Friday, 8 February 2013

Chinese Keyboard wasn't working / All in One writing file running system

After talking to huellif, that needed the chinese keyboard input and word prediction, I saw some files wern't working

1. Check here for my chinese keyboard fix on a non-chinese firmware
2. so I went ahead and checked all of my writing files... by putting them ALL in one running system

so I flashed my chinese writing files and saw it wasn't working. So I flashed my full translation files and the chinese sets of my theOne 808 translation - Wasn't working

After two days of hard work (10 hours of constant flashing) I finally figured out the problem

 I feel kinda sorry that nobody ever announced this problem. If somebody would have reported this earlier, then I would have fixed it earlier.
I guess there are not a lot of chinese users around

The chinese users downloading TheOne 808 where around 17 users at the beginning. Last Version was 8 users. I hope the others come back after they read this.

p.s. just for your information, I tested all the rest of my writing files in one package... not because I want to make it to release, just to test if it was possible

it took me about 80mb to do this, so all my rofsX files from theOne 808 were full
Look at the following pics.... they are all on ONE running System...Here check for yourself:

cool huh?


  1. Friend, do not be discouraged, we all appreciate your hard work! much encouragement to you and your partner THEONE

  2. we would like to see aio writing language in nokia n8 too freax bro :)
    thank you

  3. Hello People

    I really appreciate the work that y'all guys have been doing with The One. I've been using it for more that one month and so far so good. I am interested in add to my phone Korean Language keyboard. Unfortunately i saw that in the bunch of Language that you have traduced, No korean yet. I would be very happy if you guys can add korean. Thanks for your amazing work,


  4. sorry, i missed your post in dm :) i got aio writing language for nokia n8
    thank you freax_r_us

  5. Hello!Thank you for your great work!

    Most Chinese install the third-party input method software so that we can text Chinese more quickly.

    That maybe the real reason why nobody reported the problem earlier.


  6. I want both input methods as I write in both trad. and simplified Chinese. but I do not know how to flash them, can you teach me? thanks a lot.

  7. I flashed V6.2 cfw and 6.1 Chinese package. The keyboard does not work.