Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Custom Widget Skins (*.mif) without flashing

Yesterday evening "joshlog" from daily mobile forum released a mod to load *.mif files from E:\.

Since all Widgets I added to my CFW are on Z:\ you can only change their loooks before flashing, by replacing the mif files in rofs2.

The mod by joshlog allows you to change many mif files from E:\. So it is possible to change the widget skins, battery indicator and many more, without flashing.

Be aware that this is an early version, it doesn't work for all widgets/mif-files yet.
But I think its worth following this topic and see where it goes:


According to him, he will also create a version for drive c:\, which in my opinion is probably the more stable variant (since your phone will be fully working if e:\ is not available (e.g. in mass memory mode)).

Instruction and download in his topic on daily mobile...

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