Saturday, 11 May 2013

Support is up to date & other news

I finally managed to reply to all messages you guys sent me.
All comments and emails are answered by now!

Some support requests are still ongoing, but the people involved in those know whats going on.

There were lots of emails and comments, so it is possible that I missed some...
If you sent me an email or comment and did not get a response from me 'till now, feel free to contact me again!

Read on for other news about me and upcoming stuff on my blog ;)

The One E7

There were a few translation requests for my E7 CFW.
All the translations are based on version 2.2.0 of my CFW, so not an update, just translations.
  • QWERTY keyboard
    A English(/German) version for phones with QWERTY keyboards will be uploaded this weekend
  • Dutch
    A fully translated Dutch version will be uploaded soon. It is ready, but I am waiting for feedback from another tester.
  • Euro3 (CZ, SK)
    Work is still in progress on this one.

My "new" phones

A few weeks ago, I only had the Nokia 808... now I have 4 devices!
  • Nokia 808 PureView
    Still my primary phone, nothing changed here...
  • Nokia N8 (Pink)
    I helped my sister to renew her mobile subscription and ordered an Nokia Lumia for her.
    She won't need her N8 anymore, so I take care of it. Don't get your hopes up for the CFW, this device is mostly broken! USB only works half the time, SIM card is stuck and it is almost falling apart. But I can still use it for some camera comparisons :)
  • Nokia E7
    My youngest sisters E7 was broken again, it returned from repair last week.
    She is now using the iPhone 4 (the one I used while my 808 was in repair) and won't need the E7 anymore. As long as nobody else in my family needs a replacement phone, the E7 stays with me.
  • Nokia Lumia 920
    I mentioned before on my blog, that two of my sisters renewed their mobile subscription.
    So we ordered a Lumia 820 and a Lumia 920. Since my youngest sister prefers the iPhone over WP and the other one picked the Lumia 820, the 920 now officially belongs to me.

Upcoming posts

Last week, I played around with some of the phones I now have.
I took some pictures and I am planning to upload a few for a "808 vs N8 vs 920 vs 820 camera comparison".

A little spoiler about that:
Unlike in my "bad weather photography" post, the new pictures were taken in good light/sunny weather conditions and the Lumia 820 does an impressive job, trying to keep up with the camera centric phones!

After that, I have plans for a "hardware review: 920 vs 820 vs 808" and maybe finally something about the Windows Phone 8 OS... but you know, I am doing all of that in my free time. It can take a while :)


  1. Replies
    1. As you can see above, I was quite busy with the support and the E7 CFW (and there is real life too ;)).

      Anyway, I am currently happy with my 808 CFW.
      Though when I find some time to work on it, I will create an update for the 808...

    2. Glad to hear that you are planning to work on an update of the 808 CFW. Currently using an old version of your CFW (3.3), it's rather polluted by now (which is my own fault). So I'll update to the new version as soon as you release it!

      Thanks alot for your perfect CFWs!

    3. thanks for the kind words :)

      though it will take quite I while, 'till an update will be available.
      still working on some e7 stuff... and pretty busy with some other stuff.

      so work hasn't started yet.