Saturday, 14 April 2012

v4.6.0 full translations

nekeule already updated his translations!
you can find the download link for his rofs3 is in "download" section of my blog.

if you want maps in your own language, use "no maps" edition of my cfw and install it yourself.
if you use the version with maps integrated, you will have more free space on c:\ (because most parts of maps are in rofs/z) but maps will be english only.

according to nekeule, the translations for v4.6.0 are also compatible to my previous v4.x, in case you prefer an older version...

nekeule is still working on more languages... as we know him, they will be available soon ;)

thanks to him by the way, v4.6.0 was translated in many languages in only a few hours!

full translations - by nekeule (N8 v4.x)


  1. Any plans on the new Symbian Belle 111.040.0904 cfw The_ONE? :-)

    1. hi,
      the problem with v111.040.0904 is, that taylor didn't share the unmodded firmware files.
      i don't want to use his cfw, as based for my one...

      i wait for unmodded/original files by nokia

    2. How is it that he alone has obtained a copy of it? :( Your version of the cfw is much much better!:) I've noticed one thing from the prev 3.x versions, battery life has considerably reduce with the newer versions of belle... Is it the firmware or is this due to flashing so many times. I have been following your firmwares right from your 1.10 release....
      Otherwise, its beautiful... :-)

    3. I`ve also tried to remove the mods made by him using nokia cooker 2.9, but it shows random errors when i try to load it up.....

    4. maybe he works for nokia, or he knows somebody inside nokia who gives him the files earlier... who knows?

      i have to admit, that battery life was better on v3.x.
      v3.x was based on a leaked Release Candidate of Belle... i guess thats the price we have to pay for the final version.
      altough it is not THAT bad (and still better than ofw)...
      (i used the same configurations like on v3.x to improve battery life)

      some tips to save battery:
      -if you're not using 3g connection, switch ot 2g mode (very easy thanks to the widget)
      -if theres no wlan in your range, disable the wlan connection
      -use a simple screensaver or disable it at all
      -use dark colors for wallpapers & themes
      -reduce the intervall to automatically check for emails

      i am sure i flashed my phone much more than you, so don't worry thats not going to break your battery!

      but remember, battery's have a life time too... if its getting worse you may have to replace it (i already did that once, after my battery became weaker and weaker after one and a half year)

    5. One lucky guy I guess. In time you'll get it in your hands i'm sure! :-)
      Yes, its not that bad, but relatively speaking it has reduced with the further releases and thanks for the tips. :-)
      Also,I have noticed one thing, whenever any text message is 'sent', the blinking light goes on and does not go off unless phone is unlocked( i'm running on v4.60) with the appearance of a blank text message received form the sender. It disappears as soon as i close the task. Do not really know why this happens, i've not experienced this in any of the previous releases...
      Also eagerly waiting for your upcoming releases.... :-) Thanks for all your great work since v1.10!

    6. its awsome you still remembers v1.10 of my cfw!
      (i think it goes back to the start of november 2011)
      you got my full attention, just for that:)

      i would like to help you, but first you have to help me understand your problem...

      -what light is blinking (menu button or the small one, next to the usb connector)?

      -whenever any text message is 'sent', the blinking light goes on and does not go off unless phone is unlocked
      -how can you send a message when your phone is locked?

      -with the appearance of a blank text message received form the sender.
      -do you actually GET an empty text message or is it just a popup?

      -It disappears as soon as i close the task.
      -what task?

    7. -The menu key light(blinking).
      -I mean to say, when i send a text msg the light begins to blink, even after i lock the keypad, but once i unlock it, ti goes off.
      -I am able to see a blank txt msg from the sender but once i get the delivery report it disappears.
      -As soon as i close the text message.
      Hope this issue can be fixed :)

    8. I've only used your firmware from the beginning. I had tried taylor's age old cfw but was most uncomfortable using it since it was too flashy...
      I'd say, in the future no matter who releases what i ain't gonna load any other firmware... Simplicity is the best! :)

    9. so i tried to reproduce your problem... this is what i did:

      test 1
      -writing a new sms
      -send it
      -wait for the delivery notification

      test 2
      -writing a new sms
      -send it
      -lock the screen before sending is complete
      -wait a few seconds
      -unlock the screen to see if it sent my message

      in both cases i could not reproduce your problem...
      the menu button was not blinking. it was white when unlocked and turned off when locked, exactly how it is supposed to be.
      i also think if this would be a general problem in my cfw, someone already reported (or confirmed) it.

      go to "settings -> phone -> notification lights" and please tell me what settings you have in there.
      maybe try to disable the sms "receive report" to see if it is related...

    10. Guess delivery reports was the problem. That did the trick :-) thanks :-)

    11. you're welcome ;)
      but like i said, i have delivery reports on and no such bug...

      i would like to know if the bug comes back if you re-enable the reports... can you test that for me?

    12. Still the same, once i put on notifications light and delivery reports the light starts blinking and the same old thing has to be done to turn it off... I'll try flashing it once again and give it a try.... :-)

  2. waitttting for your cfw!! Come on nokia...