Saturday, 14 April 2012


v4.6.0 & v4.6.1 are online

Why two version?
v4.6.1 comes with the new music player ported from Belle v111.040.0704. I don't have the language files for it, so this version stays english only.
(of course you can still use the rofs3 for writing languages)

So if you want to use full translations by nekeule, choose v4.6.0. This version is exactly the same, except for the music player. It comes with the default player of v111.030.0609.

Other informations
v4.6.0/v4.6.1 comes with ~234MB free space on c:\ / ~225MB free space on c:\ with preinstalled maps.

You can find detailed informations about this release in my internal changelog.
(summarized changelog will be updated later)

Downloads are available for Mediafire & Rapidshare.

If you want full translations, wait for nekeule to update his rofs3-files, I let you know when the first languages are available.

according to nekeule, he will start working on full translations for v4.6.0 next monday... i leave v4.4.0 up, until we have translations for v4.6.0


  1. Great! I think you should use the same version number and if neccesary like this, add a letter to the different version. This way may confuse somebody, for example, instead of 4.6.0/4.6.1 you could use 4.6 and 4.6mp (mp meaning music player)

  2. hi fran,
    thanks for your suggestion.
    i admit i thought about your solution, but i decided the version number is the better way to go.

    it shows that v4.6.1 has something new to offer, compared to v4.6.0.

    i was looking for a solution for people with and without full translations.
    if they read my description/changelog, everything should be clear...

  3. Great update:D, but can you please get back to normal the battery charge indicator & gsm mode in topbar or at least tell how to do it.
    Thanks and Happy Easter!:)

    1. thanks!
      the battery indicator & gsm icon in topbar were changed by this file:

      i am not sure if i put it into core or rofs2 (put the original file to rofs2. it will overwrite the file in core, in case i put it in there)

      you can get the original file from the original firmware on navifirm. you need "nokia cooker" to extract it and repack it into my cfw...

    2. firmware v7 doesn't exist anymore on navifirm it's max v6.

    3. doesn't matter, you can get the file from any belle v111.030.0609

  4. I find a lot of bugs in this build and want to go back to v4.2. Where can I download those files again? They are not in Downloads section.

    I mailed you about the bugs.

    1. yes, i saw you email...
      there are no bugs, i send you an email explaining your problems in a minute
      (i will also send you the download link for v4.2.0)

  5. .. hello the one, how are you. again, ive seen another leaked belle update from taylor numbered v111.040.0904, with a new web browser. hope, you can make your own CFW out of this. thank you.


    1. hi mark,
      i am fine, thanks for asking ;)
      hope you are alright too!

      the problem with v111.040.0904 is, that taylor obviously doesn't want to share the unmodded firmware files.
      i don't want to create my own cfw, based on someone else' cfw...

      i wait for unmodded/original files by nokia


  6. hello the one
    thank you for this great cfw.
    i have noticed one thing though.
    there is no small calendar in widget list
    but it is present in your 2nd homescreen.

    1. hi guimo83
      this is one of the widgets you can only apply once...
      remove it from 2nd hs and it will be back in the widget list;)

    2. ah i see. thank you the one. great cfw.

  7. There is a problem in the photo gallery.A photo is blank(no mini preview) and if i try to delete it, it deletes another picture.The second thing is when i long press a pic and then press send, it loops on processing and nothing else happens,if i press send from file manager it works.
    Is this a bug?

    1. well, it sure doesn't sound good...
      but everything is 100% working fine for me, so its not a bug in my cfw.

      -did you clean up/format your mass memory/mem card before flashing?
      -did you do a hard reset after flashing?
      -did you install pixienablers or microsoft apps?

    2. 1.yes but on any other cfw it works perfectly it started not to work from 4.4.0 or 4.5.0 i think ,i'm not very sure

    3. can you try to delete this file:

      delete it from mass memory and memory card...
      if that doesn't work, also try to delete it from c:\ (you need filebrowser from "tools" section on my blog, to get access to "c:\private\")

      what version/language are you using?

    4. as I mentioned in my mail to you, I have the same issue and this file you mentioned is in use in c:\. That cannot be deleted. This wasn't an issue in v4.2 at least.

    5. @saurav/aei1992
      maybe you need "open4all" patch from rompatcher to delete "C:\Private\10281e17\[102830AB]thumbnail_v4.db"
      btw. can you open that image?

      i though you problem is that you cannot delete my wallpapers from gallery, aei1992 has a broken preview image...

      i know now why...
      in v4.4 i moved my wallpapers to z:\ (will be copied to c:\ also), i forgot to exclude the images from z:\ for gallery! thats why it cannot be deleted!!

      i don't want to repack and reupload 4.6.0/4.6.1 (with & without maps) just to remove my own wallpapers from gallery...
      because its not really a bug, but i will take care of it for my next version
      (we probably have to wait until we have a new belle base firmware, since i really don't know what could be improved for v111.030.0609)

    6. I agree that just for this bug, a repackaging is of no use. It is better to be done with next update. I also see broken thumbnails as shown here

      For now, as you said, I have deleted those files from ROFS2. Is there a way to replace some file in existing firmware installation so that I won't have to re-install firmware?

  8. Hi Dan! I have a question, the version 4.6.1 is the same with 4.5?? Because you didn't write about new features in the version 4.6.1

    1. hi Wate,
      v4.6.1 is the same as v4.6.0, but with the new music player from belle v111.040.

      so you can check for differences in the internal changelog from v4.5.0 to v4.6.0 (to v4.6.1:)).

      v4.6.1 is for english only, because we don't have language files for the new player...

    2. Thanks for the reply Dan :D well i have to reflash my N8 because i want to enjoy the last version :D thanks again man :D

  9. I think you says that the 4.5.0 have the new Music Player.
    I have the 4.5.0 and it have it. so theres another new music player?

    The one I have is the one from 4.5.0 looks like the one in Taylors video...

    1. no, its the same music player...
      but i removed it for v4.6.0 (for full translations)
      and only added it in v4.6.1 (for english only/writing languages only)

  10. solved the problem after hard reset on another firmware and reinstalling 4.6.1
    Long story short(kind of):i gave taylor's firmware a try and it sucks and after i did a hard reset which cleaned all the mods from his firmware(he did a shitty job) then i downgraded to pr 1.0 (scandinavia 11.5) and installed 4.6.1 and it workes very good now.No more problems:D.
    I think you should include as a "must do" the hard reset option in the flashing tutorial.That's why we have these "bugs" because files still remain from previous versions of cfw.

    1. Works good to me since the first CFW from THE ONE.
      No problem at all. I think if you do the MASTER RESET all the mods are gone.

    2. @aei1992
      good to hear you its working for you now;)
      funny you mention the flashing tutorial... because that advice is already in there:)

      the part about "preparing your phone"

      nice to hear your are giving my cfw's a chance since the beginning:)

      about the hard resets...
      like on original firmwares, a hard reset will wipe out all content on your c:\ drive!
      so every mod that i applied to uda/c will be gone, also some important nokia components (for easy store installation, photo/video editor plugins for gallery, etc.)

      but most of my mods are inside core & rofs2 (z:\ on your phone). those mods will stay and can only be removed by flashing!

    3. sorry but in the flashing tutorial you aren't very specific,i really don't see you mentioning hard reset before or after flashing.You say to backup and format mass and memory card ,not to back up apps and settings .But the hard reset as you said wipes drive c:\ returning only the needed files so some previous firmware files might remain untouched if not done.

    4. yes i am,
      using "refurbish" in phoenix will delete all content from your c:\ drive.
      unlike a hard reset this only effects c:\!
      e:\ and f:\ need to be cleaned up manually (via format or manual cleanup).

      so a hard reset is not needed...
      cleanup/format e:\ & f:\ & using "refurbish" will result in a perfectly clean flash!

    5. well apparently that wasn't enough for me because i did those and before hard reset i still had that gallery problem and i didn't restore apps and settings.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. if you like some further advice... here is the way i do it:

      -shutdown the phone

      -connect via usb to pc

      -delete all files & folders from mass memory/mem card
      \images\, \videos\, \music\, \backup\
      don't forget to check for hidden files & folders
      if you have some custom folders you can leave them (as long as they are not part of the system
      for example i also leave a folder created by myself \_installation\ with all my sis-installer for setup

      -do not turn on the phone again until i am done flashing
      so the phone cannot recreate those files & folders

      -use refurbish in phoenix to fully clean up c:\ & z:\

  11. can not install Nokia reader... and we could not in any version of yours to install .!!?? thanks

    1. that is not correct!
      nokia reader was working for me since v4.x.

      did you do a hard reset after flashing?
      that would cause this bug (also on original firmware)

  12. Hi,

    i have a problem of the volume. I think the lowest level of volume is too high. How can I reduce the volume level to the normal one?


    1. you can use my cfw with lower version than v4.6.0/v4.6.1

      or you can take a look at the mod that increased the volume:

      you will see what files i replaced and you can get the original version of them from ofw and replace them again...