Thursday, 10 January 2013

The One X7 v3.2.0

An update for my X7 custom firmware is now available for download.

Most important, the calendar sync bug is now fixed. There are some other new modifications in this update as well, take a look at the (internal) change log for details.

I tested the calendar synchronisation on v3.2.0 via the latest Nokia Suite/MS Office 2007 on a Windows 7 x64 System.

Let me know, how this version is working out for you ;)


  1. Hello Daniel,

    seens you were busy the last days ;-)

    Outolok sync is working.

    WELL DONE !!!

    Thanks a lot foer your work.


    1. thanks for the feedback and also for reporting this issue in the first place ;)

  2. hey can u give a mirror link to the cfw of nokia x7 when ever i try to download the file by the provided link it gives me an error

  3. Very good but audio jack heatset not working...please do something to fix this problem

    1. Hi Mee G,

      I tested it on my brothers X7 (running The One X7 v3.2).
      His headset is working perfectly fine!

      So there is either a hardware problem with your jack, your headset or something went wrong during flashing...

      Can you test any other headphones?


  4. Im waiting suprise from you,...thanks a lot

  5. plz make different download link ....

  6. Hello, nice site you have here mate! This rom really looks promising. I once had an X7 but ended up selling it due to a very big issue: the phone would randomly become unresponsive. At random times, the screen would become unresponsive and this happened very frequently. Sometimes I would lock and unlock the device using the power/lock button to solve it but it was very annoying having to do that all the time. Sometimes it was worse, the phone would freeze completely and I had to do a hard reset pressing and holding all buttons. Also, when watching movies, after like 20 mins (not necessarily HD, but it should be able to play it right), I would be informed of not enough memory despite closing every application. I did some research and all I could find was that it was a memory leak or memory handling issue with Symbian or something like that. I eventually grew tired and frustrated of it and so I decided to sell it.. Now for this rom, does it get rid of these freezing issues once and for all? I would really love to give the X7 another chance. It was a great phone overall and I loved it so much except for that one big issue. Now that I've come across this site, I am thinking of buying a 2nd hand unit and trying the X7 again. Would I still encounter those issues after flashing this rom?

    Thanks for any response