Saturday, 12 January 2013

Call of Duty... sort off :p

As a member of the Swiss military, I am obligated to serve three weeks a year...
This years service time starts next Monday. So I will be offline 'till February!

I am really looking forward to do awesome stuff like standing around all day, get bored, smoke way to many cigarettes, clean my boots and of course poop in the woods.

Time is already short, because I have to check my equipment (not that I could replace broken stuff 'till Monday), pack my bags and go shopping for the most important things... like cigarettes, warm underwear and more cigarettes!

If you have any short/simple questions I may be still able to answer them this weekend.
Otherwise you have to wait for your reply... or if you are lucky you get help by other users, when posting comments here on my blog ;)

freaxs_r_us is in charge 'till I am back, keep the folks entertained mate ;)


  1. stealing yourself out of responsibility, he? ;)

    don't smoke to much... .and don't freeze off the "little TheOne"

  2. Wish you a good time. Good to know there won't be an update of your cfw the next three weeks. This will give me enough time to hopefully manage to download your current cfw from uploaded.

  3. You schould have joined the NAVY, always worm and duty free cigaretts, beer and whiskey ;-)))

  4. have as much fun as possible ;)

  5. The swiss has an army? O_O

    Just kidding, want a warm serving come to israel in august :)

    And smoke rolling tobbacco, Cheaper

  6. how to change font for nokia 808??

    1. on a running system
      copy your fonts to c:\resource\fonts\
      then delete C:\private\10003a16 and restart your phone

      the fonts should now be active.
      as an alternative you can overwrite my original fonts before flashing via nokiacooker in rofs.