Tuesday, 8 May 2012

short heads-up

i continued to work on the design of my blog... somethings are under the hood, but i think you can see small changes when scrolling through blog entries and pages (especially "download" and "tools").

also after using the gold battery for a week, i think i got a good impression about that battery.
i started to write the review, it will be online in the next few days, maybe even tomorrow (depending on how much time i have to write).

let me know if you have some futher suggestions/wishes about the blog design and arrangement...


  1. Thanks for all your work and for thinking in us ^^
    We are waiting that review of the gold battery...


  2. Hello I wonder if you can explain how I can write in Spanish to another cfw whit nokia cooker

    1. @jess
      use the files from my spanish rofs3, it contains all the files you need for the input language.
      you can extract the files and put them into your cfw, or replace your rofs3 with my one before flashing.

      sorry, the gold battery review will take some more time...
      the weather was too beautiful to stay inside and write reviews ;)
      i guess i will have some time to finish it this sunday.