Monday, 13 May 2013

Unpacking: Lumia 620 (Black)

I got the Lumia 620 today, it will belong to my sister (yes, I have a lot of sisters :p).
The Lumia 620 is available in many colours, not sure why anyone would pick the boring black one... but my sister did.

Here is a link to the specification sheet on
What makes this phone special is the fact, that we see Windows Phone 8 running on a 250.- CHF phone.
The price puts the 620 to the low-end market, but looking at the specifications, there is hardly any compromise in functionality. You get a lot for your money on this device.

So here are a few pictures of me unpacking the black Nokia Lumia 620!
Sorry about the picture quality, I took them indoors with flash enabled... handling the powerful xenon flash of the Nokia 808 PureView is difficult at short range.


Some pics of the box and its content.

Lumia 620

Close-up photos of the phone itself.

Size comparison

Comparing the size and form factor against the Lumia 920 & Nokia 808.


The additional content that comes in the box.

Headphones WH-108

Coming up...

Coming up next here on my blog, a short "mini Review" about the 620 and a few sample shots from its camera.


  1. Question. Do you tend to use unbranded factory unlocked phones? I know the 808 is but your new lumias, are they with branded fw or generic fw? Have you had a preference for either fw with lumias, if you've had a choice?

    1. Hi Jon,

      Thanks to lazy operators in Switzerland there is not much branding going on around here. They're also giving up the SIM Lock on most devices (all locked iPhones (Swisscom) got a SIM-free update via iTunes this month)...

      So all my phones are unbranded and unlocked.
      If you have the chance always go for that!

      SIM lock sucks anyway, it is only a limitation nothing that can help you... branding on the other hand sometimes brings a few usefull apps.
      But I kinda prefer faster updates over a few operator apps.

      Btw. to give you an example of how branding looks in switzerland:
      my fathers C7 had a Swisscom background image and two additional ringtones... :)