Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tools Section Updated

I updated the apps in the tools section of my blog.
Latest versions of Weather Widget and Public Transport are available for download.

More important, I updated the N8 User Agent Mod to v3.2/6.0.

The description of the mod is updated too...
N8 User Agent


  1. Sweet !

    About the Sysap plugin, More info? what is for?

    1. Tweaks is a tuning tool for symbian, you can learn more about it here:

      most plugins are very technical, thats probably the reason why its not so popular as it should be... because this tool is really powerfull!

      the sysap plugin can change the behavior of "sysap.exe" (modded by coderus), you can enable/disable some systemnotifications and options for startup/shutdown, etc.

  2. About the Public Transport Update: I can't install it, the installer always quits with the message "Can't finish installing just now. Please try again later"
    I'm using your CFW version 4.7.1 and try installing to E:
    Any ideas?

    While I'm at it, are there news regarding the new browser for belle?
    Keep up the good Work, best Firmware I ever tried (though I don't especially dig the avkon mod)

    1. i get the same error, trying to install it...
      maybe its because the old version of public transport is integrated to z:\.

      in earlier maps versions, it was no problem to update it from z:\. maybe it works, when we get the new public transport integrated to a "full" new maps installer...

      if you cannot wait for a real maps suite update, you can reflash with my cfw variant without preinstalled maps and install everything yourself to c:\, that way it will work for sure