Thursday, 4 April 2013



There are 9 people with The One's real name in switzerland

I called 4 of them... but none were the right ones
I am really worried.

How can a phone freak stop from one day to the other?
last action online was on DailyMobile on the 23 of Febuary

no skype, no msn, no email, no blog, no forum... NO NOTHING from one day to the other

PLEASE give me a sign of life !

At first I thought you were taking a break, but now I'm not sure anymore


  1. I was thinking that I havent seen him online for ages, Their has been no activity on twitter either.

    Hope hes ok.
    All the best.

  2. I was thinking he stopped his mobile activities. For whatever reason. But telling no one he is off for a while is not what we are used to from TheOne.

    I hope the very best ... TheOne, give us a message, pls.

  3. I am following Daniel's work since the first CFW for Nokia N-8 and enjoy his work (and yours also - Eric).
    It is strange that he is no longer on-line.

    Hope he is well.

    David (DR)

  4. the strangest thing is that he is NO-WHERE.
    No twitter, no email, no Forum, no nothing

  5. send me his real name and i can check if he is still alive (most probably), as i think i know where he lives in siwtzerland. i'll not call him but check it somehow else ;-)

    lota by

  6. perhaps he switched brand.. He's working on "the one jelly bean" or "the one ios6"..

  7. Intelligence rumour has he is now in NK controlling a bot net of The One enabled smartphones... :)
    Joking aside, I miss updates on this site.
    Would it have anything to do with Nokia's announcement of making FW downloads no longer public?

  8. Yet something seems alive and is watching this site as my (anonymous) comment just got (auto?) removed?

    1. well, that wasn't me... stupid blogger spam filter blocked your comment.

      it is now visible again ;)

  9. i agree, it is weird. Am following his postings for a few years now and he always told the community when he left for a couple of weeks.

  10. Hi Eric, I've been looking for the One too... i hope he is okay.... we are missing his great CFW creations... hope you can find where is he...

  11. thank you for your concerns guys.

    didn't think i would be missed that much. most online communities are short lived and if you are offline for a while you are forgotten...

    nice to see we have a caring group here! ;)

    as i mentioned in the latest post on my blog, i am sorry for dissapearing for so long... wasn't my intention to get you guys worried!