Sunday, 30 October 2011

Paypal Donation

Hi everyone!

I was told that I can recieve donations very simple by my private paypal account...
So I decided to put a "donations" button on my blog.

Of course everything I already shared and what I will share in future will always be free!!

But if you want to support me by a little donation, every amount will be appreciated.
(I will also publish the donated amount on my blog from time to time, just to say "thanks" to everyone who supported me)

1 comment:

  1. Dear N-8 users,
    The One has released one more great CFW for us to enjoy (4.1.0).
    This CFW, all the other custom applications and the online support, are the result of many work hours from him.

    Since we are all enjoying the fruit of his great job, I think that we have to consider Daniel’s request for donation.

    David (DR)

    This post is initiated by me and Daniel is not involved in any way.