Sunday, 7 April 2013

I am alive!

My apologies to all of you who got worried about me disappearing from the online-world for so long!

Especially to my friend and project partner freaxs_r_us!!
(I'll do my best to contact you personally asap ;))

For those of you who followed me from the beginning, this unannounced break of mine was probably unexpected.

I don't have a real excuse or a specific reason for my absence from our blog... so all I can offer is an apology to those who were worried, disappointed or were let down by my lack of support!

What happend?

You probably know how it is when you postpone something... It never gets done.
That's exactly what happened to this blog.

I received many emails and comments and in the attempt to answer all of them properly, I got stuck when real life kept me busy.

There were lots of things in the past few months I had to deal with (positive and negative)... which is why the work on Symbian got postponed (the longer I waited with my replies the more request came in).

I guess the polite thing to do would have been to give you guys a short heads up. A simple "I am busy." once in a while could probably have prevented a Swiss wide search for me :)

Still with Symbian?

The Nokia 808 is still my primary phone!
On the other hand, I got the chance to give Windows Phone 8 a try.

Thanks to a expiring subscription I got a Nokia Lumia 820 for only 40.- CHF.
(I just got the 820 up and running yesterday, so not much to judge for now.)

If anyone is interested, I can put together a short review/first impression about the Lumia 820 (from a Symbian users perspective).

Whats next?

Reading my way through the ~120 unread emails and ~40 comments some Twitter messages and PM's on Daily Mobile.
It will take some time to reply to all of them, but I'll be working on it this week ;)


  1. Happy to hear thatvyou are well.
    David [DR]

  2. Welcome friend, the truth is that we were worried about you, greetings from Spain

  3. Welcome back! Timeout is no problem at all, just worried about you, nice to hear that you are well!

  4. Great to see you are fine!!

    Taking off time is absolutly ok ... next time please let us know before. :-)

    Again ... glade to know you are ok.

  5. Thanks God, we were really worried.

  6. You got me worried mate. Glad you are back

  7. good to hear!
    The time is yours, so is your personal life.

  8. welcome back, good that everything is okay with you.. :)

  9. Well, Hi again.
    And would be very interesting to have a fresher point of view for the Lumias.

    1. glad at least somebody shows some interest :)

      i see its kind of controversial to write about wp8 here, many symbian fans are blaming wp for its death... and besides that, it seems to be popular to bash windows phone/microsoft.

      i read many bad reviews about wp, in most of them it was clear that the person who wrote it never really used it or took the effort to learn more about it.

      giving it a fair chance, i am positivly surprised so far!
      (still needs to catch up to the competition in some areas, but overall very promising)

  10. welcome back!!!

  11. thanks for the warm welcome!
    glad you guys show so much interest in my project/blog and my well being ;)