Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The One CFW's & Nokia Belle Refresh

As you can see, I am back from my yearly military service... and I missed quite a lot.
Nokia Belle Refresh was released in the past three weeks and I got many requests about updates for my CFW.

If you asked me about Belle Refresh for the Nokia N8, E7 or X7, you got (or you will get) a link to this post.
I do not have the time to answer every single request, that's what this post is for.

There are many other emails, pm's and comments with other questions and I will try to answer them too, as soon as I find some time...

Nokia N8
The Nokia N8 (my previous device) got the most requests for an update.
The chances are good that I can get my hands on my old device and give you guys the update you are asking for... but I can not promise anything and if I can do it, it will take some time until its ready to be released.

Nokia E7
The good news are, the E7 is already on my desk.
The bad news... its broken!

I have to send the E7 to the next Nokia Care Centre to get it repaired. So I guess it will be gone for about two weeks... if it gets repaired for free.

Nokia X7
Some good news for the X7 users, I am already working on "The One X7 v2.1.0"!
If I don't find any bugs, it will be released in the next two days or so...

Nokia 808
Last but not least, the Nokia 808...
There is not much new about the Nokia 808, almost nothing I could add to my current CFW (v1.5.1).

I still suffer from the 3G bug on my device, but Nokia finally put up the original swiss firmware on NaviFirm.
That gives me the chance to try again with the original firmware for my country... if it fails I probably have to send it in, together with the broken E7.
If it fixes my problem, I am going to re-create the CFW based on my country variant (and probably add some small things/updates too).


  1. Nice to know this for the X7...will you be posting this too on the forum thread? By the way, can I ask how you opened the UDA file of refresh X7? Thanks!

    1. your answer is in the release notes for the new x7 cfw ;)

  2. Great news, take your time!
    Big thx :)

  3. Thanks for your effort and your time, glad to wait for a possible new N8 CFW release.

  4. aww man, hope your E7 gets fixed soon. Mine is also giving me huge problems with the screen (where it goes completely grey and works after multiple restarts, luckily worked normal today), loose connections inside I guess, giving out after close to 1.5 years...

    Will wait till you release. :)
    BTW, thanks for the Gold battery post, should I go for that?


    1. well, its my sisters E7.
      she gave it to me so i can send it in to repair.

      the usb connection became loose and charging is not possible anymore. this is the second time this problem occurs... i sent it in two months ago with the same problem. :(

    2. Sucks bro...when you gonna get it back? There's just too many problems that have been popping up, and I'm out of warranty. Thinking of getting the 920, might keep it for collections sake. :D