Sunday, 19 August 2012


A small bug fix for my Nokia 808 CFW.

After listening music the past week, I decided that I prefer the default sound values from Belle FP1 over the "sound improvement mod" by iExtraX7.
It was a great mod on pre-FP1, but if think its not needed anymore...

Also Gallery and Qt-Apps are opening faster now, there was a small issue in v1.4.0 and v1.5.0, its now fixed in v1.5.1!

Downloads and Changelog is where it always is ;)


  1. No updates Yet! I want the original mods for the cam and video of 1 at top bar still a bug or what? thanks

    1. i have no idea what you are talking about?

      v1.5.1 is only one week old!!
      the "1" on the top is part of the original firmware, thats the line indicator... modded sysap can hide it if you are interested in this.

      and about the camera mod, i don't understand your request...

  2. Dear the_one,
    is there any chance to see our beloved N8s having the new release of Belle refresh modded by you...? Just a question...
    Thanks a lot for your work until now!!

  3. That would be great! I enter the site just to comment you the same! Please give us a last firm refres from you!

  4. same as the other two, pleaaaaaasssseeee give us the refresh with your magic.

    Thanks rockitman

  5. Vaquero del teclado28 August 2012 at 05:47

    I was gonna tell the same...

    We have followed you for a long time, to you, to you blog, to your updates. to the name THE ONE. in manny sites, web pages.
    Manny of us change our cellphone foe a newest one. Like me, the N9 for the N8. but ! I keep tracking your updates.

    I dont think we deserve that shoutdown from you just like that.
    We understand that you have new phone, and a bussy life with your new phone, but I bet you that all your N8 followers from the past continue with much hope of you, for a little of your time. for a little of N8...

    Sorry about my English, but you guys understand me.

  6. sir i can't dload your cfw the v.1.5.1 in can i request to upload it in other sharing file sites? thanks

  7. Hahaha a new update for N8 is out and I STILL LOVE YOUR'S BETTER. Hope you're having fun with the N808!

  8. I don't think people complaining about The One's decision to switch to N808 are bieng fair... he worked really hard to fix and improve everything he published. All we N8 owners can is SUPPORT him and hope for a surprise... In the meantime enjoy the last CFW! ;)... o wrote the comment above BTW...

    1. thanks for the kind words!
      now you got your surprise ;)

  9. waiting for refresh update for my n8

  10. The one... i emailed you resource files to stop dialer from rotating. Have you had a chance to take a look at those yet?
    CFW is as always top notch... and it is really nice how fast is the gallery opening now.

    1. sorry mate, did not have time to work through all the emails i got during my military service.

      i just started to finally answer all the comments.
      (but there were more emails than comments, so a lot of work to do)

  11. hi the one want u work on the fp2 leak :D