Saturday, 8 June 2013

The One Reloaded v4.x in progress

The last update of my Nokia 808 PureView custom firmware, version 3.4.0, is dated 18.12.2012.

The longest period without a CFW update since I got my 808, is coming to an end ;)

I started working on v4.x.
v4.x will be based on the latest Belle FP2 version 113.010.1508.

The first step for now is, to bring .1508 to the point where my .1507 already is.
After I have a stable and fully working base, I will add some new widgets and the OTA updates.
I haven't checked for new mods/updated mods yet, but I will take a look at "whats new" in the modding scene for sure!

Suggestions and wishes for the upcoming version are welcome!
Just drop a comment below ;)


  1. wow, awesome news .. will be waiting eagerly :)

    1. great to hear that, thanks for your comment!

  2. Really good news!
    Since we face a lot of updates I agree it would be much easier to reflash the device.
    Please keep it simple as you did before, v3.4 is still a very good and reliable CFW.

    My suggestions:
    Disable no connections PopUp (Belle FP2) - works reliable (got the files for german and english from dmf)
    Aknspasrv by iChris701 - looks interesting, it stops aknspasrv in a defined way after boot for more battery life, but I don't know exactly what it really does, maybe it has unwanted side effects, please take a look on it.
    Perhaps you can disable queries when disabling offline (there was a patch on dmf that didn't work for me).

    Nokia Updates (list in german):
    E-Mail- u. Kalender-Update
    Fix für Kompatibilität
    Fix für Mitteilungen
    Galerie- und Kamera-Aktual.
    Nokia Fernseher
    Nokia Musik
    YouTube-Aktual. für Galerie
    Bus&Bahn 2.5 (from Nokia Store)
    VPN Update (from Nokia Store)

    and please integrate Nokia Store v.3.30.018

    And hopefully freaxs_r_us can do some translations again (beside his work on delight, would be really great!
    Until end of July I can also offer some beta-testing.

    Thanks in advance
    und liebe Grüße, Franz

    1. Hi Franz,

      thanks for the suggestions.
      the nokia updates will be part of my firmware for sure!
      (at least some of them)

      the "no connection popup" mod is a good request, i'll give it a try.

      there was once a vote here on my blog and most users decided its better to remove the store...
      but that was because the store was almost weekly updated, and therefore the integrated version was outdated very soon... that situation has changed now. i'll think about it.

  3. You are the man and I personally really appreciate the work you do, feel free to have me beta test anything for you. I wanted to mention an issue that i have with your latest firmware and my 808, my problem could be related to a software conflict or my hardware itself but for some reason the backlight sometimes stays on indefinitely and requires a restart, has anyone else experienced this? I think it is a software conflict personally and was going to reflash my today until I saw your post.

    I wanted to point out my discovery with an issue that I know many people with 808s complain about, that is the random restarts for no apparently good reason. Well I think I figured out a fix and it was actually pretty simple. I know some folks have attempted to disable 3G and this has resolved the issue for them but I cant live without 3G so that does not work.

    Here is the fix: Go to Settings>Connectivity>Network and change "operator selection" to manual and choose your carrier. Other settings on that page for me are Network Mode = Dual mode and Cell info display = On. This has resolved the random restarts. Ultimately, i feel this issue is an 808 software flaw because now with those setting the phone no longer randomly restarts and instead it will sometimes say "no operator found. So it seems like a flaw where it forgets the network and cant connect. So there still seems to be an underlying issue that the phone forgets the network and has no connectivity, switching to offline and back usually fixes it. Its possible the phone could not restart the process and a restart was the way to reinitialize the hardware? Not sure, you’re the expert!

    1. About the 3G bug
      I tried all possible combinations of operator/connectivity settings to fix that issue. I even disassembled my 808 to clean the SIM/microSD card reader (and to make sure its properly connected)... without success.
      Like you, I don't see fully disableing 3G/HSPA as a solution.

      The latest OTA update for the 3G fix may help a little bit, but ultimately it is a hardware problem and needs to be fixed by a Nokia Care Center. I sent mine in for repair and never had a single crash again...

      About the backlight
      i am not sure what's causing this issue for you.
      one possibility is, that the screensaver service is not running. maybe the screensaver is not starting up or it is crashing after startup because of broken screensaver settings.
      what screensaver do you use and if your phone is locked, do you see the little "key" in the topbar?

    2. About the backlight:
      I also had this issue one or two times with v3.4., the key in topbar was visible, the phone was locked, but the backlight stayed on. After changing the screensaver in settings and restart it worked again, so I forgot this. Normally I use Anna Digital Clock (screensaver from store). Perhaps this could have happen on OFW, too, I don't know.

    3. After playing around because of the new CFW I got the backlight issue again. I think the issue was caused by the 3rd party screensaver.
      Now I use the inbuilt Big Clock (no other screensavers installed) and all seems to be fine.

    4. thanks for your feedback!
      some screensaver do cause issues, but usually if the phone is not busy at the moment you lock it, it should work fine...

      though if it works with the default big clock, it must be a 3rd party problem.

      i hope v4 is working fine for you so far :)

    5. Last weekend I had to organize my data on pc for easier migration to an upcoming final v4.x (but I had to do it anyway), so there was no time left for flashing v4. This week I am very busy, but hope there will still be some time for testing, sorry about that, but feedback will come.

    6. oh, ok... i misunderstood that
      i am looking forward to your feedback, take all the time you need ;)

  4. Super, ich bin gespannt!
    Ich benutze auch die SIP-Funktionalität des Nokia 808 - vielleicht möchtest du die Software auch mit einfügen?
    Ansonsten war ich schon mit der bisherigen Version sehr glücklich - vor allem mit dem Release-Datum "18.12.2012" An dem Tag habe ich mir das 808 zum 40. Geburtstag geschenkt ;-)
    Viel Erfolg beim Basteln - und VIELEN DANK!

    1. zufälle gibts :)
      guter request, "SIP VoIP 3.1" wird integriert.

  5. Great news, i'm a 808 owner since last week and i miss "the_one" experience i used to have with my N8. Thx for your hard work.

    1. yeah, i remeber your name from the (n8) comments :)
      glad to hear you are still on symbian, the 808 is a fantastic device, enjoy it!

  6. use evolve + theme = for default theme
    change the keyboard style = & make it color black
    remove the one loading big dots on boot up
    fix the nokia maps this is the big error
    make it new and advance 808 2013-2015

    1. thanks for your suggestions.

      theme = no, everyone can decide for themself
      black keyboard = will be included

      the big dots spell "The One", it was made by a friend especially for my CFW.
      it will stay, but you can replace the "splashscreen.mif" in rofs2\resources\apps\ or via joshlog patch on C:\ if you don't like it.

      whats the issue with maps, they work fine for me?

  7. with video pro
    with nokia photo and video editor

    this 3 apps is very very important
    because this phone is the best for imaging.

    1. i agree, but i won't include them.

      video pro is kinda buggy in my expierence, i don't like it.
      anyway, you can simply install it yourself... the installer is available for download via my tools section.

      i guess you are talking about the n8 photo and video editors?
      will will make them visible, so you can use them in FP2 (if you install them).

      thanks for your suggestions.

  8. Please add in UKW Transmitter-Mode send music title to RADIO RDS Screen instead of "Nokia 808"

    The GPS on Time for pictures is sometimes to short to get a satfix. Nokia N86 turns GPS on/Off several times again until satfix.

    1. i wish i could do that to the fm transmitter...
      sadly i can only change the rds to different static values (e.g. "Nokia 808", "Pureview", "Nokia"), nothing dynamic, like song-titles.

      i usually have pretty good gps connections here... didn't notice any issues so far. i will try to take a look at it.

  9. Hi theOne,

    Good to hear your making a 4.0 :)

    The list by "fhvr40" contains most of the things I would like to see in the new CFW.

    Perhaps include Nokia Maps. Almost everyone uses it, update frequency is very low, and there are a lot of broken versions out there (like the one in the store, that only supports portrait mode).

    Furthermore, I would like transparent or dark versions of the default Nokia widgets like "mail" and "calendar". White is just not right on an OLED screen!

    Do you include the "Anna Notifications" widget as well?

    1. hi hobbit13,

      thanks for your suggestions too!

      Maps was always included in my CFW's, as per request I sometimes offered versions without maps seperatly. It will definitly be part of v4.x.

      the Anna Notification widget is already part of my v3.4.0, so of course it will be there in v4.x too ;)

      don't wan't to comment on the widgets yet, definitly a no on transparent, but maybe i bring back the darker FP1 widgets... not decided yet.
      (widget skins can be changed very easily via nokia cooker (usually only needs to replace a *.mif file or via joshlog patch from C:\).

  10. Hello, please remove the line "1" icon from the top bar. thanx

  11. Hi Daniel,
    could flash v4.06 last Friday and testet BT, GPS, HSPA, USB/OTG, WIFI, all works fine so far, thanks for your great job!

    1. Hi Franz,
      thanks for your feedback!
      keep me posted about any issues or suggestions you may have ;)

  12. I attempted to install the Video editor and was successful but I can't launch it. Do you know how I can launch the video editor app?

  13. Hi Jamel,

    The Video/Photo Editors basically work (with a few limitations, e.g. only up to 720p video edits)... the problem is, they are hidden on Belle FP2.

    Some 3rd party app launchers are able to see them.
    As an alternative you can try to make them visible via a mod.

    Can you try this one:

    Let me know if this persons mod doesn't work and I take a look at it myself.