Saturday, 23 June 2012


Because of many requests, I decided to release an update for my CFW.

There are only a few changes to bring the CFW up-to-date. Read the changelog (internal) for details and decide for yourself if its worth reflashing ;)

Downloads are available via Mediafire, Rapidshare is still uploading (I will add the links later).

Due to the fact, that I didn't implement anything new that needs translation, you can use nekeules files for v4.7.0 also for v4.8.0... the full translations are fully compatible!

Since nobody was able to find any bugs in my CFW since v4.4.0, I doubt that there is one in v4.8.x... but if you find one (or more) let me know about it!

Feedback is always welcome ;)

Edit: Rapidshare links are online now

Edit II:
full translations - by nekeule (N8 v4.x)


  1. I try to use your CFW but failed and now my phone is not turned on..I have used the "FLASH DEAD" method but still failed..before this I was using Xeon^4 3.2.2 CFW...i got the message "The flashing failed. Do you want to Retry the flashing?

    HRESULT 0x8401f141 (-2080247487)

    Flash: Boot rom was not detected after phone boots up. Unable to start flashing"

    1. i think the latest xeon is based on taylors leaked fw. My one is based on the latest original... That means you have to downgrade first. Use the scandinavian ofw (pr1.0) to downgrade

  2. Mich freuts total das du weitermachst, mit deiner CFW wird sogar noch ordentlich was aus dem handy rausgeholt. Vielen Dank.
    Ich denke da spreche ich für alle The One Nutzer.

  3. Hi,

    I'd have two questions...
    1. I flashed 4.7.1, and it works fine, but only one thing. It's when you connect the phone via usb cable to the pc, and select use phone as modem... I would use this feature time to time, but it's not working! Could you please take a look?
    2. As i said above, i flashed 4.7.1. Unfortunately, i couldn't flash additional language for the keyboard! Phoenix crashed at every attempt at around 80%. If i just flash the 4.7.1, it's ok all the way...

    Would be great if you could solve these small issues somehow!


    1. hi attila,
      1. can you try to use nokia suite to connect to the internet... that way its working for me, without a problem.
      2. what language are you using, i use german keyboard myself and its working. how are you trying to add the file to phoenix?

  4. Love it, 4.7.1 is stable with no bugs that I came across and I tested every function of the phone.

    So to find out you have 4.8.1 last night I blew everything away and started fresh again, so far (as we've come to expect) there are no bugs yet that I've found will finish off my testing today.

    Great work mate A+++, without you we'd be stuck on a unoptimized possibly branded slow firmware.

    Cheers Cobrin...

    1. great to hear mate,
      let me know if you find any bugs ;)

      looking forward to more feedback from you.

  5. heloo im having problem with dtmf tone .when i try to talk with customer care and i enter into dial pad nothing happend ...could u please help me

    1. i am sorry, i've never experienced any problem like this...
      it is working for me without a problem.

      maybe it was a one time issue, restart your device and try again.
      sorry, i have no better advice for you

  6. moin,
    i have a problem with the email notification.
    befor a had the small mail icon for each of my three mailadresses with a little notification when there was a new mail.
    now i can only have a one mail icon with a link the mail program
    and no notification at all.
    the big widget is to big for me.
    any ideas?

  7. hi,
    have to say sorry, i forgot to install the mail update from the tools section.

  8. Hi,
    First, thanks for the update ;)
    And then the "question"... Will you release an update of your CFW based on 111.040.0904 version?
    I ask this 'cause I've flashed my N8 with an CFW based on that version and now I can't flash with an older version :(


    1. hi Peter,
      it depends on the release date... i already promised someone my n8, in case i get the 808.

      if i don't have the n8 anymore, when the update is finally released, i cannot create a cfw for it.
      (well, i could but it would suck, because i couldn't test it...)

      you can always go back (if you want to), by flashing the scandinavian original firmware (v11.5).
      its as easy as flashing a newer release and the best way to downgrade any firmware.
      details can be found here:

    2. Thanks! I could get back to your cfw ^^
      Thanks for all and hope you could release one last version ;)


  9. hi,
    i know that i should use 4.8.0 for full translation, but if i use 4.8.1 is there also a translation possible so that only the new player will be untranslated?

    By the way: Your CFW is the best for the N8.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. yes, that should be possible. i haven't tried it myself, but it should work like this:

      download this package:

      you need to create "fake" translation files for your language.
      rename the files inside the package to your language code (*.r01=english, *.r03=german,...).

      here is the full code table:

      now add your language files to the rofs3 by nekeule (using nokiacooker) and flash your phone.

      this could affect some parts of gallery and video player too...

  10. Hello The One. After installation of Microsoft Apps, the icons in power button menu are gone. Is there anything I can do about that? Thanks a lot!

    1. hi Petr,
      the pixienabler that comes with ms apps, installs "nokia fonts".
      those new fonts do not support the symbols i added to the power button menu.

      i am not using ms apps, so i don't know if you can uninstall nokia fonts or overwrite it with the usual trick (see changelog about chaning fonts).

      but there is a simple way to remove the broken icons.

      a mod in my cfw allows you to rename all profiles.
      to remove the icons for them, go to "settings -> profiles" and change their names (remove the icon).

      for startup and restart, its a little bit more complicated.
      install tweaks and sysap plugin from the tools section on my blog to change/disable the icons.

    2. btw. you need to install tweaks first, then use a 3rd party file browser to open the plugin. it will automatically install...
      you can't install the plugin with the built in filebrowser!

    3. I would like to try to restore the default cf w's default font - whats its name, and is it possible for you to make it available at your tools section?

      Best regards

    4. i used the default belle font in my cfw, but modified to support symbols.

      i uploaded them to the tools section (misc.)

      but i don't know if its still possible to overwrite the fonts from c: after ms apps installation...

    5. It doesn't work so far - its not possible to overwrite the fonts (for me).

    6. hmm... sad to hear that
      if i have some time, i will see what i can do about removing nokia fonts from the pixienabler installer and provide clean files for ms apps installation.

      but that wont change the fact, that you cant get rid of the fonts now...

      use the tips i gave you to remove the icons and live without them, or reflash to have the fonts of my cfw back.
      sorry, i dont have any better advice for you

    7. I'm fine - if u can solve this i`ll reflash.
      I'm at 4.7 now. Does the updated sound improvement mod v3.3 (4.8 & 4.8.1) decrease the lowest volume back to the original volume? The lowest output level is kind of loud, if i want to listen really quietly. (I was thinking about downgrading to v4.4)

      Thx for all your work!

    8. no it doesn't decrease the volume...
      but good thin you remind me about this!
      it was requested lots of times, so i wanted to put up a tutorial about how to decrease it.
      (i already wrote half of it, its still saved in my drafts :))

      so no need to downgrade to v4.4.0

      about the pixienabler, can you (or somebody else) provide me the latest pixienabler installer?

      i am not getting the latest version via nokia suite here and the downloads in forum were not working for me.

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  12. Hi the one.. great firmware.:) Congratulations & +1.. I however want to disable alarm snooze mod. I want the default settings. can you pls guide me as to how to enable the default settings? thanks..

    1. download "Tweaks & Plugins Sysap/Alarm-Mod" from the tools section.

      install tweaks and use a 3rd party filebrowser (like "filebrowser 1.0.1" also available in tools) to open the plugin.

      the plugin for the alarm mod is now installed and settings can be changed via tweaks.