Tuesday, 22 May 2012

more small news...

I updated the conclusion in my last review:
Review: High Capacity Gold Battery

Some things needed to be corrected and that's done now.
There will be another update of that review, I am trying to contact ecell to get more details about the gold battery.

Btw. I uploaded the latest Nokia Store v3.28.025 (Beta Labs) in my tools section...
The new store offers login via facebook account (seriously, was that necessary!?!?) and claims to fix some bugs of previous versions.
You can find more details here http://betalabs.nokia.com/apps/store-qml-client


  1. New Firmware Version in Navifirm for Nokia N8, Available.

    1. hi,
      thanks for the information.
      the new version is a branded variant for a spanish provider (?) v111.030.0610

      it seems to be almost the same as v111.030.0609... same qt, browser, music player, etc.

      a bigger update by nokia for the n8 is announced, i am going to wait for that. this "new" version isn't worth the work for a new cfw.