Thursday, 6 June 2013

Beat the Pink out of the N8!

How much damage can the Nokia N8-00 take?

Looks like my sister asked herself the same question, probably more than once :)

About a year ago, I patched her pink Nokia N8 up with some replacement parts I got from Leno.
Leno sent me a some parts to repair my own N8. Which I used to create an exclusive green/black Nokia N8 (documented here) and a pink/silver N8 for my sister.

Meanwhile, her N8 took quite a beating from several (unintentional) drop tests...
Continue to see a few pictures of a two years old pink Nokia N8.


Damage protocol

The damage on the screen is not as bad as it looks on the first picture. If you don't hold the phone up against the light (in this case the 808's xenon flash), you can hardly see the scratches... but yes, they are there.

The chassis doesn't look pretty anymore, but it is still holding the phone together.
On the left side of the camera bump, the aluminium is loosening up though. A little bit of plastic broke off around the 3.5mm- and the 2mm charging jack, but that's it as far as the chassis goes.

More serious is the damaged USB port and the SIM card slot.
I had to use a screwdriver to get my sisters SIM out, because the mechanism to eject the card is broken.
The USB connection, while still working, is extremely sensitive. Every single touch or movement can interrupt the connection.

The camera is still perfect!
Not a single scratch on the lens itself.

Everything else not mentioned here, is still working as it was on day one, when she bought it.


Well, I wasn't really trying to say something meaningful here...
Just uploaded a few pictures for fun :)

Still, it is impressive how much the N8 (and other Nokia phones) can take...


  1. Also impressive is the amount of damage your sister could do to a phone :p

    Since the anodized layer is already deeply scratched, would you consider rubbing it off entirely using automotive polishing compound? Remove all the pink, leaving behind a shiny chrome-colored aluminum surface.

    Here's my 2 year old N8 btw:

    1. haha, true. don't know what she did exactly :p

      thanks for the video!
      looks quite interesting, i'll think about it. how exactly did you do this?

  2. Sorry, my previous comment is a bit vague. My N8 is originally silver and I have never polished it. I just suggested polishing it since the pink on your sister's phone looks badly scratched.

    As to how, perhaps you can use a polishing paste like Autosol. Maybe mask out a narrow band near the plastic bottom cap.

    1. oh, ok.
      i'll think about it, thanks for the idea :)

  3. Wow N8 is really death resistant!!
    I want to say just how I's been satisfied with my N8 so far. Its camera, its GPS, and its unique features ... after more than 2 years of hardwork it never deceived me once :)

    And of course my thanks go to M. theOne for his awesome firmware that I have been using since version 3.

    1. wow, version 3 was a long time ago :)
      glad to hear you like my cfw!

  4. n8 is a really tough device..i dropped my n8 from second floor of the bldng..n no scratches nothing..