Sunday, 3 June 2012

captured memories

I am (and probably many others are) waiting for the Nokia 808, which still has no official release date. But according to the latest rumours Nokia will release it this month... if that's true, I hope we get it here in Switzerland in the next two months.

So my time with the Nokia N8 is coming to an end.

At the moment, its very quiet on my blog... there is no new firmware, I don't have any new mods or products for reviews to offer.

The Nokia N8 has a great camera and I took many pictures with it over the last one and a half years.
And since it is so quiet around here, I though I share some of the pictures I took with it.

I selected a few of the hundreds of photos my N8 shot and uploaded them here:
Those pictures are completely unsorted, I took them with different firmwares and camera mods, some of them were shot through a a glass windows, in difficult light conditions or on high zoom levels.

I choose those pics, because they all turned out fine for their specific situation.

Well, I don't know if this "review" really is interesting, but I hope some of you enjoy my "sample pictures" of the Nokia N8's 12MP camera ;)

Feel free to comment on my pictures, right here on my blog...
If you have a photobucket/facebook/twitter account, you can comment the photos directly.

Also feel free to share some of your pictures, if you shot some good ones with your N8.

*** Your Uploads ***
Looks like this post becomes a real tribute to the N8's camera and the time we shared with it :)
I am looking forward to more uploads!

PeTeR's Gallery
Vaquero del Teclado's Gallery

Thanks for sharing guys, there are some great pictures in your galleries.


  1. Great idea!! I'm uploading my N8's samples photos, once they are uploaded I will share my photobucket album here ^^


    1. P.S.: Your pictures are great!!

    2. Here it is ^^

      Hope you like it

  2. Replies
    1. Vaquero del Teclado4 June 2012 at 07:00

      Wow!Your Comment have the date " 4 June "
      And in my PC is June 3, What part of the world are you?

    2. @Sai_hoWl3R
      i guess you refer to my pictures or the idea of sharing them?
      either way, thanks ;)

      why don't you share some of yours too?

      @Vaquero del Teclado
      that's probably an issue with my blog...
      some time ago, i posted that i was updating some things on my blog.
      one of those things was the timezone issue. somehow the time and date were wrong most of the time for my own posts/comments.
      now i fixed the timezones and it should always show MY local time (switzerland).
      (look at your own comment ;))

  3. Here are my Nokia N8 Photos. I hope you like this part of the world. " The Border "

    All photos were taken with my Nokia N8.
    Most if not all were taken without flash, I do not like because it burns the photos. Comments?

    A few days ago my girlfriend gave me for my birthday a Nokia N9.
    The first thing I miss from my N8, is the camera and full control of my phone without limits. I keep using it, because is hard to put it away. but when my girl is around i turn on the N9. : (

  4. oh no ! N8 phasing down.. :( Anyway.. it is nice to upgrade..
    BTW I have a suggestion for a mod.. Many years using Nokia and never had a feature of knowing if the phone is in Silent mode directly from the Screensaver.
    You can see if there is an alarm or if you have messages or voicemail waiting, but now if the phone is silent.
    Is it very difficult to mod ? At least now I can use "Nokia situations" (great product) which automatically changes the profiles depending of several conditions.

    Thanks for your amazing work buddy !

    1. hi alex,
      have you tried nokia sleeping screen?
      i think it does exactly what you are looking for...

    2. Hey ! Yes.. I tried it.. It was a nice app, but you know.. when you keep flashing your phonw you end up with the most used application. An anyway.. I kind of prefered the quiet black screen and clock :)

    3. well, you can customize the screensaver or choose a basic one in sleeping screen...
      i think it would be easier to develop a new screensaver than changing the old/original one.
      (sorry, but thats nothing i am interested in (especially not, because its already there via sleeping screen)

    4. Understand.. Fair enough.. I think in the same way. Why doing things that are already done.. I probably will give Sleeping Screen a new opportunity :)

      cheers !

  5. Will you make a CFW with the upcuming (and possible final) Update for the N8 (FP1 light if you will:)?

    1. depends on the release date.
      i already promised someone my n8, if i get the nokia 808... so if my n8 is already gone when the update arrives, i can not create a cfw for it.

  6. Hi, you can already now pre-order the 808 on

    amazon says availabe at 8. Juni 2012. I have ordered my 808 yesterday, but the pre-order email says shipping date unknown.

    1. thanks for the info!
      i need to buy it at a swiss shop, because i want a reduced price by my provider (i am going to renew my contract)...
      so i'll wait until its on stock on my favorite supplier, they offer it much cheaper (599.- CHF, which is ~500.- Euro).

      i hope you really get it at 8.06.12 ;)

  7. in germany available now!!

    in stock, white one
    Euro 509,– (U$ 640,–), VAT included, free delivery

    1. thanks for the info...
      looks like they finally dropped the price on amazon!

      i still have to wait for a swiss supplier to get it, otherwise i cant get it with a contract renewal :(

  8. hi the one a small question can u make for me pls a camera mod that my nokia 808 have 100% not 85% :S i want the full power :P
    i have my new phone yesterday arraved sorry for my bad english

    1. i doubt, that the 808 will need a camera mod :)
      if you contact me via email, i can try to help you with that anyway...

      since i don't have an 808 yet, i didn't check if/how its possible to mod the 808 camera settigns.
      you probably need to send me some files