Saturday, 29 October 2011

about full translations

this site is mainly about my internal versions. i cannot provide language packs for every small update!
the versions i publish also on daily mobile will be translated, but my internal versions here will stay english only.

nevertheless, v1.8.4 has the same rofs2 as v1.8.2 so you can still use the language packs for that release...
(it will show you the wrong version number in device manager, but everything else will be fine)


  1. the one an excellent job the best cfw ... undoubtedly the best cfw that eh seen but you can make the battery life lasts only one day me and other cfw's, I was two I ask smoothly thanks.

  2. i put all language files in an rof3 and i have no problems, why you modify the rof2 all the time?

  3. there are up- and downsides of putting the langue files into the rofs3...
    i am discussing them with nekeule who is doing the translations.
    thanks for your input!