Sunday, 19 August 2012

new premuim hoster

I don't have the patience to upload all my CFW's to free hosters like Mediafire.

Since my Rapidshare account expired, I was looking for a new premium hoster for my personal usage (and also for my CFW project). It looks like is now one of the favourites in the Internet...
I don't know why, but many people are using it.

So I decided to go with that one.

My CFW's will be available on from now on. Tools and other small files will stay on Mediafire.


  1. Bad decission, most of the time you have "no free download slots".

    Uploaded sucks!

  2. Bad decision x2
    slow and "no free download slots" =\

    I prefer Google Drive for 5GB free storage per each Google A/C

  3. i see two complains, but no solution...
    like i said i am sick and tired of uploading files to free hosters, they are very slow!
    i need premium hoster anyway for personal usage, so why not use it?

    i hope you understand my point of view or at least offer me a better solution.

    btw. 5gb seems a little bit limited for my project in long terms, but i will take a look at google drive anyway,

  4. Try zippyshare, it free, fullspeed, without waiting or capatchas or limitations, you can have unlimited parallel downloads ...
    Its the best hoster, but not supportet from jdonloader. I use candisoft load for zippyshare.

  5. get

    Works always very fast and reliable, also with jdownloader!

  6. hey bro.. Cud u give us a cfw for E7 based on the new belle refresh . . Would be highly appreciated.. Thanx