Frequently asked questions

In this list, I'll try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.
I hope this will make support easier for me and you ;)

This list will be updated from time to time, so if you have new questions take a look at this page again. Maybe the answer is already here...

General Questions

Q. I don't find what I am looking for on your blog.
A. I tried to make the navigation as intuitive as possible. Read the "Description" or use the "Search".

Q. I have problems downloading your files from
A. Create a free account for and try to use a download manager (like jDownloader).

Q. I found a bug in your CFW, what should I do now?
A. First of all, see if you can reproduce that bug one more time. Restart your device and try again.
If the bug still exists, report it to me with all the necessary information.

Q. When can I expect an update for your CFW?
A. I am just one person and this Blog is just for fun. Besides that, we never know when Nokia is going to give us new firmwares/apps to work with.
There is no time schedule for my project... just check my Blog from time to time or subscribe to my RSS Feed to get the latest news.

Q. I have to enter my email address to make a comment, can you see it?
A. No, I have no access to your private data. This is a verification system on (Google).


Q. Why did you upload all files to
A. I already had a premium account for that service. That's why I decided to use it for this project too.
I like the way files are handled and I have no intention to change that.

Q. Can you upload your files somewhere else?
A. I was offering my files on free hosters, before I choose
The file management is uncomfortable, the upload speed is very low and the interfaces are very limited.
I will not go back to those services!

Q. I have problems downloading from, how to get the files?
A. Create a free account and use a download manager for best results.

Q. Is there any way to bypass the waiting time/get faster download speeds?
A. A free account will give you slightly more speed. But for full speed you need a premium account. If you really can't wait, get a 48h account...

I am sorry for to hear is causing troubles for some of you, but please accept the fact that I made my decision. is the most comfortable way to handle this project for me.

About Flashing

Q. Can I flash a firmware from another device on my phone (e.g. 808 to N8)?
A. No, you can't! Your device will brick and won't boot up. Usually you can solve this by reflashing the correct version for your device. But better don't risk it!

Q. Is it important what firmware I have currently installed on my device?
A. Usually no. As long as you are running the same or a lower firmware version than my CFW is based on, you can flash without a problem.
If you have a newer firmware installed you have to downgrade first.

Q. How can I downgrade my device?
A. You can downgrade your N8, by flashing the Scandinavian firmware (PR1.0). For other devices, please search the Internet/daily mobile forum for a tutorial.

Q. You were talking about a clean flash (or reflash), what do you mean by that? 
A. By clean flashing, I am talking about using "refurbish" instead of "update" in Phoenix and also cleaning up E:\ and F:\.

Q. What is the difference between "update" and "refurbish" in Phoenix?
A. "Refurbish" will delete all content on your C:\ drive. If you also clean up all system files from E:\ and F:\, you will have a fresh and clean phone.
With "Update" you can keep all files, settings and applications installed on your phone. This method is only recommended for small updates of my CFW. The bigger the changes from the previous firmware are, the higher is the chance to get random bugs and performance problems.

Q. How do I clean up E:\ and F:\?
A. The easiest way is to format both drives. But since you are losing all your personal data, its probably not your preferred way.
To clean up E:\ and F:\ manually, turn off your phone and connect it via USB.
It will connect in USB Mass Memory mode and you will have full access to E:\ and F:\.
Delete all Files and Folder created by the system, also check for hidden files and folders.
Only keep files like pictures, videos, etc.
I recommend not to turn the phone on again, until the flashing is done, to prevent the phone from recreating system files.

Q. Do I have to clean up/format E:\ and F:\ before flashing?
A. No, but it is recommended. For best performance and to prevent bugs, a clean start is always best.

After Flashing

Q. Do I have to do a Hard/Soft Reset after flashing?
A. No! I cleaned up and prepared the UDA (C:\) to be as clean as possible.
There is no need to do a Hard Reset. You will only lose important components, that are may hard to reinstall.

Q. I have problems on my Phone, should I do a Hard Reset now?
A. If you actually have problems, a Hard Reset is one possible solution.
But as said above, it will wipe your C:\ drive and some components are hard to reinstall. In my opinion it's easier and faster to reflash the device. If you had problems, you should do a clean reflash!

Q. Some apps/games are not working on your CFW.
A. If applications and games are running fine on original firmware, they will also run fine on my CFW. Some apps may be not compatible to the latest Nokia firmware anymore... if you are sure, that app is running fine on OFW, but not on my CFW, notify me about it and I will take a look at it.

Q. I am missing many Applications like Store, Maps and others. How to get them back?
A. There are several ways to get them back. Some (like Store), can be reinstalled via "SW Update" directly on your phone. Others are available via Nokia Store (like Maps).
Also check the "Tools" section on my blog, I offer many removed apps as sis installers for you.

Q. The (usually preinstalled) Application is not on my phone and I can't find it with the tips of the previous Question.
A. Some apps are preinstalled depending on your regio. Here in Switzerland, we usually get the Swiss phonebook, etc.
You have to understand that I can not search and extract all apps from all available firmwares.
If the app you are missing is essential, contact me and I see what I can do...


Q. Are your Custom Firmwares hacked?
A. All CFW's I offer are hacked by "installserver.exe" (by coderus). You can install any unsigned application/modification you want.

Q. I can not see RomPatcher in your CFW.
A. RomPatcher is a powerful tool, but not everyone requires it. Usually its not included in my CFW.
Since the device is already hacked, you can install RomPatcher very easily your self.

Q. Some modifications in your CFW are not working.
A. Please always read the latest changelog for your device and see if the mod you are referring to is really integrated. I usually added a short description on mods that require special action to be enabled (like on "enable custom theme effects").