Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Photography: 1. August 2013

Today I'd like to share a couple of low light photos shot on the Nokia 808 PureView.

Taken this year at the official Swiss national day, the 1. August, in Basel.

I used the creative settings to adjust for the low light scene.
You can take a look at the Exif data on Flickr for details...


1. August 2013, a set on Flickr.

I hope you like the pictures!
Drop a comment and tell me what you think :)


  1. Hello!
    Sorry to make a comment from this place. I'm not entirely familiar with this.
    I am owner of a nokia e7, and thanks to your CFW and other Web applications in Spanish, hopeful and glad I have my day job.
    You upset that the only thing I really dislike (much) nokia belle design is the menu 3x4 (2x6 in landscape).
    I tried to install hundreds of aplicaiones, but the only one that works "iextra7" does not seduce me at all, because in landscape mode cuts the middle rows.
    Try editing the file "menurenderer.dll" to adptarlo and I could not, my conociemientos prevent me.
    If only one person will just happen to set the menu in portrait 4x6 and 3x8 in landscape would be achieved at the touch of modernity and practicality I think, many are seeking. In any positioning is 24 icons.
    As you are my 'genius' taking into account the work cell is wondering if you know of any application that can do this, or if you got the means to do it and give me the information.
    Again I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you very much!

  2. Try this mod by iExtraX7:

  3. That is the mod that I mentioned before!! Thanks anyway!!.
    There is a version "sis" much easier to install and uninstall. The compiled "nikopgc"
    I'm trying to edit the main file "menurenderer.dll" but my knowledge has been overcome.
    The problem is purely aesthetic, I'm an architect and I pay attention to details like that: in 3x7 landscape option icons do not fit neatly into the whole screen. Noting the size of the icons on your CFW and measuring the proportions of the upper and lower bars, could perfectly set in portrait mode 4x6 and 3x8 in landscape mode, with the same amount in both options and very similar to the size and proportion of the N9 .
    I tried also the application "N-Desk" but no graphic quality I expect.
    I'm really surprised by the amount of options that existed for "Anna system" and to any other operating system, but there are only a couple that work for symbian belle refresh.
    Unfortunately my limitations with the English language and the lack of time and experience, allow me to insert myself more on this knowledge.
    I really appreciate all your effort and dedication.
    Thank you very much!

  4. Hi Tobias,

    Are you sure those are the same?
    Because the one I sent you from iExtraX7 is 4x5 (portrait) and 7x3 (landscape)...

    The screenshots on his page look quite good in my opinion.