Monday, 13 May 2013

The One E7 v2.2.0 QWERTY

The "QWERTY" version of this E7 custom firmware is based on my "The One E7 v2.2.0".
It is the exact same version, but for phones with physical QWERTY keyboards.
For details about it, take a look at the change logs.

You can download this CFW directly here or from the "Download" section on this blog.

A special thanks goes to Leo, for testing and his feedback about the QWERTY version!


  1. s I installed this version only.
    I need all the moddings alone separately. (loudspeaker sound enhancement, clocking speed, etc all those patches modding)

  2. piscel smart office. I need that so badly. I like the mod that u did for volume. Sound is incredibly high. speed is also very good. been using 10 days. Now suddenly when I lock phone screen not turning off. Don't know why?

    1. basically all apps compatible with ofw should work on my cfw...
      where did you get picsel are you using the latest version from the store?

  3. I have tried v1.2, v1.8, unsigned and signed version of piscel smart office. It opens and crashes. It's available in

    1. accroding to all about symbian, smart office v1.8 (and lower) are meant to be working on anna.

      the belle version was supposed to be v2.0, but i think it was never realeased?

      did v1.8 work for you on original belle?

  4. yes v1.8 worked in belle refresh too. I've sent u the mail asking all moddings. plz reply to that mail.

    1. ok, i will give it a try myself this weekend. see if something is wrong... i hope i can borrow my brothers e7 for a short time.

      i got your email request. i marked it in my inbox, so i won't forget about it ;)

      sorry i am busy with the support, work on my 808 cfw and some real life stuff... i'll do my best to send you the files this weekend!

  5. i have installed version 2.2.0 on my E7 Nokia works fine.
    but i still missing the nokia store to install some importend apps.
    how can i do this ?
    best regards dietmar

    1. go to "main menu -> misc. -> sw update"
      one of those updates is the nokia store, you can install it from there

    2. thx for your info !

    3. works ! I think the One E7 v2.2.0 is one of the best firmware i found for nokia e7.....great work !!

      best regards dietmar

    4. thank you dietmar, enjoy the cfw ;)

  6. Hello!
    I have a nokia e7. I installed the version "2.2" and later the "2.2. Qwerty". The translations functioned properly but the keyboard did not work. I have Spanish keyboard and the symbols are different, for example, does not the letter Ñ.
    But also there were errors with the numbers on the screen landscape.
    What is the problem and what is the solution?
    Thank you!

  7. I assume you did your own translation?

    Did you also change the files for the physical keyboard?
    On the E7, there are some unique files for that.

    The versions I shared are for QWERTZ (German) and QWERTY (English).

    If you have a Spanish variant you need to change that, follow this tutorial here and reflash:

  8. Just after posting, I did what is indicated on the page. The first time I put the files for my language without deleting the originals and just worked the left side of the keyboard. Then I removed the original files and leave only those of my language and everything worked perfectly! Many Thanks anyway!

  9. Hello!
    When I use "maps" to rotate the screen does not fit the image. In
    the function "Drive" is the same. Only see all functions in portrait position
    I checked this by installing the original firmware works
    corerctamente there.
    But I want to use your CFW! ja ja
    Any possible solution?
    Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you very

  10. can you post a screenshot here, i am not sure i understand the problem.

  11. Here are the pictures, I think you get. Thank you!

  12. ok, now i see...
    that really looks messed up!

    the E7 i used to create my cfw belongs to my brother now.
    i will check with him and see if it is a custom firmware problem, or if this issue is related to your device setup.

    i'll let you know as soon as i got a reply from him

  13. plz cfw for new verison fw
    qwertz -> qwerty
    and mod of v2.2.0
    sorry i don't english