Sunday, 26 May 2013

The One E7 v2.2.0 Dutch

As per your request, I created a Dutch version of my E7 custom firmware.

This version is identical to "The One E7 v2.2.0", but now supports the full Dutch language as well as the QWERTY keyboard.

The translation is based on the files by freaxs_r_us and therefore should translate most of the applications and mods available in my CFW.
A few E7-specific files were taken from the original firmware, to translate some additional settings.

Thanks to MikeisDutch and Petzep for their support in creating this version!

For details about this custom firmware, take a look at the latest change logs here on my blog.
You can download this version, where my other firmwares are stored ("Downloads" tab) or use the direct link here:
The One E7 v2.2.0 Dutch

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