Tuesday, 3 April 2012


v4.4.0 is online

v4.4.0 comes with 230MB free space on c:\ (222MB with maps preinstalled).
Downloads for Rapidshare & Mediafire are online. All changes in the Changelog...

Here are some screenshots from my latest cfw...
The One v4.4.0 & dor$h v2 [theOne Edition] Theme

Here are some screenshots from the second theme (older cfw version):
dor$h v1 [theOne Edition] Theme

creator of the themes is xotusblack

full translations - by nekeule (N8 v4.x)


  1. -version 2.0 from betalabs (3.00_12wk9_b05)

    ==> while connecting phone to nokia suite it will let you install final version of map suite 2.0 as per today only it looks like! no more beta required it seems...

  2. never used nokia drop due its limitations to send all different file types to the phone.

    it may be a good idea to promote this tool (dukto) here as many people will read about it:
    (dukto) http://www.msec.it/blog/?page_id=11

    let you exchange any files without any configuration of routers, windows etc by wifi between phone and pc (win7, linux, others) like charme!

  3. Excellent release, thanks The_One for sharing your hard work and your time. So far so perfect.

  4. Thanks for this update. I will install it over the weekend.

    Can you please tell us how to further remove the ringtones bundled? I only use one alarm clock and one email/SMS tone so don't need others and can save some space in c:\

    1. the ringtones are in rofs2... means they go to z:\ after flashing

      you can use nokiacooker to remove more ringtones from my rofs2, but it won't give you more free space on c:\

      i removed the most ringtones, because i can save ~9mb in rofs2, which i can use for my mods...

    2. You are right. I tried it and got only 1.2 MB free. So, I reverted back.

      How can I removed the bundled custom theme? I don't need it and would like to save some space on c:

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  6. getting this error "midlet-jar-url" while installing this file: http://download.interactivebrokers.com/mtws/mobileTWS.jad

    has most probably nothing to do with your cfw...but how knows.

  7. sounds like a broken/not compatible installer...
    do you have a *.jar file that comes with that download?

    i can only take a deeper look at it, if you confirm that it is because of my cfw. i highly doubt it...:)

    1. however...as with your flash guide the e:\ and f:\ does not get deleted, i could copy the jad as also a jar file from some location in e:\private to f and install it afterwards.

      it may be a good idea to let people know how to kill content of e+f too. this time i just did step by step according to your flash guide and if i didnt take a too close look it will prevent you of cleaning e+f. just as a note / reminder.

      so everything* is fixed now aside of having 2x a lotus notes travles inbox in "folders" view and i right now dont know how to delete one of them.

      took 4.4 without maps, flashed, everything runs smooth and installed step by step my soft. at the end backup and installing maps suite 2.0 from ovi store. still everything running smooth and fast as it didnt before after installing maps 2.0.

      many thanks for your efforts, we shoudl drink a beer together as we are not far away of each other :-).

      once more, many thanks!!!!

    2. i am confused now... what does that file have to do with the flashing process?

      if you follow the "full" step by step of my tutorial, you would have read the part about "preparing your phone"...

      sounds like you didn't read the text and just skipped to the numbered list of the phoenix guide;)

      i dont have any lotus notes inbox on my phone, do not use it. so can't help you with that...

      but sounds v4.4.0 is now running fine on your device?

    3. read the how to flash once more and have seen the "missing instruction" for cleaning e+f, sorry ;-).

      lotus issue fixed, just uninstalled and installed it once more.

      yes, v4.4 is running like charm :-)!! i may flash some other n8 mobiles from my friends with your cfw!

      many thanks

  8. Hi Dan,

    It's been more than 18 hours after upgrading to v4.4, it's a totally different & great experience. Thank you very much for putting your valuable time in such an enormous work for us.

    One little suggestion (It will not matter even if not processed) however it will increase a feel of The One CFW in conjunction with blue colored "THE ONE" wallpaper & "Blue Clock"

    I like bluish shade of the new digital clock.
    Is it possible to bring same shade in Dorsh theme v2.0.
    In fact blue color should only be visible when we touch or highlight all the buttons in the theme. :)

  9. Vaquero del Teclado6 April 2012 at 04:45


    Taylor the firmware modder has got his hands on unreleased RC version of NOKIA BELLE numbered v111.040.0704, he also realesed a cfw....

    Can you get that Firm version???

    Shouldt we wait for the next THE ONE CFW??

    1. i do not have the unmodded files for v111.040.0704 RC...
      if taylor releases the original files or if the new version goes final on navifirm, i can update my cfw.