Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I'm back... sorry for not being around

Hi everybody...

like I said, sorry for not being around as much the last 4 months...
but I was "involved" in the major revival of Delight custom firmwares...
and not only that, but I have been translating mods in the past that needed to be done badly

sooo... after I find some time, I want to:

- get back in business and take part in discussions again
- I need to fix some translations... for example chinese translation sets on Generation^1 phones
   sorry for the inconvience
- and some other mods, like the small calander that hasn't been showing in translations
- 5 pages symbol mod translated...
- and some other stuff that I will surely find in the process

since nobody really noticed these issues, I will do it step by step, and make TheOne reloaded translations even better

...stay tuned

a.k.a freaxs_r_us


  1. take your time mate ;)
    good to have you back!

  2. Welcome. I actually just tried Delight -- not as good as The One...

    But the problem with the translations was the same in Delight: the Scandinavian letters not working with the qwerty keyboard, at least not with Finnish. I hope you find a solution.

    1. This is not the place to discuss Delight. And about finnish, my translations are based on the same files...I'll check to see what the problem is. P.s. I like "I like better..." rather than the term "not as good as..."

    2. I disagree, I think we should be allowed here to talk about the experience on any firmware... afterall Mthoth did make a connection between delight and the one here.
      (though it would be better to post the experience next to the post about my firmware)

      but I agree "i prefer..." sounds nicer than "not as good as...".
      afterall, both firmwares are technically very nice (imo)!
      it is just a matter of taste, which one you prefer

  3. both are good! :-)

  4. not fully happy with n8 delight...my first cfw experience though... for now I want to go back to Belle refresh with my n8. can I use Nokia suite for that (since it offers me reinstallation of Belle refresh) or do I need to find the original fw files and use Phoenix? thx to all of you!

    1. I suggest to use Phoenix to flash the original firmware.
      You can try to use the Nokia Suite, if it fails you can still use phoenix to bring your phone back to life.