Sunday, 1 April 2012

Nokia Email Client v3.04

***Update 3***

The Email Client Update is already included in the most recent firmware versions!
That update was for Belle (not Refresh/FP2).

The MS Apps can now be installed via SW Update directly on your phone.

*** Update 2 ***

Installers for the latest official MS Apps & PixiEnablers are available here on my blog:
Microsoft Apps 2.0 & PixiEnablers slim Installers

*** Update ***

MS Apps for the Nokia N8 are now officially available, PixiEnablers v2.x also comes with that new package... you can get it via your Nokia Suite Updater.


As part of the "Microsoft Apps Bundle" the new email client can be installed via  PixiEnablersNOCS_v1.0.145.

The Installer comes along with lots of unnecessary components. To avoid installing them, I created a cleaned up installer. This Package contains the new "Mail Client" update & "Mail, new Arrival" widget only:
Email Client Update v3.04 - English

In my experience the installer works best right after flashing.
If there are already existing mailboxes, the installations takes a very long time...

Installing the Email Client Update will break your msg. reader.
I recommend the update, if you do not care about text to speech.

Here is the unmodded PixiEnablers Installer:


  1. Vaquero del Teclado6 April 2012 at 10:41

    I reflash to ver. 4.4.0, then I install the Client 3.0.4 and says " Client not compatible " continue anyway?????

    I put YES, is this ok???

    1. yes, "not compatible" error message is because of the installer itself, not because of the email client...

      ignore the compatibility message on go on with the installation.

  2. Hi! Unfortunately many of the downloads from mediafire are not available anymore. Are they somewhere else ?

    Thanks for all !

    1. what downloads do you mean?
      all links i shared are still online, as far as i know...

    2. Hey ! for example the email client among others like file browser, etc.. I get this message from mediafire:

      Invalid or Deleted File.

      The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on Mediafire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or Mediafire.

    3. hey alex,
      all files are online!
      download links are working fine for me.

    4. Well.. I guess that company fw is not being nice with me.. I will try at home.. thanks bud for all your time and dedication :))

  3. Hey,
    work this Client only with Belle CFW ??
    On hacked Belle the installs start at 50 % but over 1 Hour no progress ?

    Im using Tweaks on my hacked N8 !

    1. hi chris,
      the installer should work on all belle versions (not just my cfw).
      if you install it right after flashing (no messages & mailboxes configured), the installations only takes about 2-5 minutes.

      if you already have alot of content on your phone, the installation can go on for hours...

  4. ah ok i have a running System don´t flash for this, when i delete the Mailbox is there a reason to install the Emailclient 3.04 without any Problems ??


    1. according to my tests, only removing the mailbox is not helpfull...
      (maybe it becomes faster, but certainly not as fast as on a clean phone)

      i suggest you run the installation over night, that way you don't have to bother how long it takes (dont forget the charger!)

    2. Ok thank´s for your Help for this i will see what i do !
      Regards Chris

  5. Hey,
    can you add the German language File in the Emailclient 3.04 please ??

    1. hi Chris
      if you can give me the original pixienabler installer for german language, i can clean it up and offer an "email update only" installer.

      (since its not officially available for N8 (but for other belle phones) it breaks your msg. reader. the official update for N8 will come soon (according to nokia). when it comes out, i take a look at it and try to offer different languages)

  6. Ok thank´s for this i don´t like the MS-Office but the new Emailclient is good so i will wait !

  7. Hei,
    MS Apps 2.01 avalible via NokiaSuite in Germany for First Generation Devices !!

  8. Hi,

    i can give you the German Pixienabler Version from the New MS Apps 2.01 !!


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Which differences between your nokia maps nokia maps (3...)and souite Souite (2) official? I installed it but che-in seems not work and does not open ...

    1. hi francesca,
      i guess you are refering to the maps installer in my tools section?
      (don't know why you post your question here:))

      the maps-installers i offer there are the official installers by nokia. there is no difference to the version from store.

      v3.08 was the old version
      maps suite 2 is the latest version

      you can install v3.08 to get some components that are missing in maps suite 2 (some widgets, check in,...) and then update with maps suite 2.

  11. I installed this update on N808 with CFW The One Reloaded v3.3.1, which probably was stupid. But now my email application does not load any more, it keeps saying "retrieving mail".

    What should I do to repair my email application?

    1. i don't think updating to 3.3.1 was stupid at all. It's the best and most stable version yet

    2. i think he is talking about installing the email client update on v3.3.1 (808), not that the cfw is stupid :)

      just fyi, this email client update was for the n8 (1st gen devices) on belle (not belle refresh).

      you can try to uninstall it, restart your device and try again...
      if thats not working, you have three options:

      the easiest and fastest way is to reflash your device. use refurbish, or else your contend on c:\ (& the update) will stay.

      -remove the files manually
      you can extract the installer via siscontents, see what files belong to this update and remove them from c:\.
      (very annoying process)

      -do a hard reset
      this will wipe your c drive and therefore also the email client update. you will also wipe some components symbian probably needs (depending on what apps you are using), and it may be an annoying process to reinstall everything.

      sorry for the hassle, i update this old post to make it clear its not for FP2.

    3. I did a reflash, which went fine (better than the first time)

      Thanks for the exelent CFW by the way!!!

    4. great to hear that ;)
      i hope you enjoy my cfw!