Friday, 9 August 2013

freaxs_r_us / Eric OFFLINE for at least 4 weeks

Hi everybody,

I just bought myself a house 2 months ago and after all payments were done and all the legal crap,
I am finally getting the keys tomorrow.

I have to renovate a little (painting, new floorboards, some rooms with scratch coat)
and of course I have to move all my stuff

Internet speed is going to change from 32mbits (which it never was) tv cable
to 22600 LTE with 2x 15db beam & directional additional antenna's (for stability)

this means I have a lot of work to do, and will not be online for at least 4 weeks.
only over phone, but not for translations and uploads at all

I am going to try to make the last translations for Delight tonight. If I can't make it, then you guys are going to have to wait till September


  1. Well, first of all, congratulations!!!! for the new house I mean, not for all the work you have to do over there.
    Second, I've just installed v4.2 with language pack and another for wrinting. Till now everything seems to be all right.
    Thank you very much for your work.
    See you next month and good luck!

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  3. Eric,Hearty Congratulations!!!Hope this new house will bring success in your life. We are eagerly waiting for your come back.

    Rahul Rodrigues

  4. again, congratulations to your new home ;)
    enjoy the work you are doing with the renovation, i am sure it will be a great memory one day.

    give me a heads up, about how you are doing, once in a while!
    (just keep it short, my sim is currently in the lumia 920... you know whatsapp, on wp8 :D)

  5. Hello Eric, how are you. Wow you have a very nice House. Respect Eric. It is said: A man must in your live to do three things. The first is to build a house, the seconds to plant a tree and the third to conceive a child :). Eric can I help you. I have seen, there is a new version of "The One Version 4.2.0". Where can I to find the CFW from the Version 4.2.0 for the Nokia 808. Where can this new Version download. When you will, you can me to reach in Skype. My Skype name is "martin-20081". Thank you Eric, have a nice time. Give me regards to your woman. OK. Eric. Tschüß :)

  6. Hi Martin,

    I am not Eric, but I can tell you where to download v4.2 anyway ;)

    Navigate to the "Download" tab of this blog and you will find the links for downloading the firmware, as well as all available translations.

    Here is the direct link for v4.2 on mediafire:

  7. Hello Eric, thanks for being part of "THE ONE" community, been loving the new ROM on my 808, much faster. Are there any plans to have an English/Chinese version of "The One 808" ROM? I am OK with the English menu and UI, just want an option to switch to Chinese from time to time while writing. Cheers :)