Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Unboxing the Lumia 925 and my first impression

I recently had the chance to renew my contract and that got me a Lumia 925 for free :)

So here are a few pictures from me unboxing the Lumia 925 and also a few next to the Nokia 808 for size comparison.
Also included in this post is my first impression about this device.

Something up ahead, the Lumia 925 is the most gorgeous Nokia device in a long time!

My first imperssion

I wasn't sure what to think about the Lumia 925, since its basically just another Lumia 9xx.
Owning a Lumia 920 already, it wasn't easy to decide whether to get one or not...

Technically the 925 has some advantages over the 920, but just as many disadvantages.

To summon it up, the Lumia 925 has a slightly better camera and the AMOLED screen looks a lot better (but also consumes a little bit more energy). Qi wireless charging is not built-in anymore and the main speaker performs worse than the more powerful unit in the 920.

My major complain about the 925 is the limited disk space. Only 16GB sealed memory is not much for a 2013 high-end device.

The price difference and choice in colours is another reason to go for the Lumia 920 instead...

But the new design, slim and compact form factor and very balanced weight (not too heavy, not to lighty) makes a great impression!
Everyone who saw my 925 so far was really impressed (while nobody turns their head around to see a 920).

Personally I really like it, but the 16GB sealed memory is a deal breaker for me.
I knew this upfront and that's why I will put it back into it's package and keep it somewhere save 'till Christmas... I am sure my brother will love it!


So here is what you came to see, a few pictures of the device itself ;)

Size comparison with the Nokia 808

Any questions?

I own and used the Lumia 920 for the past six months (or so), alongside my Nokia 808.
So if you have any questions related to Windows Phone 8, the Lumia 920/925 or how they compare to Symbian, drop a comment in the section below ;)


  1. hy, i have a nokia n8 and i want to change it with a new phone more capable. The nokia phones don't atract me anymore. I think to change to android, sg4s. I am a nokia fan but i can't use any more nokia device. I wanted to ask you what make you to still use nokia devices?

  2. Excelent question!, I want to know too... but i know is because of the same reason im still using NOKIA.... the 808 Pureview with Symbian!!!!

  3. nice review Daniel. Looking forward to camera shots comparison :)

  4. what do you think of this?

    Im definitely going for the Lumia 1020

  5. Yeah coz 920 with Amber got better shots than 925 now...

  6. Honestly I wouldn't say "better"... its different, but on pretty much the same quality-level.
    However, the 920 looks more natural now (and personally I prefer it that way).

    But at least with GDR3, that should be fixed and the 925 should be slightly better once again :)

    Anyway, the difference even before Amber wasn't that huge to qualify it as a worthy upgrade. I wouldn't buy a new phone for such a small difference...

  7. I think its earlier than expected, but I never believed Symbian would live 'till 2016 anyway.

    It made perfect sense to stop sales of Symbian devices now, because that way Nokia can end hardware support in time for 2016 (two year warranty).

    But I don't see why they have to shut down the store... they should at least allow updates for existing apps!

    Good luck with the Lumia 1020 ;)
    I ordered one too, really looking forward to it.

  8. yeah looking forward to GDR3 the 925 should take better photos than the 920, at least.

  9. I'm not planning to hold on to my 808 "forever". But the 808 was not cheap, so I would rather hold on to it for more than a single year. I find it totally unacceptable that Nokia kills such an important part of the 808 only a year after they stopped promoting this phone. Functionality like Facebook, Dropbox, Skydrive etc. are essential for a phone of at least 350 euros. By killing the store, they essentially killed such functionality. (APIs change quite frequently)

    The number of new programs in the store is not that high, but some parties still release new content (like qooapps and 10tons.)

  10. I think Nokia will send me one as a gift ;)

  11. You will get a 1020 for free?
    Lucky you! I had to buy mine (btw. my 1020 came last tuesday) :p

  12. thats exactly what I am thinking.
    Symbian phones were still sold this year, if you bought one of the last this summer, you only get 6 months of "store support"... that is just unfair!

    Symbian developers already have a hard time to sell their paid apps, doing it successfully via a website and (unsigned) sis-installers is impossible... the average user will never find them and only see outdated versions in the dead store.

    @RV Cuarto
    The Nokia Store is still online for the Asha phones... I can't believe that publishing a few Symbian/Meego apps really costs that much.
    Not accepting new apps is one thing, but not allowing existing apps to be update is really questionable.