Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Join Nokia's photography team in New Zealand

Nokia and Burton started a low light photography competition.
Being a passionate mobile photographer, I entered of course :)

The 50 finalists get a chance to try a Lumia 925, while the winner gets an all expenses paid trip to New Zealand!

If you consider entering that contest too, you can find the details here:
Rock the world with Lumia 925 low light photography for Nokia and Burton

I entered that competition with an older photo I took last autumn.

Herbstmesse Basel
I already shared it here a while ago, it was taken at the autumn festival (Herbstmesse) in Basel, using my Nokia 808 PureView.

You can help me to win (or at least don't make a complete fool out of myself by dropping out without any votes), by supporting my picture with a simple click on a single button!

Follow the link here, to visit the page of my photo.

Vote for my photo by pressing "Support Daniel"
You'll need a Facebook account to vote, but I assume that most of you have one :)
Voting officially starts by July 11, 2013. You can click the button now and you will get a simple email (or Facebook?) reminder, as soon as voting is available.

I would really appreciate your support!
So if you can spare the few seconds it takes to vote for me, please do it. And if you have a couple more seconds, hit the sharing buttons (Twitter/Facebook) and let your friends vote too ;)

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