Thursday, 26 April 2012

Review: introducing a new catergory on my blog

Since I don't have anything new to offer right now (regarding CFW's/Mod's), I though I could give you guys something to read :)

I am starting a new catergory on my blog, if you read the title of this post you already know its "Review".

Don't worry this blog won't become "yet another symbian news blog"...
I don't see the point of re-writing news I read somewhere else, as long as I am not getting the news first hand.

I will only write reviews about stuff I actually use myself and if I think its worth mentioning here.
It can be about hardware, software, accessories or whatever comes to my mind :p

I already wrote a review about "The One v4.7.1" battery life, it still needs some work, but I will publish it soon... it will give you a first impression about my style of reviews.

Don't expect  too much reviews, this blog is mainly about my CFW and Mods for Symbian and thats not going to change!

What do you think about the idea of me writing reviews?
Do you want me to write reviews or do you think this blog should be about mods/cfw only?

Let me know via comment!


  1. Vaquero del Teclado26 April 2012 at 19:40

    In my opinion it sounds good, If it's about the same. Of the CFW and symbian or something related to this has nothing wrong.
    On the contrary it would help us in future decisions. all the help and free stuff we get from your page are welcomed and appreciated. my best blessings to you. TJ. Mexico.

  2. It doesn't matter! You are very intelligent, you know what you do! It also sounds good for me!!! By the way, Thanks for all your help!!!

  3. It's your blog. Write what u think. Let the readers be judges later and see what things tickle your readers. Keep up the good work.

  4. thanks for the kind reply's guys!
    basically you are right, its my blog and i can write whatever i want... but whats the point of writing, if nobody wants to read it ;)

    i just finished my first (very short) review about battery life with my cfw, so maybe its easier to judge this "review" idea when you actually got something to read :)

  5. Using your cfw right now. Really hoping for some stability to go with the extra memory and C drive space. Taylor's latest release was forcing a reboot at least once a day.

    About battery life, the killers for me have been GPS and the camera. Sleeping screen also seemed to chew a lot of battery (even over night!) I'm really interested to see how your cfw fares.

    BTW, I modded your cfw to get Nokia Pure fonts and I didn't care for the blue accents on your digital clock and notifications widget. I know you're doing this for free (which is awesome) so I'm not complaining. But a suggestion (really for all cfw modders): don't personalize the UI too much, the emphasis should be on: (1) cleaning up the install and (2) grabbing new versions of components.

    I like what you've done and I'll let you know your cfw fares (as I tend to be an N8 "power user").

    Thanks a lot.

    1. hi SirShnike,
      I don't really agree with you, about leaving the UI default.
      It is part of my concept to keep the original look of Belle, but I also think every CFW Modder should decide for him/herself...

      remember, many people are using CFW to get customizations and the CFW by nicesoni_ash is probably the most popular out there (and it comes with a fully customized UI).

      The notification widget is not part of Belle, to give it a "belle-matching" look, I used a version with different icons. So besided that, the clock is the only customization I added... because it was created for me to match my dorsh theme (by xotusblack) :)

      You added the pure font as your personal customization;)

      I can't make it right for everybody, but I hope you enjoy using my CFW!
      Thanks for trying it, let me know how battery life works out for you.

    2. I don't understand why people use the clock widget at all. The time is in the status bar and on the sleeping screen, so why waste space on your home screen? I feel the same way about the battery monitor. I don't use many apps so I know where my power goes.

      The reason I love your CFW is because there aren't too many UI mods, over the top effects etc. It is clean and runs like a dream. Personally, I use the metro theme.

      As far as reviews go, maybe just other add ons that are worth checking out? You've done a fantastic job, thanks very much.

    3. hi simon,
      great to hear you like my cfw, thanks for your feedback!

      i mostly agree with you about the reviews. my blog won't become a news page and i won't write reviews like "that app got an update" or "check out that game"...

      i will only write about stuff i actually use myself and only if i think its worth mentioning here because it could be helpful for other users.

      (so battery life & n8 case replacement are already online, those reviews will give you an impression about the stuff i will write about... maybe i do some reviews about apps/software in future, but only if they actually add something valuable, that is missing by default in belle (like a stopwatch, or alternative for network drives (since they are no longer supported in belle))

    4. i was so confused at first when i couldn't find the stopwatch, because i thought it had to be there somewhere.