Friday, 11 January 2013

The One E7 v2.2.0

Here is another update for one of my Belle Refresh based CFW's.

This version contains new mods and some bug fixes, for details take a look at the change logs ;)

Btw. I am happy to see ~70 users downloaded v2.1 for the E7. Not even close to the numbers of the N8 versions, but more than I expected.


  1. Hello, I'm one of downloaders of E7 FW :)

    Thanks for an effort and a question -- translation files that are done by freaxs_r_us are for N8 and C7 only or can be used directly for E7?

    I mean files from this topic:


    1. normally I would say yes, but the keymapping files and the peninputfiles must be modified to keep your settings

      I haven't done it very often on Hardware keyboard devices, but I can give you a tutorial on how to do it

  2. I you are so kind -- please.

    I really like FW (have 2.1.2 atm) but I'm struggling with keyboard. I actually tried your translation for slovenian language with that FW (before I saw your answer) and UI is translated, but keyboard is a mess :))

    It seems I'll have to take some time and read other manuals about keyboard modifications :/

    1. It shouldn't be to hard... you need the keymapping files and peninputfiles from your OFW...
      and put them into the firmware... overwriting the ones that are in the cfw...

      look at my translation files... for everything that starts with pen... and go and get your OFW...
      erase the pen... files from my translations and put the pen.... from your ofw into the cfw
      and also get the pti... and xt9 from your OFW

      it should be in:


      and maybe you must change the srfs files in

      like I said, look at my files in the translation folder... and don't be surprised, because the files in your ofw are much less, due the the hardware keyboard...

    2. this may also help you:

  3. Thank you both, I'll give a try :)

  4. can i update my older firmware (The One E7 v2.1.2) without losing all my settings and data?

    1. you can try to use update in phoenix, that way you should be able to keep your data.

      but i always recommend to use refurbish, a clean start is much better.

  5. please make a romanian language firmware for my E7, i can't do it myself.

  6. Where to download?

    1. go to the download tab of this blog and hit the links for custom firmwares.

  7. hi theone noobie here currently using belle refresh and just want to try your cfw my question is should i downgrade my fw to scandinavia or can i directly switch to your cfw sorry for the bad english.... tnx in advance

  8. If anybody is interested in a qwerty edition of The One v2.2.0 I have placed it at:

    Seems like The One v2.2.0 is based on a qwertz E7 (German). Someone was kind enough to swap out the key maps for a US/UK qwerty and re-cook the fw. Hopefully this can help people out. I know it helped me out a lot. One of the major problems of a hardware keyboard I'm sure.

    1. Hi Mace

      well I am interested, and I want to have a Dutch version also. can you cook such a version, I am to much a dummie for that. I tried for a hour and gave up ...

      Love to hear from you


    2. hey mike,
      i answered your second comment below ;)

  9. Thank you! Mace and The One and freaxs_r_us!

  10. I didn't use the qwerty version of Mace, I decided to do some modding on my own. Because I know modding is fun, although this is a whole new device that I mod, it didn't took long before I've the basic skills under control.
    Morale of the story: Don't be scared to mod, it is/will be fun!!!

    If the keyboard layout fix does not work...install Swype on top of the fix.
    It did the trick for me :)

    Thank you very much!

  11. Hi
    I have a Nokia E7 dutch (059G894)
    I want a 059G894 ( the dutch version )with the mods of the V220 please,
    or the 059F6M5 ( the one from "TheOne") with dutch translations

    I tried to place the dutch translation ( 18dutch.zp) , but I do somethinmg wrong and I do not know what ......

    Thanks for the help

    1. hi mike,
      the e7 needs some additional files for within the translations for the hardware keyboard.

      a "how to" is linked in the tutorials here:

      the product code doesn't matter, you can flash the version i provide to any e7.
      if you need more details, let me know ;)

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    4. Hi Mike,

      I see you sent me an email...
      Sorry mate, I am still working my way trough all the missed stuff.

      I will reply to you soon.


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    8. I send you a email.
      btw remove you email from this blog. Bots are reading them too

  12. Hi Petzep,

    First of all thanks for offering your help!

    But if you post your email address on blogs, you should at least add some spaces between the letters... that will make it harder for bots to send you spam ;)

    My intentions are not to censor/control, but only to protect your privacy!
    Here is a copy of your original comment:

    Petzep / 2 May 2013 12:45

    Hi Mike,

    I'm also a dutch E7 user.
    I have the files for a dutch version of "the one" v220 with a qwerty keyboard.
    "Hij loopt als een geoliede machine" (It works like a charm)

    Do you want me to send you these files?

    My e-mail is ***

    1. Hey hoi!

      Nog'n Nederlander die hulp nodig heeft. Zou je me willen mailen? wouterxl (at) xs 4 all punt NL


    2. Hi there,
      let me know what you need and send me an email.
      theone1893 @ outlook .com

      (no spaces of course)

      please contact me in english or german


  13. Thank you for the privacy protection.

    That's very kind of you.

    BTW I want to mod the music-player of Symbian Belle.
    - Re-enabling the search function like S60^3
    - Option to disable the coverflow in landscape mode.

    Do you have any idea how I should get started?
    Decompile -> recode -> compile
    or should I make a mod for it or something?

    1. Hi Petzep,

      i don't think you can re-enable the search for the music player.
      if its not there anymore, you would have to develope additional features all over again, which is not possible without the source code for the latest belle version...

      not sure about the coverflow, but i think i can help you with that.
      if you are willing to sacrifice the landscape mode in the music player, you can mod the following file:

      you can enable/disable portrait and landscape modes in that file.
      (no landscape mode for music player = no coverflow)

      here is a description of the file that may help you:

  14. Hi TheOne,

    Thanks for the tip. It was worth the sacrifice.
    And porting the music app from "S60 3rd edition FP2"?
    Is that an option?

    1. no, S60v3 was based on devices without touchscreen and lower resolutions.
      it was based on a different symbian version, it will not work. at least not without some serious modifications, which i doubt are possible without the source code...