Saturday, 4 August 2012

The One E7 v1.1.0

Another device got "The One CFW" support :)

The E7-Variant of my CFW comes with ~440MB free space on C:\ and ~150MB free RAM.
Read more about this version in the Changelogs.

"The One E7" was created for my sister, thats why English/German is already included.


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    1. hi Johanna,
      i don't have enough free time to create language packs for everyone. if you take a look at the download page, you will find a link that shows you how to create your own translations...

      if you contact me via email, i can help you with that.
      but sadly i don't have an e7 on my own, so you woult have to test it on your own...
      (don't worry, it won't cause any damage on your device :))

      you will find contact informations at the bottom of my blog

  2. I tried your firmware, (I'm in Canada, using a US Blue E7). and I liked the speed, I kinda needed the business software you ripped out, but that was not a biggy as I could reinstall.
    I had two show stoppers for me:
    1) The keyboard hat the z and the y reversed, I coulda changed the keyboard layout to that wasn't a big problem.
    2) Bluetooth didn't work.

    That was a huge issue. Other than that I loved your CFW pretty zippy. :)

    1. great to hear you got the keyboard worked out (thats why i put up the link in the download page).

      about bluetooth, i am pretty sure its working.
      sadly my sisters device that i used is now broken, so i can not test again...

      did you do a clean reflash?
      cleaning up e:\ and using refurbish?
      if not, bugs like that happens sometimes when you use "update" in pheonix or leftover syste files are on your e:\.

      anybody who can confirm this bug (or tell me that bluetooth is working)?

  3. hallo,

    ich habe diese firmware gerade gestestet und musste auch feststellen, dass bluetooth nicht funktioniert.

    Ich kann mit diesem Fehler leben, wäre aber glücklicher mit funktionierendem Bluetooth. :)



    I have tested this firmware and just had to also find that no bluetooth works.

    I can live with that error, but would be happy with a working Bluetooth. :)

    1. how did you flash your device?
      my sister was using bluetooth a lot (it was her e7)... the e7 is now broken, if i get it back i will take a look at it (and probably create a new cfw based on belle refresh)

  4. i flashed my phone with phoenix 2011 in the dead-usb mode

    1. i meant, "update" or "refurbish" and i would also like to know if you cleaned up the mass memory before flashing.

    2. i used refurbish for flashing and the mass memory was already formatted

      if i activate bluetooth, nothing happens

    3. how are you trying to activate bluetooth?

      try to activate it via:
      -settings -> connectivity -> bluetooth
      -dropdown menu icon
      -homescreen widget

    4. well in any way i can receive files but i cant send any file.

      the error is: "verbindungsaufbau nicht möglich" or in english connectionless not possible, its not possible to get an stable connection

    5. so what now... bluetooth is working?
      i though you said it doesn't even activate?

      the error message you describe is typical for devices that are not properly paired.

      delete all paired devices on your phone (and if possible on your other devices too) and reconnect again.
      the problem is, if they were paired before, the key is not valid after flashing anymore...

    6. i deleted the paired device von my computer and on my e7 and repaired them, but its still not working :(

    7. what kind of files are you trying to send?
      do you have any other device to test with?

      maybe its a security issue on your pc...

    8. hey,

      after a lot of testing, now i am pretty shure bluetooth isnt working very well.

      i only can receive files from my computer, but i cant send files to my computer AND i cant send or receive files from a HTC Sensation (XL)

    9. i got my sisters e7 back from repair (finally!).
      will be working on a v2.x for the e7 based on belle refresh soon... should be fixed then ;)

      thanks for the report anyway!

  5. I need custom firmware based on belle refresh. Please create soon. Also, with no bugs. Test before posting it.

  6. Nice to hear your sister's E7 is working again, I'm looking forward for your CFW-Update for my daughter's E7. Thanks in advance from Franz

    1. Hi Franz,

      great to hear you are still visiting my page ;)
      also that sombody is still looking Forward to an update for my E7-CFW!

      I made some good Progress last week, I think i Need about 2 more hours (without testing)... should be ready this week.
      (assuming testing goes fine)

  7. I just got an E7 to replace my N97. I'm interested in your CFW, even though I've never put anything like that on a phone before. There's a first time for everything, right? lol I was wondering if there is any way to get the sms to save to the mass memory, like there is on my N97?

    1. maybe it could be changed, not sure...
      but as far as i remember s60v5 saving messages to mass memory caused a lot of trouble in the backups.

      maybe thats why this option is not available anymore?

      btw. i hope to release an update for this e7 cfw in the next few days, you may want to wait for that ;)

  8. I have installed this firmware. speed is really good. Everything is working perfect. except quickoffice pro and piscel smart office. I tried different versions also. I don't know why office is not working. Microsoft apps working. quickoffice shows only white screen and piscel smart office crashes after showing welcome screen. Please guide me cuz I need piscel smart office very badly.

    1. hey, glad you like my cfw so far.
      are you actually using v1.1, if so i recommend to update to v2.2...

      not sure about smart office, i had issues with that even on ofw (especially in landscape mode). but quickoffice should be no problem!

      i uploaded the quickoffice installer in my tools section.
      you can download it (and many other apps) there and it should work without issues.

      Tools (Symbian Applications):

      Quickoffice v6.5.94 (extracted from Belle Refresh):

      Quickoffice v6.5.108 (extracted from Belle FP2):

      v6.5.94 should work for sure. you can try the newer one from the latest belle version, but i am not sure if it is 100% compatible...

  9. I need all the moddings alone separately. (loudspeaker sound enhancement, clocking speed, etc all those patches modding)

    1. please send me a email with everything you need: theone1893 @

  10. the office that u have given is working checked. now I am able to install v7 also. But I want piscel smart office cuz it opens all docs and pdfs. Please help me.

    1. are you using the latest version of smart office from the store?