Wednesday, 6 February 2013

back online

Hi there!

I am back home since last Friday, good to see freaxs_r_us kept things running here ;)

So far I didn't had time to answer any comments/emails... one reason for this is the massive amount of spam we were getting the past few weeks.

I am sorry to inform you, that I had to re-enable the verification for comments.
Before commenting you will have to enter a captcha code to prove you are human.

Comments and emails you sent me, will be answered 'till the end of the week.
If you don't get your reply by then, feel free to ask me again.


  1. Welcome friend, you plan a CFW 1508?

    1. well, i do... but its far away from a release. i havent even started yet.

      basically a 1508 is not neccessary, because that minor version update means nothing has changed.
      (maybe it was a regio related bug or a translation issue that got fixed, who knows?)

      but since we haven't found any bugs in our 1507, there is no need to rush things.

  2. Welcome back :-)

    Dear David,
    you don´t lose time, do you? Give him a few days to settle in...

  3. it's about time you got back... I didn't do as much as I planned to do, but i still have 3 or 4 posts planned, a couple of.fixes to release (maybe you saw the chinese deal) .... And a bunch of ideas for a new release (don't freak out everybody, it's not even planned yet) ...btw.... Did you freeze off "the little one"?

    1. there were moments where i though about peeing my pants, just to get 30 seconds of a warm feeling :p

      three weeks standing in front of a bunker (at night -12°C).

      usually i am outside on the field...
      this year not many people showed up and that was the reason why i was put on guard duty.

      it really sucked!! glad it is over now (at least 'till next january)

  4. Anonymous: I do not put my rush anyone, I simply asked if you plan to make a 1508 version, the Hara THEONE if deemed appropriate and if it does, it will be when he wants

  5. back online ? I haven't seen or speaken to you once yet ;) are you in your secret laboratory ?? ...shutdown from the outside world ?

  6. Don't actually need anything. The work that both of you have done is monumental and good enough to keep me happy with my 808.
    This is just to say hello to both you guys. Haven't seen your posts for a while. Trust you are happy, healthy and in good spirits.

  7. welcome back
    im h_bakheet i tried to contact you through twitter but i have no idea what have i done there :S
    so i have an idea about a program so i was wondering if you can help me with that

  8. N8 photo editor working on 808:

    Just thought I would bring it to your attention as if anyone can get it to work properly it'll be you guys.