Wednesday, 4 July 2012

a few fixes for my blog

I updated some of the apps and mods in the tools section.
Some old link were not working anymore, they are now fixed!

I added a new category "How to", nothing new in there, just re-organized some posts...
(at least one more post is coming soon to that section)

There are also some html changes on my blog, some things were improved (not that there really was a problem :p).

You may also noted the new "star rating" option under all my posts... I was just messing around with that, I may remove it again later :)


  1. Hi

    I will be getting N8 in a few days so been reading everything on this blog, thank you for detailed work and nicely put together blog..
    One small problem i can not seem to download Phoenix from your link provided.


    1. thanks for the feedback about my blog, glad you like it ;)

      i checked the files, they are both online.
      maybe it was a temporary problem at rapidshare.

      anyway, you will now find a link to download all phoenix versions from a external page.
      you can try to download it from there...
      (use the cracked versions or you will be asked for a nokia dongle)

  2. Thanks for your promt reply..