Friday, 10 August 2012


Here is my latest CFW.
You will find all changes in the internal changelog...

Worth mentioning here is that I removed the modded sysap.exe.
As you may already know, there is a bug that causes the "unlock by camera button" feature not to work anymore.

"mbleyot" from Daily Mobile Forum reported a second bug. The 3.5mm headphone icon to disappears because of the modded sysap.exe.
Now with two bugs I decided to remove sysap from my CFW.
I still use it personally and I will offer an easy solution to bring it back for those who can live with those bugs and prefer the benefits of this mod.
(The sysap package will be uploaded soon, in a separate post)

New is this version is also the "sound improvement v3.3" by iExtraX7.
It made a big difference on pre-FP1 devices and I think it also improves the sound quality a little bit on FP1.
Help me properly test this mod and tell me what you think about it!

A special thanks for this version goes to "shahspik" who created the icons for the new splash screen in my CFW (BTW. splash screen is the boot animation, by default the small dots at start up).

He created more than one and told me how to do it myself. I will share some more of his splash screens soon...


  1. The One...
    Is there way to remove mms message attachment limit and also email attachment size limit. In email if you use anything other than exchange there is limit on size of attachment -Gmail ~2.7Mb and Hotmail 2Mb

    1. mms is a standard and has a fixed size, you can not change that.

      but you can remove the email attachement size limitation:
      -delete your email account on the phone
      -add your email account via "other" instead of "gmail", etc.
      (it will still automatically detect the gmail settings)
      -you will be asked if you want to use "standard" or "ovi" email settings
      -choose "standard" and the limitation is gone