong spelled word, but it works
- videoeditor has no icon...but it works
- when adding a widget, adding a shortcut or changing the background, the little pop up is still english
- photoeditor in english

the rest I don't know yet.... got to go to bed...
anyway, almost everything is working fine

I need some testers to help me out,
and maybe later on I can start translating the UI inside the apps to hebrew also...

N8 - TheOne Cfw v5.5.0 hebrew - NOT PERFECT - BUT ALMOST

Working hard on hebrew compatibilty files for Belle refresh

I already released a writing files and font TheOne N8 v5.5.0

now I am working on a full set of files...

up to now, this is not working: Internet, email, video & photo (gallery) stuff, and synchronisations
half of the stuff working are still shown in english, but I already have a fix for that, that I used on Delight Belle firmwares

I'll try to convert and mod some files and see how it goes... maybe I can get up to 80% hebrew / 20% english or something like that....

we'll see

BUT REMEMBER ... NO promises that I will get the job done....
for example: lets say everything works out, except the Internet... who wants a phone without Internet?, so if something major like that fails completly, then I won't release

but then I will still try to make a UI Interface in hebrew, but after the Interface, then the rest will be english again

...we'll see how it goes

Anyway, if this works out, then I will have the first Belle refresh in hebrew

The One Reloaded v3.2.1 (808)

v3.2.0 contained the AnnaScreensaver I got on Daily Mobile.
What I did not know was, that this a not a free application... I removed it in v3.2.1.

My apologies to the creator of the AnnaScreensaver plugin.
If you are looking for that screensaver, buy it in the Nokia Store.

Other than that, v3.2.1 is identical with v3.2.0. So please read the release notes here:
The One Reloaded v3.2.0 (808)

The One Reloaded v3.2.0 (808)

Another update for my Nokia 808 Custom Firmware!
This feels like one of my best CFW's so far, I am really happy with the result.

For details about this version, take a look at the internal changelog, to see what's new.

There are a few things I would like to say about this version, to make sure you all get the full potential out of v3.2.0 ;)

Saturday, 27 October 2012

One Year Anniversary!

This Blog was started exactly one year ago.

It started as a small platform for some test versions of my CFW and to make communication easier. The Blog has grown ever since then, all thanks to your support!

I recently started to work on the design and organisation, that work is now mostly done (a little bit fiddling with the categories and that's it).
I hope you guys like the result, feedback and new ideas are welcome ;)

Thanks to everyone who helped me on this project!!
Whether it was by creating mods and tools, sharing knowledge, testing for me, sharing feedback or even supporting me by a donation.
Symbian still has a great community!

A special thanks goes to nekeule who translated my N8 firmwares in the beginning and helped a lot to make them so popular.

Last but not least, thanks to freaxs_r_us who is doing the translations now and also joined me on this Blog as an author.

Have a nice weekend guys ;)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The One 808 v3.1.1 Translations

All Languages for "The One Reloaded v3.1.1" by freaxs_r_us!

Restart App/Shortcut for Symbian

I am sharing a handy little application here, that doesn't do anything more than restarting your device.

The modded sysap.exe (which gave you the "restart" option on power button menu on my previous custom firmwares), is a little bit more complicated to apply on the latest firmwares. Which is the reason why it is not integrated by me anymore.

I think this application is a nice replacement, if you are only looking for that feature.
Apply it as a shortcut on your home screen and you can restart your device with one button ;)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Blog in progress

Just a small heads up, I am working to make the categories easier to use.
At the moment, they are not reliable/not showing up.

Should only take a few hours to get them sorted again...

I let you know when I am done.

Already updated the categories. I slimmed it down a little bit and renamed some ones.
It is probably not final, I still want to discuss it with freaxs_r_us.

freaxs_r_us's Daily Nokia Diary

Hi, this is just a Diary
for what I am up to at the moment, so you guys know what I am doing

Sunday, 14 October 2012

v3.1.1 (Nokia 808)

v3.1.1 is a minor bug fix for my 808 CFW.

The "Contacts, Communications" widget was not working. It is fixed now...

If you are already running v3.1.0, you can use "update" in Phoenix.

Sorry about that ;)

Saturday, 13 October 2012

How to create your own "full translation"

Since freaxs_r_us is creating full translations for my most popular CFW's (Nokia N8 and Nokia 808), I can slim down the download section on my blog.

Instead of linking to all of his Daily Mobile Tutorials there, I collect all the links in this single post.

Here is everything you need to know about creating translations.

Friday, 12 October 2012

v3.1.0 (Nokia 808)

The One Reloaded v3.1.0 is ready for download!
v3.1.0 is based on Belle FP2 v113.010.1507 and comes with ~570MB free space on C:\

It is not that different from v2.x... pretty much the same Mods are included.
Although there are some things I would like to mention this time.

TheOne N8 CFW - translation releases

Thursday, 11 October 2012

I joined....great to be a part of something again

freaxs_r_us joins the team!

"freaxs_r_us" is a well known name in the Daily Mobile Forum.

His (always up to date) language libraries for all Symbian/Belle versions show his dedication to the community.
He also did a great job as translator of the famous "Delight Belle" custom firmwares by nicesoni_ash.

I am happy to announce that we will work together to make "The One CFW's" even better!!

Since nekeule retired from my project, many people were missing the full translations by him.
freaxs_r_us will fill this gap and offer the translations for my N8 and 808 CFW's.

He will also become an Author on this Blog, so you can look forward to (hopefully many) posts by himself ;)

Welcome freaxs_r_us!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Apps & Games in Tools folder updated!

I finally extracted and created the installers for all the applications and games I removed in my CFW's.

You can download them in my tools section, here on my blog (tools -> symbian applications).

v5.5.0 (N8)

I planned to announce v5.5.0 this evening with all the details and a big surprise.

Looks like many of you already found the new version in the download folder... so I think I should give you some details ahead.

v5.5.0 is the same version as v5.4.0!
The difference is, v5.5.0 is English only.
As you can see in the change log, there are upcoming translations by freaxs_r_us.

More details about that and an appropriate "Welcome" to freaxs_r_us will follow soon.

If you are running v5.4.0 and you are happy with English only, you can skip v5.5.0.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

The One Symbian Blog is now on Twitter!

Twitter seems to be quite popular, so I decided to figure out what it is all about.
I have no idea how it works or what I am going to use it for... (support, news, off-topic?).

My username on Twitter is "theone1893" (the_one.89 was already taken)... you can follow me by hitting this button:

The account was created about an hour ago... there are no followers yet and only one "tweet".
If you have a Twitter account, make sure to follow me!
(or else I look stupid without any followers :p)

Friday, 5 October 2012

v5.4.0 (N8)

Today is my 23rd birthday.
Since you guys are spread all over the world, we can't have a couple of drinks together...
So instead of buying a round, I give you an update for the most popular device on my blog... the N8 ;)
(what a geeky way to celebrate, somebody please hit me with a shovel!)

"The One N8 v5.4.0" is ready for download.
Details about this version are in the changelogs, as always...

Two things I would like to say about this version:
I removed the "more ram for apps" mod by satiro. I am using it without any problems on my 808, but it doesn't seem to work very stable on the N8.
The mod is not entirely gone, I replaced it with my own settings for ram management (same as in my v4 CFW). I am hoping to get more performance and stability by that.

I also removed the Dolby Headphone effects, they were ported from Belle FP1 but seem to cause a lot of problems.
Some of you complained about the audio quality (especially clarity and bass) in v5.1.
I changed some parameters in v5.2 which made it better, but not good enough for you...
v5.3 seemed to be satisfying for most, but some still reported issues with ring tones, headphones, accessories (like bt headsets and speakers), etc. not being loud enough.

I hope its now fixed by removing the Dolby headphone effects. And by applying the full anna parameters, I hope we are back on the high quality we had on "The One v4.x".

Enjoy my CFW and let me know what you think via comment ;)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

v5.3.0 (N8)

Take a look at the changelog for details of my latest N8 CFW.

Besides the fixes for previous version, a major change is the volume in music player (speaker) and the audio parameters I used.
Let me know what you think about the audio quality in v5.3.0...

Monday, 24 September 2012

v2.3.0 (808)

Update for the Nokia 808.

v2.3.0 comes with a few fixes for the previous version, details in the changelog...

Monday, 17 September 2012

Support & Donation Pages

As you should already know if you visit my blog regularly, I am working very hard to bring my blog up to date.

Today I finished the "Support" and "Donation" tabs on my blog. They are not "under construction" anymore.

Sunday, 16 September 2012


An update for my Nokia N8 custom firmware.
Read the changelog to see the differences to previous versions.

A special thanks goes to all the people who helped me test v5.2.0 (since I don't have an own N8 anymore).

PopUps Modifier

During the installation of this mod, you can choose between "enable popups" or "disable popups".
It allows you to enable/disable the on screen notification for missed calls and new messages.
Restart the phone after the installation.

I tested it on my Belle FP2 CFW (v2.2.1) on the Nokia 808.
But it should work on most other Symbian devices aswell...

The file is unsigned, your phone needs to be hacked for this mod.
(All my CFW's are hacked of course)

If you try it on any other device than on the Nokia 808 (FP2), please drop a comment to confirm its working for you too!

You can download this mod in the tools/download section on my blog.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

I need your opinion about my blog!

As mentioned in my previous post, I am currently working on improving my blog and bringing my descriptions/how to's/etc. up to date.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


A very small update for the Nokia 808.
I had to repair the pheonix installation on my computer and wanted to test it.

 So I made some small changes and flashed my phone via update. Take a look at the changelogs.

Monday, 10 September 2012

a lot of informations...

Ok, where do I start?
I have a some informations for you guys, read on to get some completly unsorted news :)

The One N8 v5.1.0

The device that got the most request for a new "The One CFW", finally got one!

The One N8 v5.1.0 is currently uploading and ready for you in a few minutes.

It's based on the latest Belle Refresh v111.040.1511.
The firmware has ~215MB free space on C:\ (with Maps preinstalled). A separate UDA without maps will be available soon (this will give you some more space on C:\).

As always, detailed informations can be found in the changelogs.

Nokia Maps are not integrated into rofs this time, they are fully installed to C:\.
I think in long terms that's the better choice, to make sure we wont have issues updating them.

Since all of you waited so long for this, I hope this version reaches up to your expectations.
I am looking forward to your feedback ;)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

The One Reloaded v2.2.0

As per request, here is the thrid version within 24 hours...

This version comes with preinstalled RomPatcher+. If you do not need RomPatcher, you can skip this update.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

The One Reloaded v2.1.1

A small bug fix release for my FP2 CFW.
Only change is the search widget on homescreen is now working.

I also uploaded fixed writing languages for Belle FP2. Now all euro1 writing languages are available via rofs3.

The One Reloaded v2.1.0

Here is my latest Nokia 808 CFW, based on Belle FP2.
Its my first work with FP2 so I am hoping for a lot of feedback to see if there are any bugs.

Please remember that second gen S^3 devices can not be downgraded!!
If you flash this CFW you can not go back to Belle FP1.

Edit: just to make things clear (I got asked about this):
After you installed my CFW, you are NOT stuck with it! You can install any original firmware/custom firmware, based on Belle FP2 (v113.010.) or higher.
But currently there are not much other Belle FP2 variants available, thats why I gave you a warning.

Please read the changelog carefully and make sure this is what you want ;)

The firmware comes with ~570MB free space on c:\.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The One X7 v2.1.0

My latest CFW for the Nokia X7 is now ready for download.
It is based on the latest official Belle Refresh, all informations can be found in the changelogs.

Installation instructions:
Due to the fact that the official X7-UDA can not be edited via NokiaCooker, I had to improvise and start from an empty UDA... there is no difference for the phone itself, but you have to do an extra step in the settings of phoenix before you can flash.

Follow the tutorial as usual, only step 6. is different!

6. before you can flash, you have to exchange some files in the list
  -hit "Options" and the file list will open
    -remove the file "RM-707_MC002.17_8GB.mcard.fpsx", you do not need it
    -double click the second red file "RM-707_111.040.1511_U01.01_79u.uda.fpsx"
      -replace it with my UDA "RM-707_THE_ONE_X7_v2.x.uda.fpsx"

Continue with the regular flashing process from here on...

The One CFW's & Nokia Belle Refresh

As you can see, I am back from my yearly military service... and I missed quite a lot.
Nokia Belle Refresh was released in the past three weeks and I got many requests about updates for my CFW.

If you asked me about Belle Refresh for the Nokia N8, E7 or X7, you got (or you will get) a link to this post.
I do not have the time to answer every single request, that's what this post is for.

There are many other emails, pm's and comments with other questions and I will try to answer them too, as soon as I find some time...

Sunday, 19 August 2012


A small bug fix for my Nokia 808 CFW.

After listening music the past week, I decided that I prefer the default sound values from Belle FP1 over the "sound improvement mod" by iExtraX7.
It was a great mod on pre-FP1, but if think its not needed anymore...

Also Gallery and Qt-Apps are opening faster now, there was a small issue in v1.4.0 and v1.5.0, its now fixed in v1.5.1!

Downloads and Changelog is where it always is ;)

new premuim hoster

I don't have the patience to upload all my CFW's to free hosters like Mediafire.

Since my Rapidshare account expired, I was looking for a new premium hoster for my personal usage (and also for my CFW project). It looks like is now one of the favourites in the Internet...
I don't know why, but many people are using it.

So I decided to go with that one.

My CFW's will be available on from now on. Tools and other small files will stay on Mediafire.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Nokia 808 Picture Collection

I will be offline for a while.
Due to my yearly military service, I won't be able to answer your emails and comments for the next three weeks.

I can probably reply to a few simple questions via comments or emails at weekends, but no promises... you are on your own for a few days ;)

To give you guys something to do in the meantime, I created a group folder on
I started a little 808 picture collection and I hope you guys support me and upload some of your shots.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Sysap Mod for Nokia 808

In my latest Nokia 808 CFW I removed the modded sysap.exe by coderus (fp1 fix by chris_marsh), because of two minor bugs.

I still prefer the benefits of the modded sysap over those bugs, that's why I am offering you two simple solutions to bring it back.


Here is my latest CFW.
You will find all changes in the internal changelog...

Worth mentioning here is that I removed the modded sysap.exe.
As you may already know, there is a bug that causes the "unlock by camera button" feature not to work anymore.

"mbleyot" from Daily Mobile Forum reported a second bug. The 3.5mm headphone icon to disappears because of the modded sysap.exe.
Now with two bugs I decided to remove sysap from my CFW.
I still use it personally and I will offer an easy solution to bring it back for those who can live with those bugs and prefer the benefits of this mod.
(The sysap package will be uploaded soon, in a separate post)

New is this version is also the "sound improvement v3.3" by iExtraX7.
It made a big difference on pre-FP1 devices and I think it also improves the sound quality a little bit on FP1.
Help me properly test this mod and tell me what you think about it!

A special thanks for this version goes to "shahspik" who created the icons for the new splash screen in my CFW (BTW. splash screen is the boot animation, by default the small dots at start up).

He created more than one and told me how to do it myself. I will share some more of his splash screens soon...

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Review: Nokia 808 Introduction

This is the first part of my Nokia 808 Review.
I am going to introduce the phone in a short way and try to tell you whats coming in future parts of this review-series.

After almost one month with the Nokia 808 (as my main phone), I finally found some time to write a few words about it.

Monday, 6 August 2012

The One X7 v1.1.1

This small update is only to fix the camera button bug!

If you are already running v1.1.0, there is no need to reflash, just apply the patch below:

Details about the bug and download for the patch can be found here.
Bug CamButtonFix for The One X7

So this update is just for new users or people who reflash their phone for other reasons, so they don't have to apply the patch everytime...

The frimware should be bugfree now, if you find any bugs let me know about it!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Bug: CamButtonFix for "The One X7"

There is a bug in my X7 CFW, the Camera Button is not taking pictures.
(Just looks like its trying to focus... good luck with that on a EDOF Camera :p)
The onscreen button is still working to take pictures.

To fix this issue, install this patch and restart your device:
CamButtonFixX7 for The One X7 v1.1.0

I will reupload a fixed CFW for new users, but basically to fix this bug only, no reflashing is required!

The One E7 v1.1.0

Another device got "The One CFW" support :)

The E7-Variant of my CFW comes with ~440MB free space on C:\ and ~150MB free RAM.
Read more about this version in the Changelogs.

"The One E7" was created for my sister, thats why English/German is already included.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


The 1. August is the swiss national day. In the year 1291 Switzerland was founded here:
Nokia 808 5MP PureView Mode
That picture is from last week when I took my holidays and visited the "Rütli" for the first time.

Patriotism is not one of my stongest feelings, but who really needs a reason to party.
I am going to enjoy the day and I hope with a small update for my CFW you can do that too ;)

Monday, 30 July 2012

Rapidshare-mirrors are going offline...

If you own a premium account on a file hoster, you probably know that (for personal usage), is not the preferred one in the Internet anymore.

That's why I am not planning to renew my account.
My account expired today, so I am now a free user.

That means all my files uploaded on rapidshare will be deleted automatically after 30 days of inactivity!

From now on, I will upload my files on mediafire only. I hope that's fine for you guys.

If anybody has some leftover rapids for me, I could keep my files online for some more time :)
As an alternative, if you want my files to stay online on rapidshare, download them once every 30 days :p

I misunderstood the email by rapidshare. My files are not going offline in 30 days from today, it also affects files that were inactive for the previous 30 days. Some files will be offline by tomorrow!!

Make sure you download what you need as soon as possible, I don't have all files on my local disk and won't be able to re-upload them!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

The One X7 v1.1.0

This CFW is based on the latest original Belle version for the Nokia X7.
It was created for my brother, thats why English & German is already integrated.
I am not planning to offer more languages. You will find a link to translations files by freaxs_are_us, that will help you to add additional languages.

You will find changelogs and downloads for this new version on my blog.

Maps & Store are not preinstalled, get the installers from my "tools" section.

This version comes with ~412MB free space on C:\ and ~140MB Ram at startup.


The One Reloaded got updated to v1.3.0 Take a look at the internal changelog for details ;) free ram and disk space are about the same as previous versions...

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bug fix: unlock 808 by camera button

As you may know, on the original firmwares for the Nokia 808 you are able to unlock the phone and start the camera by pressing the camera-button.

On my CFW this feature is not working, because of the modded sysap.exe (by chris_marsh). We will probably see a fixed version for the 808, but 'till then I offer you a different solution.

enable/disable Theme Effects in Belle FP1 & FP2

If you ever used a pre-FP1 Symbian Belle device, you probably know that you can get a really nice speed boost by disabling theme effects.

For whatever reason, the option to turn them on/off is missing since Belle FP1.

That's why I created this installer. This mod lets you easily enable/disable the theme effects on FP1 and FP2 devices.


The One Reloaded v1.2.0 is now available for download.

~560MB free space on C:\ (maps preinstalled) and ~300MB free RAM after startup.

Check the internal changelog for changes since v1.1.2.

There is a bug, caused by modded sysap.exe.
You can't start the camera by pressing the camera button when the phone is locked!
(Camera button still starts when phone is unlocked)

That "bug" still exists in v1.2.0, because for me the modded sysap is worth more than the unlock by camera button feature...

If you think differntly and want to solve this issue, you have to remove the modded sysap.exe and replace it with the original one.
A short tutorial about this will be online soon (I will also provide the files you need to do this)...

Btw. Arabic and Turkish keyboards were requested, I'll try to offer them soon too.

Monday, 23 July 2012

back in action :)

I took a short vacation for the last couple of days, now I am back home.

I didn't expect so much feedback about my latest project (808 CFW)... I got many questions and reports for v1.1.2.

Your questions will be answered soon, you will get your replies in the next two days ;)

As a side note,I took a lot of pictures in my holidays... not all of them are meant to be for public sharing, but I will find some samples to show you what the 808 camera is worth.
(A small step in the direction of a short 808-Review :))

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Thanks for your help (spare parts)!

I received many replies via email regarding the spare parts I was asking for here:
I am looking for spare parts (N8)

Thanks for everyone who was trying to help me!!
I did not expect so many replies (and especially not that fast).

A special thanks goes to Joseph, who sent me the spare parts I was looking for!


v1.1.2 is another small update...

by adding hacked installserver to rofs, there is no need to use installserver-patch in rompatcher anymore. this is fixing the "component built-in" error for some installers!

the hacked installserver also offers log functionality, create a folder "installserver" on your mass memory to extract sis installers.

rompatcher is staying for now, still useful, thanks to open4all... (and the possibility to add more patches ;))

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The One Reloaded v1.1.1

Sorry about the java bug in v1.1.0.

v1.1.1 is fixed and ready for download!
no other changes...

btw. for the few people who already downloaded v1.1.0, you can use update instead of refurbish.

The One Reloaded v1.1.0

Here is my first final version for the Nokia 808.

You can find all informations about this release in the changelogs.
Like v1.0.6 this one has ~560MB free space on C:\ (maps preinstalled) and ~300MB free RAM.

I uploaded some screen shots here:
v1.1.0 screen shots

Looking forward to hear some feedback.

Edit: do not download!
v1.1.0 has broken java. v1.1.1 is uploading!!

Monday, 16 July 2012

The One Reloaded v1.0.6 (internal)

Just a minor update for my 808 CFW...
Differences as always listed in the internal changelog.

If you prefer a version without preinstalled maps, take the seperate UDA from v1.0.5 (no changes in UDA from v1.0.5 to v1.0.6).

I am looking for spare parts (N8)

*** Update ***
Problem solved

Three days after I gave away me Nokia N8, the new owner broke the main speaker...
So I am looking for some spare parts now.

Without that N8, this whole project and the blog itself would not exist.
So that device deserves a repair for sure :p

I already called the next Nokia Care Center, they told me I have to send it in to get a cost estimate.
They would charge me 55.- CHF, only to tell me what I already know... that my speaker is broken.
Additional 30.- CHF to get it back unrepaired... or from my experience 40-90.- CHF for the work, plus the cost of the spare parts.
For that kind of money I can get a new (second hand) N8!

So I though, if I already have a blog about Symbian (/Nokia N8), I ask you guys for help.

I only need a new speaker (the one on the back, not the small one for calls). So if anybody has a broken N8, some spare parts or doesn't need his N8 anymore, please send me an email.
Of course I would take care of the shipping price (and a fair amount for the parts (or N8) itself)!

Alternatively if you know where to buy single parts for the N8, please send me a link (via comment or email). My main problem is, that Switzerland is not part of the EU, so shipping costs are very high or the shops do not deliver to my address at all...

If anybody has a solution for my problem, please let me know.
You will find my email address at the bottom of my blog...

Sunday, 15 July 2012

The One Reloaded v1.0.5 (internal)

So here is the first public version of my CFW for the Nokia 808.
I didn't had too much time to see what mods from pre-FP1 are still compatible, so I only added the modifications already confirmed working.

About Nokia Maps
On the N8 I always split up the maps package to rofs and uda (z:\ & c:\). The 808 has enough free space to keep the full package in uda (c:\), so it will stay there.

If you prefer the CFW without preinstalled maps, download the seperate UDA (without maps).

You will find detailed information about this release in the internal changelog.

v1.0.5 comes with ~560MB free space on C:\ (maps included!) and ~300MB free ram.

It is pre-hacked via RomPatcher. Activate "Installserver 1.7" patch to install unsigned packages...

Like all previous internal versions this one is only available in english, but you can install your prefered keyboard language via rofs3.
(currently I only extracted german, request your prefered language via comment)

Let me know about any bugs you find in this version and I will try to fix them soon ;)

Edit: download link was broken, its now fixed and ready for download!

The One Reloaded in progress

If you read my previous post, you know that I got the Nokia 808 last Friday.

The 808 was running fast and smooth on Friday without any network connection.
On Saturday, I got my micro SIM card... and the phone crashed a lot since its online.

I was planning to use the stock firmware for a while to see how the 808 is working out for me, before I start a new custom firmware project.

Because of my problems, I decided to reflash my device... since the original firmware for my product code is not available yet, I have to take another firmware.

I though if I have to flash another firmware anyway, I am going to do it my way and create a new CFW for the 808 to solve my problems.

My N8 is gone, I already gave it away... the 808 is now my primary phone and I need it to be working correctly.
That means I am working hard on a 808 CFW, you can expect a first internal version very soon.

It will be based on the latest Belle FP1 for the 808 (v112.020.0311).

The blog was already updated to prepare the first release of "The One Reloaded" CFW for the Nokia 808.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Donation Status

Let's skip the part where I come up with some silly excuses, why it took me so long give you another donation status update and go ahead with the important part of this post :)

I would like to thank the following people for their generous donations!

Michael K.
Michael B.

I really appreciate your support!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

How to fix symbols for power menu button (after changing fonts)

My CFW has custom icons for power button menu included.
Not all fonts do support those icons and since the release of the official PixiEnablers (including Nokia Fonts), I get many requests about the "broken" icons.

In this tutorial I am going to show you different ways to fix them.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Microsoft Apps 2.0 & PixiEnablers slim Installers

MS Apps & PixiEnablers are now officially released for the Nokia N8.
Since those packages contain a lot of unnecessary features, I offer you some slimmer installers for the most important parts.

Special thanks to Michael, who sent me the latest original installers.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

How to decrease volume for 3.5mm output

Some people like it, some don't...
As you may noticed while using my CFW, there is a mod by iExtraX7 to increase the volume output for the 3.5mm.

If you are one of the persons who do not like this mod, I am going to tell you here, how to remove it from my CFW. Of course I will also provide all the files you need to do this ;)

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

a few fixes for my blog

I updated some of the apps and mods in the tools section.
Some old link were not working anymore, they are now fixed!

I added a new category "How to", nothing new in there, just re-organized some posts...
(at least one more post is coming soon to that section)

There are also some html changes on my blog, some things were improved (not that there really was a problem :p).

You may also noted the new "star rating" option under all my posts... I was just messing around with that, I may remove it again later :)

Saturday, 23 June 2012


Because of many requests, I decided to release an update for my CFW.

There are only a few changes to bring the CFW up-to-date. Read the changelog (internal) for details and decide for yourself if its worth reflashing ;)

Downloads are available via Mediafire, Rapidshare is still uploading (I will add the links later).

Due to the fact, that I didn't implement anything new that needs translation, you can use nekeules files for v4.7.0 also for v4.8.0... the full translations are fully compatible!

Since nobody was able to find any bugs in my CFW since v4.4.0, I doubt that there is one in v4.8.x... but if you find one (or more) let me know about it!

Feedback is always welcome ;)

Edit: Rapidshare links are online now

Edit II:
full translations - by nekeule (N8 v4.x)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

captured memories

I am (and probably many others are) waiting for the Nokia 808, which still has no official release date. But according to the latest rumours Nokia will release it this month... if that's true, I hope we get it here in Switzerland in the next two months.

So my time with the Nokia N8 is coming to an end.

At the moment, its very quiet on my blog... there is no new firmware, I don't have any new mods or products for reviews to offer.

The Nokia N8 has a great camera and I took many pictures with it over the last one and a half years.
And since it is so quiet around here, I though I share some of the pictures I took with it.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

"spam" comments released

Hey guys,

I checked the blogger spam filter (for the first time ever) and saw some comments were blocked.
There were only a few comments in there, but they are now online.

I have no idea why they were blocked... at least one of them was a "double post", so there is one reason, but the others seemed to be fine to me.

Sadly doesn't allow me do edit or disable the spam filter, so I guess I have to check the spam inbox from time to time.

So just that you know it:
There is no moderation on comments going on here!
If your comment doesn't appear right after posting, something went wrong.
If that happens feel free to post your comment again...

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

more small news...

I updated the conclusion in my last review:
Review: High Capacity Gold Battery

Some things needed to be corrected and that's done now.
There will be another update of that review, I am trying to contact ecell to get more details about the gold battery.

Btw. I uploaded the latest Nokia Store v3.28.025 (Beta Labs) in my tools section...
The new store offers login via facebook account (seriously, was that necessary!?!?) and claims to fix some bugs of previous versions.
You can find more details here

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tools Section Updated

I updated the apps in the tools section of my blog.
Latest versions of Weather Widget and Public Transport are available for download.

More important, I updated the N8 User Agent Mod to v3.2/6.0.

The description of the mod is updated too...
N8 User Agent

Monday, 14 May 2012

Review: High Capacity Gold Battery (2430mAh)

The Nokia N8 is shipped with a 1200mAh battery by default.
At today's standards that's not very high, but thanks to the Hardware and Software optimisation by Nokia it is not bad at all...

I already published a Review about the battery life of Nokia's original battery on my CFW:
Review: The One v4.7.1 Battery Life

As you can see there, the battery lasts long enough when you use it carefully. But there's still room for improvement...

I had very good experience on my old Samsung I8910 HD with non-original batteries.
After Leno (a user of my CFW) recommended me the "gold battery", I though why not giving it a try on the Nokia N8.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

short heads-up

i continued to work on the design of my blog... somethings are under the hood, but i think you can see small changes when scrolling through blog entries and pages (especially "download" and "tools").

also after using the gold battery for a week, i think i got a good impression about that battery.
i started to write the review, it will be online in the next few days, maybe even tomorrow (depending on how much time i have to write).

let me know if you have some futher suggestions/wishes about the blog design and arrangement...

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

small blog updates

I updated my Blogs layout and added a few new things.

There is now a search for my blog, new title and descritption and some other small changes in the layout and settings...

Just some small stuff to make my blog more comfortable to read.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Review: Nokia N8 Case Replacement (disassemble and reassemble)

After one and a half year, my N8 got some scars and scratches. It definitely didn't look like a new phone anymore.

I didn't really care about a few scratches, but after the bottom clip (or battery cover, or however you want to call the lower plastic part) broke off I had to do something to fix it.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Schwiizermaischter FC Basel 1893

FC Basel 1893 is now officially the swiss champion 2012!

Like Dortmund in Germany, Basel became unstoppable by its competition and won the trophy several rounds before the end of the season.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Review: The One v4.7.1 Battery Life

I like to start this new catergory "Review" on my blog, with my own product:
"The One v4.7.1" CFW for the Nokia N8

Something I get asked a lot about my CFW is battery life.
Many people are not happy with the N8's battery life, so I decided to write a review about the N8's battery life performance with my latest custom firmware v4.7.1 (the results should be similar for all my cfw's (since v4.4.0)).

Of course I already tooked a deeper look at the battery life of my CFW while I was creating/testing it, but I never published details about it... so here are the results of my tests, for everyone to read.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Review: introducing a new catergory on my blog

Since I don't have anything new to offer right now (regarding CFW's/Mod's), I though I could give you guys something to read :)

I am starting a new catergory on my blog, if you read the title of this post you already know its "Review".

Thursday, 19 April 2012


v4.7.0 & v4.7.1 are available for download...

it's a smaller update, do not expect any huge changes in here.
since v4.2.0, all my releases are bugfree... so there is no need to update, unless you really want to ;)

you will find details in the internal changelog.
(summarizes changelog will be updated later)

you can use the full translations for v4.6.0 by nekeule for v4.7.0!
the new mods do not need language files, so the rofs3 are still compatible.

full translations - by nekeule (N8 v4.x)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Custom Widget Skins (*.mif) without flashing

Yesterday evening "joshlog" from daily mobile forum released a mod to load *.mif files from E:\.

Since all Widgets I added to my CFW are on Z:\ you can only change their loooks before flashing, by replacing the mif files in rofs2.

The mod by joshlog allows you to change many mif files from E:\. So it is possible to change the widget skins, battery indicator and many more, without flashing.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

v4.6.0 full translations

nekeule already updated his translations!
you can find the download link for his rofs3 is in "download" section of my blog.

if you want maps in your own language, use "no maps" edition of my cfw and install it yourself.
if you use the version with maps integrated, you will have more free space on c:\ (because most parts of maps are in rofs/z) but maps will be english only.

according to nekeule, the translations for v4.6.0 are also compatible to my previous v4.x, in case you prefer an older version...

nekeule is still working on more languages... as we know him, they will be available soon ;)

thanks to him by the way, v4.6.0 was translated in many languages in only a few hours!

full translations - by nekeule (N8 v4.x)


v4.6.0 & v4.6.1 are online

Why two version?
v4.6.1 comes with the new music player ported from Belle v111.040.0704. I don't have the language files for it, so this version stays english only.
(of course you can still use the rofs3 for writing languages)

So if you want to use full translations by nekeule, choose v4.6.0. This version is exactly the same, except for the music player. It comes with the default player of v111.030.0609.

Other informations
v4.6.0/v4.6.1 comes with ~234MB free space on c:\ / ~225MB free space on c:\ with preinstalled maps.

You can find detailed informations about this release in my internal changelog.
(summarized changelog will be updated later)

Downloads are available for Mediafire & Rapidshare.

If you want full translations, wait for nekeule to update his rofs3-files, I let you know when the first languages are available.

according to nekeule, he will start working on full translations for v4.6.0 next monday... i leave v4.4.0 up, until we have translations for v4.6.0

Sunday, 8 April 2012


v4.5.0 is available for download...

v4.5.0 comes with new widgets and music player from new leaked belle v111.040.0704 by taylor, but is still based on v111.030.0609.

English version with and without preinstalled maps are available for download via rapidshare and mediafire.

If you are just looking for the new widgets without reflashing, download the installers here:
Widget Notes
Widget Notes All Languages
Widget Text Clock
Widget Flip Clock
Widget Flip Clock All Languages
(widgets from nokia belle v111.040.0709 RC, leaked by taylor)

full translations - by nekeule (N8 v4.x)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

v4.4.0 full translations

nekeule updated his full translations to fix the power button menu icons.
the link is still up, files were updated.

about full translations for v4.4.0
-nekeule offers a rofs3 instead of a translated rofs2 now

that means, there is no need for a seperate download package.
choose my main version (with or without maps (attention: english preinstalled maps only!) and flash it together with rofs3 by nekeule.
tutorial is updated...

full translations - by nekeule (N8 v4.x)

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


v4.4.0 is online

v4.4.0 comes with 230MB free space on c:\ (222MB with maps preinstalled).
Downloads for Rapidshare & Mediafire are online. All changes in the Changelog...

Here are some screenshots from my latest cfw...
The One v4.4.0 & dor$h v2 [theOne Edition] Theme

Here are some screenshots from the second theme (older cfw version):
dor$h v1 [theOne Edition] Theme

creator of the themes is xotusblack

full translations - by nekeule (N8 v4.x)

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Nokia Email Client v3.04

***Update 3***

The Email Client Update is already included in the most recent firmware versions!
That update was for Belle (not Refresh/FP2).

The MS Apps can now be installed via SW Update directly on your phone.

*** Update 2 ***

Installers for the latest official MS Apps & PixiEnablers are available here on my blog:
Microsoft Apps 2.0 & PixiEnablers slim Installers

*** Update ***

MS Apps for the Nokia N8 are now officially available, PixiEnablers v2.x also comes with that new package... you can get it via your Nokia Suite Updater.


As part of the "Microsoft Apps Bundle" the new email client can be installed via  PixiEnablersNOCS_v1.0.145.

The Installer comes along with lots of unnecessary components. To avoid installing them, I created a cleaned up installer. This Package contains the new "Mail Client" update & "Mail, new Arrival" widget only:
Email Client Update v3.04 - English

In my experience the installer works best right after flashing.
If there are already existing mailboxes, the installations takes a very long time...

Installing the Email Client Update will break your msg. reader.
I recommend the update, if you do not care about text to speech.

Here is the unmodded PixiEnablers Installer:

Friday, 30 March 2012

next version upcoming...

v4.3.0 should have been the last update for a while, but as you know there is a bug with the msg. reader...

I already fixed the msg. reader bug for me, but  there are also some issues with the translations.
Thats why I tooked the files for "v4.3.0 full translation" down...

Me and Nekeule are working on the next update, which will have full translations and msg. reader fixed!

Monday, 26 March 2012


v4.3.0 is online

this version comes with ~230MB free space on C:\ (224MB free space on c:\ with maps preinstalled).
notable changes in this release are the updated email client and that we finaly have a version with maps preinstalled again;)

all packages are available for download, detailed infos in the internal changelog.

again for full translations:
wait for nekeules updated files, DO NOT use translated rofs2 from v4.2.0/v4.1.0.

mediafire link for "v4.3.0 (no maps)" is broken. reupload soon...

Edit II:
mediafilre link is fixed

v4.2.0 for full translation

Nekeule updated the translations for v4.2.0 and put them online yesterday.

I added the link in the download section.

In case you did not noticed it yet, I put a new donation button up last week.
You can now make donations for Nekeule.

He is doing a great and fast job with the full translations of my CFW.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

v4.2.0 no maps (final)

v4.2.0 is available for download!

Until now, I only uploaded the verison without maps. v4.2.0 with latest maps suite preinstalled will come within the next days...

Remember to read the information about maps suite 2.0 installation, linked in the changlog bug-list.
(Its not a cfw bug, but still important to know)

I also uploaded the package for full translation, DO NOT use rofs2 from v4.1.0!
Wait for nekeule's updated files, I will tell you when they are ready.

Enjoy my latest firmware, looking forward to hear some feedback;)

Bug: Nokia Maps Suite 2.0

The latest Maps version from Nokia Beta Labs, comes with a bug.
Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 (3.00_12wk9_b05) needs Nokia Maps 3.08 preinstalled!

If you are using my CFW without maps preinstalled (or you did a hard reset (also on ofws')) you need to install Maps v3.08 first.

If you install Maps Suite right away, you will have a strange bug, that closes every Qt-App when pulling down the topbar.

Remember, that Maps Suite is still beta... I reported this bug to Nokia, hopefully they fix it for future versions.

I will link this post to the bug list of my CFW. Even if its not really a CFW problem, its an important information

Monday, 19 March 2012

Donation Information

I made changes to the already published post, labeled by "Donations".

In earlier post, I published the first names and their donated amouts.
That was because I wanted to be open and honest about this.

But while preparing the next "thank you post" I though about this and decided that I don't want to publish the amount anymore.

I appreciate every amount, every donation is worth the same to me!

I don't take if for granted that you are willing to give me some of your hard earned money, for something I offer for free.
So out of respect, I don't want to show the exact amount someone gave me, it is not a competition.

I hope you understand and agree with me in this matter...

Thanks again to everyone who supported me and also thanks to those who are still not published yet;)

The next post about donations will contain the names of my donors from the last few weeks, I will publish it, as soon as I am done with my next CFW.

By the way, I used my previous donations to renew my Rapidshare Pro account, so my files can stay online:)

download traffic

I just figured out, that I can see some detailed stats about my hosted files on mediafire...
(last time I checked, that was only available for "Mediafire Pro" accounts)

I am currently hosting "3.7 GB" on the mediafire servers.

My currently hosted files were downloaded around ~15'000 times and caused a traffic of "870,5 GB"!

This statistic is only for "currently hosted files" on mediafire.
I usually get more downloads via Rapidshare and many people are creating mirrors and complete packages in their languages for their prefered forums... so I don't have a total number of downloads/traffic.

Also remember that internal versions are only hosted on Rapidshare (I have around 12GB files hosted on Rapidshare)...
But Rapidshare doesn't give me such detailed informations about downloads...

I get asked sometimes how many downloads my CFW has, so I though I share this information with you...
(I don't want to go into more detail about this, those are the only numbers I can get without calculating manually)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Alienware M11xR2 Issues Part I

This post has nothing to do with Symbian or the Nokia N8.
But I believe, most people who care about CFW's, also have an interest on technology in general, so this may be something you want to read after all...

Its a long and depressing story about the Alienware/Dell Support and how they treat their customers.

Saturday, 17 March 2012


my plans for the upcoming week...

next version will be a small update...
it will contain: fixed qt-bug (store and other qt-apps crash when using dropdown bar, after you install the latest beta maps), gallery widget (maybe more widgets if i find some usefull ones), some small system updates integrated

donation status
I received new donations in the last two weeks, I will publish a "thank you" note here, as soon as I am done with the next version
(so the "thanks post" can stay a little bit longer on top;))

A short story about the Alienware/Dell Support.
I had an issue with my Alienware M11xR2 Notebook and now I am really pissed off at their support!
It has nothing to do about the Nokia N8 or Symbian, but I feel like writing about their cruel policy...
Maybe someone finds it interessting, how they treat their customers.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

v4.1.0 bug report (preinstalled maps edition only)

Version "4.1.0 with preinstalled maps" had a bug, that lets qt apps crash when using the pull down bar...

I removed the download for that version.

The versions without maps and for full translation are not affected!

This issue is caused by files in rofs (z:\) and can only be fixed by reflashing your phone. I will upload a fixed version (with preinstalled maps) soon.

Sorry about that

Edit: Thanks to Saurav for reporting that bug!

Edit 2:
This bug seems to be caused by qt components from latest beta maps (it also happens if you install them on my cfw without maps!), maps 3.08 doesn't cause this problem!

I even found some bug reports about this on beta labs webpage, from users of different phones and probably original firmwares...

So I will test this behaviour on a official firmware to check if its related to my cfw or a bug that exists on all belle devices/maps suite 2.0 installations.

Thank you for your patience!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

FC Bayern München vs FC Basel 1893

... damn it!

v4.1.0 for full translations

nekeule updated the full translations!

you can find the links for the first available languages in the download section...

Thank you nekeule, I really appreciate  your help!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

v4.1.0 (final)

v4.1.0 is available for download!

This version comes with ~230MB (no maps)/~222MB (maps preinstalled) free space on c:\.

I updated the "Description", "How to flash" & "Tools" section on my blog, so everything you need should be there.

I hope you enjoy my latest CFW, I am looking forward to hear some feedback from you;)

I will send Nekeule the files for the full translations today, so translated version will come later... please be patient, I let you know when they are ready.

How to flash (updated)

This is a tutorial to flash your phone via Phoenix, a full guide to install my CFW.

The following "how to" will explain the way to flash I recommend.
If you know what you are doing, you can use different settings and flash the way you prefer.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Poll Results (Maps)

Thanks for voting everyone!

~50% of you voted for the latest Map Suite from Nokia Beta Labs. So I will create v4.1.0 with that version preinstalled!

Since the other half decided they prefer "no maps" of the latest final "3.08" I will try to make them happy too...

There will also be a english version without maps preinstalled.

(remember full tranlsations always comes without maps, so you can install maps in your language)

v4.1.0 is almost ready!
I finished my tests and everything looks fine. Battery life is also very good, according to Battery Monitor I still have ~60% after 2 days and 20 hours (mostly 2G, but wlan on)).

Now I have to update/write the description, changelogs, and the new "how to flash", repack some of the removed apps into sis-installers and of course prepare the files for nekeule...

I think I can release v4.1.0 (at least the english version) this weekend.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Poll: what Nokia Maps version do you want?

I am starting a poll on my blog, so you can vote for your prefered Nokia Maps version for my next final CFW.

The version for full translations will come without maps, so you can install them in your language.
This vote is for the english version!

Remember that I can put most parts of the maps apps into rofs (z:\), so it doesn't consume any space on c:\!

If you install/update them on your own, they will be put into c:\

Btw. the poll will end at the evening of this Thursday.

Edit 2:
sorry guys, the first few votes got deleted!
i was updating the blog, had some connection errors and the poll was gone... :(

i created a new one... to the 10 people who voted so far, please vote again:)

Monday, 5 March 2012


v4.0.6 is now available for download.

this version is still comming with the same (almost original) uda we had in v4.0.5.

so the preinstalled stuff is still there...

but core and rofs2 are now final (except for a few apps that will be moved from uda)...
so let me know if you find any bugs in this version!
according to my own test, v4.0.6 is stable, fast and bugfree...

please report about the battery life in this version!
since we had more than 4 days in standby for version 3.1.0, i would like to know how this version behaves

some good news...

About translations
Nekeule is still onboard, so he will do the full translations for my next final version!
He always did a great (and fast) job in the past, so its good that we still have him working on this project.

Making flashing easier
Since we have the final version now, I can provide all files we need for easier flashing.
I will write a new "how to flash" for version 4.x.x. You will only have to exchange/delete files in phoenix when you want different languages or keyboards.

Next internal version
I will release a new internal version today.
v4.0.6 will come with a few new mods, lots of fixes and new widgets!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

The One Camera Mod 3.0

I updated my camera mod to version 3.0.

It is basically the same mod, but it now has one new mode...

Enable Text under Homescreen Icons

*** Updated: Text under HS-Icons 2.0 ***

I updated this mod to give you the option to add and remove text. That way, the mod makes more sense for other (custom) firmwares and phones.

When you install this mod, you can choose between "add text" and "remove text". Select only one option and install the mod.

Should work on any Symbian Belle phone...

Everything else stays as it was in v1.0


I removed the text under homescreen icons, since this was default for earlier official firmwares and many people like how it looks.

If you prefer your icons with a text label, you can bring it back with an easy sis file installation.

Text under HS-Icons 2.0.sis
(also found in the tools section of my blog)

You can install this file and the text under homescreen icons will be back immediately, if you uninstall this mod the text will be removed again.

Your homescreen settings won't be touched by this, the layout will stay as you set it before.
Restart is not needed, the mod will take effect without it.

This mod will work on my future CFW's as well as on previous ones (also most of the other cfw's and official firmware (if your phone is hacked)).


I just released my first (internal) version, based on the latest final version of Nokia Belle.

You will find all informations about this version in the internal changelog...

I will create an own UDA for my next final version, since this is not ready yet, v4.0.5 comes with the almost original UDA (C:\ drive). I just removed the wallpapers and some language files to get a little bit more free space on c:\.

So many preinstalled apps are still there and there are no mods or new widgets included in the UDA yet.
Free space on c:\ is only about 165 MB.

Give it a try if you want to help me testing;)

I also updated the Downloads and Tools section of my blog...

Edit 2:
the integrated camera mod is not working properly (wrong default resolution settings)
will be fixed in next version

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Progress v4.x

A few informations about the progress of my current project "The One v4.x" CFW...

I replied to most of the emails and comments I got, so all questions should be answered.
A few pm's on daily mobile are still pending...
If you don't get a reply from me in the next 24h, feel free to ask me again (probably missed some older mails). Contact informations are on the bottom of my blog.

The next version will be based on the latest UK firmware (Belle v7) from NaviFirm.
I don't know if this v7 number means anything since it's still 111.30.609... but  the files on navifirm are labeled from belle v1 to belle v7. So I wanted to be sure to be on the latest release.

I am currently running "The One v4.0.1" on my device, but it is still really close to the original firmware (no mods, but a few preinstalled things and languages are removed).
This final version seems to be already quite fast and responsive, Nokia did a good job with that!
So it looks really promising for my future CFW release;)

I hope I can release a first inernal version this weekend, a final version (which will most likely be v4.1.0)  is still far away...

Just wanted to keep you guys up to date:)

(btw. for those of you, who are interessted in the next "worlds best camera-phone", check out Nokia's whitepaper about the new Nokia 808 PureView)

Monday, 27 February 2012

Information about v4.x

I know you guys were used to almost daily updates and news on my blog, which is why you may are dissapointet to see nothing new for two months.

I was offline since christmas, because I needed some distance to the digital world.

Since there wasn't much new stuff for Symbian until Belle was officially released two or three weeks ago, it was the right time for a break.

My phone is still running my own CFW v3.1.0 without any issues, so there is no need to rush anything.

Nevertheless I will start working on "The One v4.x" based on the offical Nokia Belle, which was released this month.

In the next few days I will start answering the pending questions I recieved via comment and email. After I am done with that, the work for v4.x will start.

Don't expect a new release in the next few days, it needs time to create a fast, fully functional and of course bug free CFW.

I hope you guys are still interesseted in my release;)